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What will Carlos say about this?!

Eva Longoria, who's best known for playing Gaby—a.k.a. Mrs. Carlos Solis—on Desperate Housewives, is joining Brooklyn Nine-Nine this fall as a possible love interest for Jake, Fox announced Tuesday.

Longoria will appear in a three-episode arc as Sophia, a defense attorney who catches Jake's attention when she faces him in court. But will Jake act on his interest months after revealing his feelings for Amy in the Season 1 finale? The actress joins previously announced guest stars Kyra Sedgwick and Jenny Slate.

The arc marks Longoria's biggest onscreen role since Desperate Housewives went off the air in 2012. In addition to executive-producing Devious Maids, she most recently guest-starred on the short-lived 2013 sitcom Welcome to the Family.

Do you think Longoria and Samberg will make a good match?

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The number of gorgeous and young defence attorney's and (assistant) DA's in tv series is so high that I always hope they meet a horrible fate as that is as believable as the fact that there are so many.
Eva Longoria is too gorgeous for Jake (Andy). He'd match up better with Jenny Slate.
Eva was sooooo overexposed during the Desperate Housewives years. It seemed like every other commercial and hair care print ad featured her for a long while there. (It's still kind of true of the hair coloring ads.) Somehow I've never quite gotten over that and so I groan even now when she's brought in as a guest star on anything.

It's hard for me to picture her being a good fit on this show anyway. On the other hand, this seems right up Jenny Slate's alley and I look forward to seeing her guest turn.
The problem with guest star love interests is that you KNOW the relationship will fail, simply due to the fact that they can't afford to keep the guest star on full-time. Knowing this prevents you from caring about the relationship in any way.

The one saving grace is if it's funny. So let's hope it's funny.
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