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"You have the right to remain... on the schedule!" That's how I would have announced the following good news to the cast and crew of Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, because I'm funny corny like a drunk uncle. Fox has ordered a full season of of the silly cop comedy, adding the back-nine to bring the first season to 22 episodes, and ensuring that we'll get to see Andy Samberg's smug face all the way through spring. 

Fox has also awarded Brooklyn Nine-Nine one of the most coveted time slots in television: The show will join forces with New Girl to form a one-hour comedy block that will air immediately following the Super Bowl, which Fox will air in early 2014. It's not clear which show will air first, but in this atypical situation (usually, a one-hour program or a special one-hour episode of a comedy gets the spot), I'd bet that the network will give the show that needs more of a boost (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) dibs on the first half-hour. Plus, Brooklyn Nine-Nine already precedes New Girl on Tuesdays, so consistent chronology favors it as well. Plus plus, guys and stuff. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has received generally positive reviews, but its ratings haven't been that great. The most recent episode tallied a 1.5 rating among adults and just under 3.5 million total viewers. Still, Fox is starved for comedy, so this pickup isn't a surprise.

The cop comedy joins Sleepy Hollow as Fox's second new series to receive good news so far this season. Previously, the network skipped a back-nine order for Sleepy Hollow and straight-up renewed the show for Season 2 (it also asked for more Dads scripts, but that's not as much of a commitment). Other shows that've earned full-season orders so far this fall include NBC's The Blacklist, CBS's The MillersMom, and The Crazy Ones, and ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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