Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on FOX



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    • Charles: Santiago, I know that you hate Halloween, but stick with me, and I promise you, you will love it.
      Amy: Can you magically make everyone kind, sober, and fully dressed?
      Jake: "Kind, sober, and fully dressed." Good news, everyone! We found the name of Santiago's sex tape!

    • Charles: What is all this?
      Amy: You know how I think Halloween is for jerks? Well, this Halloween, I was the jerk. I'm sorry about tonight.
      Jake: "I'm sorry about tonight." We found the title for Santiago's follow-up sex tape!

    • Ray: Climbing the side of the building with a blowtorch -- what were you thinking?
      Jake: I was thinking I had better core strength. I got winded, like, ten feet up.

    • Terry: So... I called your school, and I managed to get a hold of one Sister Bernadette.
      Rosa: I remember that old bag. She was my favorite.

    • Hitchcock: Amy paid me fifty bucks to trade places with her for the rest of the night.
      Charles: Really?
      Hitchcock: Yeah. I'm going to use that money to buy two suits.

    • Jake: (while holding multiple pigeons) Captain, hi. I was just photo-copying some stuff.
      Ray: Are you trying to jam pigeons into my air conditioning vent to flush me out of my office?
      Jake: Way to ruin the surprise.

    • Terry: Look, Jake, I love you like you're one of my daughters.
      Jake: Really?

    • Rosa: Can't tell you how many nuns I wanted to beat up in Catholic school. Ten.
      Terry: I didn't know you went to Catholic school.
      Rosa: Good. You shouldn't know it.

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