Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 1 Episode 12

Pontiac Bandit

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 07, 2014 on FOX



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    • Terry: Hey, Boyle. You want to choose where we order lunch from today?
      Charles: Really? You're lifting the lifetime ban? I thought my lunch choices were "horrifying adventures in diarrhea."
      Amy: Today, Charles, we take that adventure with you.

    • Amy: Dogs are my whole life! Also work. Doing work and hanging with dogs. That's my lifestyle. (sneezes and coughs)
      Ray: You're allergic to dogs, aren't you?
      Amy: Nope. I just need an EpiPen because my happiness is making my throat close up.

    • Ray: How many cars would you say this Pontiac Bandit has stolen?
      Jake: 230 that I know of, but the real number could be in the millions.
      Ray: You're not very good at math.

    • Jake: I've been trying to catch the Pontiac Bandit for eight years. You know how many months that is? 
      Rosa: 96.
      Jake: 80 -- 40 -- and 6 years, months!
      Ray: Do you need a math tutor? Because the department will provide one for you.
      Jake: I can't tell if you're being serious.

    • Rosa: I love getting to know people. It's my jam.

    • Jake: I don't look like a cop now.
      Rosa: No, you look like a Boyz II Men Easter album.

    • Charles: All this cycling makes me feel like Lance Armstrong.
      Gina: Like you use performance-enhancing drugs and have one testis?
      Charles: Wouldn't you like to know?

    • Jake: Doug Judy and I know this guy. You have to trust us!
      Rosa: Do I? One of you is a criminal, and the other one is dressed like Steve Harvey.

    • Terry: (to Charles) Hitchcock called himself Scully by accident.
      Hitchcock: I did, but it brought me and Scully closer together.

    • Ray: Boyle, where is everyone?
      Charles: Hiding from me in the evidence room. They think I don't know, but Gina's been live tweeting the whole thing.
      Ray: She live tweets everything. Ruined Downton Abbey for me.

    • Ray: You're all hiding from Boyle!
      Hitchcock: Not me, Captain. I was napping.
      Ray: That's worse!

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