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  • perfect in every way

    This show is so funny. What stands out about the show to me is that it provides unique, diverse characters that stray from stereotypes (a reserved, hard working gay man as opposed to a flamboyant, loud gay man stereotype, a type A, highly strung female Latina character opposed to a fiery, sexy, rule breaking Latina stereotype, ect ect) in a natural way. Other than that, I think the comedy is great, it is somewhat naive and child-like, but it also accessible to most viewers, the storylines are original, the set is amazing. Also, I think the choice of actors is Fantastic, with stand out performances from Chelsea Peretti, who Plays Gina Linetti so well, it must be incredibly difficult to do her lines so seriously despite how extremely out-there her character is, and also Andre Braugher who plays Detective Hoult so amazingly well, and makes the character so multi faceted through his performance.

    10/10 show
  • Original and Constantly Funny

    After being bombarded with trashy adverts for the shows UK's premier I dismissed it and assumed it to be of the same quality as The Goldbergs (shit). However, luckily I watched an episode on a flight and have been hooked ever since.

    Although many will try and dismiss the show as childish it is a nice break to have a show that does not take its self too seriously yet still maintains decent jokes and some grasp of reality.
  • mad funny

    every single thing about this show has me on the floor all day.
  • Constantly Fun And Funny

    This is such a great show and never has a dull moment. If you like funny shows that will always make you laugh this show is perfect for you!
  • you would never ask for their help in an actual emergency but it sure is fun

    omg ok if this dosent get the police on your good side agin nothing will this is one of the funniest work place comedys of all time i laugh till i cry sometimes watching this 'while u would never want these guy to be your hope in an actual emergency ' they are the best at what they are good for making us respect cops agin and making us laugh try it if you havent already
  • Original and intellectual

    Radical entertainment
  • A Gem

    After big bang theory, for me, this is one of the funniest comedies on tv. It is different, well cast, good scripts and well acted.
  • Variety of characters/results

    5-8 various ep (2014) Fox
  • Wonderfully Funny

    This is one of the only shows that is guaranteed to make me laugh out loud at LEAST once an episode. It's great humor, but ties in the emotions well; the ensemble cast is one that cares about each other onscreen and off, and it shows. My favorite comedy now, and perfect for people who loved 30 Rock, Scrubs or Parks and Rec.
  • Generally great

    Some nights B99 is great. Other nights, its "ok".

    So far the great nights have severely outnumbered the "ok" ones at least.

    One of my favorite comedies right now.
  • amazing

    this show is just so much fun

    great cast i love everything about it
  • Good stuff

    Very funny , childish humour which is perfectly ok for kids and childish adults like me :)
  • Counting Down

    Love this show at its best with the childish lead on it, Always making me and my friends want to see the next episode just a great show with good fun humor!
  • This is the best show on FOX right now

    Summary in my own words: Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a fictional police origination in NYC. Wow, I am so impressed with this show. It is the best cop show I've ever seen (it beat any others even though I don't watch those type of shows) and I'm glad it's mainly comedic. Also it's pretty much the best show on FOX right now. If you think New Girl and Bob's Burgers are the best shows in this network, then you're dead wrong: I think Brooklyn Nine Nine finally decided to become my favorite FOX show. The humor is always hit and almost never hit or miss for me (compared to Bob's Burgers). I really liked the cast in this show, they're my favorite of any show. My favorite character is Charles. No reason why but he's really funny. My least favorite character however is Gina, because she is really dumb and her dumbness bothered me most of the time unless it is funny (she is a hit or miss for me). Rosa isn't my favorite either, but she's okay for me. Jake and Holt are my favorite pairs and it's usually funny when the two are sharing a scene. Overall, I can describe the show as wacky, awesome, and hilarious. Keep it up writers and Fox, don't cancel it soon if the show doesn't do well next season. 10/10
  • Better and better

    This show had a nice start. I can say every episode was better and better. I hope we will see more seasons.
  • Brooklyn 99/100

    This show is pretty funny. Gives me a good chuckle and i look forward to watching it week after week. There may be better shows out there but that is no reason to cancel this one, it delivers. If you don't like it, don't watch it but i think 2 golden globes right off the bat speaks volumes.

    This show is the definition of AWESOME!!
  • Great Show

    bunch of idiots.... i love it, always laughing the whole time
  • Surprisingly funny

    I grew up on cop shows and SNL this is right in my wheelhouse.

  • An incredibly funny show that has become funnier with each episode

    Easily the best new series of the fall 2013 season, B99 is a wickedly funny ensemble comedy with a first rate cast. I've liked every episode, but I feel the show has improved throughout the year, and now (it's January 2014) I am often breathless from laughter.

    I see a number of reviewers seem to really dislike Andy Samberg. I'm heard the name before, but this is the first time I've seen him, and I think he does the part quite well.

    It's a very silly show, so I suppose the people giving it bad ratings just don't like silly comedy or something. But I love this.
  • Has potential, but not many laughs.

    This show has the potential to be really good. It has a solid ensemble cast (not as good as the best comedies out there like Community or Parks and Rec, but still good), with Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher having great chemistry and bouncing off each other really well. The main problem is located on the script. Although the humor is pretty sharp and produces a lot of chuckles, there are no laughing-out-loud moments and at times the jokes can be a bit sloppy.

    So, summing up: Be Funnier!
  • Golden Globe Winner! Yeah, Baby!

    Congrats B-99 and Adam on your GG wins! (This show is poised to replace BBT as my "fav network sitcom")
  • Something Different

    Simply the best new comedy of the year. It's a show that demands something of the viewer. You need to actually watch in the first place to get the humor. If you're one of those people who need a laughter track to know when it's time time to laugh; find two-liners, toilet humor, racist stereotyping and sex-jokes hysterical; and all in all, just depict and embody everything that is wrong with mainstream pop culture, then this isn't for you. On the other hand, if you've got some semblance of an intellect, then go on ahead and start watching.
  • ick to the 5th drgree

    Andy Samberg has to be the worst comedy actor ever, I mean he stinks bad, and really the whole show suks. How could anyone think Andy could be funny let alone bad, bad

    Not to long, funny, comic, just what i wanted :)
  • Andy Samberg is not the reason to watch this show.

    Everybody else on this show is funnier than him. If you like 3rd grade humor than I guess you might like him. He just doesn't make me laugh, and It doesn't take much to get me to laugh. The show has potential because it has some top grade actors on it, but they seem to want to only showcase MR. D@#$ in a box. Come on people is this all it takes to get a show nowadays. I know kids who come up with funnier stuff. I am giving it a 3 for the other characters on the show.
  • Pleasant Surprise for the new season

    If you're like me and you hear the name "Andy Samberg" then you'd think what he will be starring in is a not very clever project filled with toilet humor. Brooklyn Nine-Nine i the exact opposite, they took the cop formula and turned into a workplace comedy!

    From the minds behind The Office and Parks and Rec gives us a comedy with no canned laughter, over rated actors (Yes, I am describing you're comedies CBS!) and great chemistry with the cast.
  • Poisoned

    Maybe a production assistant will read, maybe not. This is one of the Fall shows the networks poison on torrents and usenet. Watch it live or record on home DVR or not at all. :( While the executives might think they are being clever, they perhaps don't realize that instead of telling folks grassroots style how enjoyable the show is--the opposite happens. No matter how good the show--once the networks poison the scene--the scene poisons the show.

    From New York City, to Kansas City, to Carson City--the same bad reviews get spread. "If you are a fan of Honey BooBoo you'll love "This is a great show for those that never got out grade school", etc..

    So maybe if you are involved with production of a show being poisoned--show the folks this post and ask if they want to be the next Revolution. (Noticed Revolution isn't being poisoned
  • Not worth my time

    I watched the first four episodes and I am definitely under-impressed. There are a couple of (predictable) chuckles in each episode, but definitely not worth my time.

    I use Windows 7 Media Center with 10 tuners (6 CableCARD, 4 antenna) with enough disk space to record 500+ hours of HDTV. This allows me to record everything that looks even remotely interesting, watch it on up to 6 TV's in my house (without any monthly subscription costs like TiVo)... and even includes the "pause in one room and start watching where I left-off in another room" thing... and then decide at a later time whether or not it is worth watching.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine rates in the NOT category by a mile. I deleted them and cancelled the series recording schedule.

    Cancel it. Not worth my time. On the "funny scale" it rates a 3.5 at best.
  • Keep Up!

    Nice funny show. The writing has significant hilarious pieces every minute. Humor quality is good. Only the characters are too many. I think this show should continue for a long time. Awesome.
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