Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Tuesday 9:30 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 17, 2013 In Season





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  • This is the best show on FOX right now

    Summary in my own words: Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a fictional police origination in NYC. Wow, I am so impressed with this show. It is the best cop show I've ever seen (it beat any others even though I don't watch those type of shows) and I'm glad it's mainly comedic. Also it's pretty much the best show on FOX right now. If you think New Girl and Bob's Burgers are the best shows in this network, then you're dead wrong: I think Brooklyn Nine Nine finally decided to become my favorite FOX show. The humor is always hit and almost never hit or miss for me (compared to Bob's Burgers). I really liked the cast in this show, they're my favorite of any show. My favorite character is Charles. No reason why but he's really funny. My least favorite character however is Gina, because she is really dumb and her dumbness bothered me most of the time unless it is funny (she is a hit or miss for me). Rosa isn't my favorite either, but she's okay for me. Jake and Holt are my favorite pairs and it's usually funny when the two are sharing a scene. Overall, I can describe the show as wacky, awesome, and hilarious. Keep it up writers and Fox, don't cancel it soon if the show doesn't do well next season. 10/10