Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 1 Episode 5

The Vulture

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 15, 2013 on FOX



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    • Gina: (answering the phone) Gina's stolen police line.
      Jake: Hey, Gina, do you have a hair dryer in your purse?
      Gina: Of course. I'm not an animal.

    • Ray: Still waiting, sergeant.
      Terry: It's just... the target looks exactly like a friend of mine. It's freaking me out.
      Ray: You have a friend... who's just a silhouette?
      Terry: Yes!

    • Det. Pembroke: Stay foxy.
      Amy: Die lonely.

    • Jake: (to Amy) Give me your hair dryer.
      Rosa: What?
      Amy: What are you talking about?
      Jake: Don't you carry one in your purse?
      Amy: Have you ever met a human woman?

    • Charles: What if we wrap his motorcycle in plastic wrap and melt it with a hair dryer? Little trick I learned in gift basket making class.

    • Det. Pembroke: Hey, should we take odds on how fast I'll solve this case?
      Jake: Nope.
      Det. Pembroke: I mean, what was it with Diaz's last "impossible" extortion case? What was it? Six hours?
      Rosa: That's because it was 98% solved.
      Det. Pembroke: The last 2%'s the hardest to get. That's why they leave it in the milk.
      Jake: What?

    • Det. Pembroke: Hey, you know, before I solve this case, I'd like to thank you for doing all the super easy work. You know, the real Nancy Drew level stuff.
      Jake: Oh, yeah? Did Nancy Drew solve a lot of murders?
      Charles: Yep, she did. Murder on Ice, Recipe for Murder. Nancy was a wonderful detective. I wanted to be her when I grew up.
      Jake: Thanks, Charles. That's helpful!

    • Doorman: (plays the wrong voice recording on his phone) Idea for a novel: a mild-mannered doorman gets bitten on the penis by a radioactive spider and becomes the world's greatest lover. (clicks it off)
      Jake: No, don't stop it! I want to hear what happens.
      Doorman: He saves the First Lady, if you must know.
      Jake: Sounds compelling.

    • Jake: I'm about to solve this case, meet the mayor, then sell my life rights to Channing Tatum so he can play my less attractive brother in the ensuing film.

    • Gina: I want to get certified. There has been a ton of crime in my neighborhood, and the cops in my precinct are very bad.
      Ray: You live in our precinct.
      Gina: Yeah... I know.

    • Rosa: Come on, Peralta! Holt said to use the whole team. We all want this solved.
      Jake: I appreciate the offer, but I work best alone. Except when it comes to sex. Actually... sometimes including sex.

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