Season 2 Episode 2

Down in the Flood 3:5-6

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2007 on Showtime

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  • "Another fine episode for a series that keeps on delivering week in and week out that you don't want to miss."

    •Michael's recovered and out to take back what's his but finds roadblocks one after the other.

    •Declan is swimming into the abyss of a tortured conscience that seemingly can't be numbed enough with alcohol and drug consumption in large quantity's. As it stands now any hope for reconciliation with his soon to be ex-wife is fading fast.

    •Tommy's up for reelection but isn't cooping very well behind the scenes with the indiscretions of his wife that threaten to destroy their marriage.

    •Freddie Cork's pathetic, and it's time for Michael to make his move.

    •The Caffee's estranged cousin Colin is here from Ireland and looks be a very interesting character to be placed in the mix. Again Showtime delivered us another fine episode of "Brotherhood", and as things begin to shift into gear for the 2nd season the questions are many, while the answers are sure to come. Essentially we pick up with Michael Caffee still struggling to reclaim his domain, and that quest may lead to a change at the top. Michael is consistently being demeaned by mob boss Freddie Cork and his unrelenting actions may be the catalyst towards demise. As for now Michael's trying to cope this, and the disrespect that it breeds in his peers towards him. All of this is backing Michael into a corner which will cause those instincts too kick in, and then what we'll see is, to put in plainly, war. Michael was sent out with Moe to go hat in hand to another mob boss due to killing two men in the previous episode who owed Freddie money. Michael took it upon himself to collect this money to regain his stature and prove his readiness to be back on the street, and ended up having to kill both persons in the process one of which was the brother in law of a mob boss. Michael accepts what he must do too make amends over the situation and is instructed too hijack a truck full of Play Stations 3, and deliver them to the wronged mob boss. Freddy instructs Michael too take Moe with him much to his chagrin, but follows the boss's instructions and does so. Moe ends up causing more problems for Michael as a result of his actions during the job. Moe takes the driver out of the truck and beats him enough for no reason, the guy was cooperating, causing the guy to have a heart attack Michael, upset with Moe for the unnecessary violence, which subsequently caused the driver to have a heart attack, makes Moe take the guy to a hospital, who unbeknownst to Michael dies subsequently thereafter. Now Michael & Moe have to pay a visit to the mob boss they were doing the job for, and with a gun held to both of their heads Moe, being the miserable weasel he is, assigns blame on Michael, irregardless both are told to pay restitution in the amount of $30,000.00 dollars a piece. Moe, still being the miserable and I'll add worthless as well as lying weasel he is, further assigns blame on Michael to their mob boss Freddie Cork in an attempt to make Michael look inept. Michael's response to Moe is anger at his false accusations, and rightfully so Michael has a legitimate gripe over Moe's cowardly lies. But Freddy, the moronic mob boss, again pushes Michael aside unwilling to allow him his place too counter the accusation further demeaning his character in front of his peers thus making him seemingly incompetent, destroying his street credibility , and reputation. In his business one can't afford to look weak or incompetent, and reputation is everything. If a person like him looses these things then they're taken advantage, and their threats become meaningless which translates into them becoming unimportant, expendable. I really don't see Michael being pushed into a corner much longer before he makes a move, and resolves the issue once and for all. Freddie Cork is an inept mob boss who does nothing to make the most out of the guy that can turn him a real dollar, and is a true mobster when comparing him to the other cronies. Michael seems ready to take it from Freddie who I think is a weak character that has no semblance of a true boss from the streets, and every time he shows is "mean face" so to say its laughable compared with the character Michael Caffee. It would seem by now that the creators would have off'd Freddie Cork to allow Michael to step up and take the reins creating a stronger force to be reckoned with. Instead week in and week out we get the pathetic Freddie Cork, and his boy scout troop that I couldn't imagine any competing underground mob organization taking serious. It would be nice for the show too forward that storyline and get rid of that joke for a mob boss, Freddie Cork", and his merry band of morons (i.e. Moe). Having Michael step up and into the role as boss would go a long way in giving us some interesting, and intense storylines on this side of the show. Because with Freddy at the helm things are rather stagnate at this point which beckons out loud for a change, and that change would be allowing the Michael Caffee character to realize his full potential that us laying just under the surface waiting to be released. It'd be similar to taking Tony Soprano character and making him subordinate to Junior all the time, and I say this meaning that Tony Soprano is a much better character in that position then being subordinate to Junior. By this I mean Junior is a capable mob boss, but the character isn't as interesting as Tony was, and even more so became once he took full control. In this regard it's obvious that Michael would make for a far more interesting character as boss. With Michael as boss the show could play on Michael's desire for the reclamation of the prominence the Organization, and The Hill once had, as opposed to the current theme of Freddy Cork's willingness to remain stagnate, and uninterested in doing any thing but going through the routines. The show needs to take that next step soon because this is the only area of the show that has not really went into full gear yet, and could use a solid jolt. As for Tommy who's up for reelection, but quietly dealing with a marriage on the rocks due to the revelation earlier on if his wife's varied indiscretions, (i.e. adultery & substance abuse), and at this point he's shut his wife, Eileen, out of his life nearly completely. Forgiving her completely is seemingly no where on the horizon, and as a result he can barely stand to look at her let alone have a meaningful conversation with her. Tommy has his sister, Mary Kate, managing his campaign for reelection depending more so on her opinions then those he would've prior solicited from his wife, and thus has pretty much frozen her out of his life except for the fact they still live under the same roof and are keeping up appearances in public. This treatment for now has been tolerated by Eileen, but therein lays a potential ticking time bomb waiting to go off, and with Eileen's substance abuse this could lead to several bad things. She could one day overdose accidentally, or intentionally resulting in all their marital woes laying out to bare prior to election day. Or worse yet her dying as a result of an overdose intentional or not, the reelection would be the least of his sorrows as he'd have to wonder if his treatment towards her pushed her over the edge, and instead of dealing with the problems like getting her help, and finding help for their marital woes he choose to put himself over her problems. Dealing as well with the grief of the children losing a mother, and the regret Tommy would feel by not helping her, but contributing more to her problems by abandoning her becoming withdrawn so much into his own understandable pain, and refusing to see the fragility of his wife. Tommy has shut his wife out of his life, other then living under the same roof that's about all they share at this point. On top of it all he and Michael's estranged cousin, Colin, has come over from Ireland obviously with a past that may prove to be interesting in the up coming episodes, but for now he's staying with Tommy who got him a job as a janitor at the Statehouse that unfortunately didn't work out well for him. Colin was caught by his boss having a go with the office secretary that apparently the boss had an eye for, although it was unclear whether there was anything more than that between his boss and the secretary to cause him to get that upset. Colin's boss went to Tommy and accused Colin of not doing his job, so forth, and lying on him basically. Tommy pretty much told him to deal with it, that he was his cousin and they would have to work it out. Tommy scolded Colin later that evening without hearing Colin's side of the situation telling Colin to apologize, and take the guy a good bottle of liquor, but Colin opted to quit instead but was sure to leave the guy a bottle liquor on top of his car after he smashed out the windows of the vehicle. So Colin is an interesting character indeed, and as time goes by we'll get to see just how interesting he really is.

    As for Declan the man is on a downward slide that's looking uglier, and uglier as time goes by. Not only is he doing his best to ensure Michael doesn't find out that he was the one to attack him from behind, and nearly beating the life out of him as well as causing some damage to his brain, but is going through a divorce. The woman he loves has left him because of his actions in season one, and has no desire for reconciliation. Yet his pathetic self has been semi stalking her trying to get her to reconcile, and while doing so his appearance is so disgusting looking that he'd have a hard time getting a date with a dumpster. From his disheveled clothes, his constant stumble all over his face, his demeanor is likened to that of a one hundred (100) story billboard of bright lights streaming out as far as the eye can see "Depression", by the overall look I can't imagine that hygiene is a top priority for him, oh least we forget nothing says "I Give Up On Life" more so then slamming down hand full narcotic pain medication, and chasing with plenty of alcohol. Yes Declan is a mess, and even better is the fact that he made the mess for himself then wonders why his soon to be ex-wife doesn't take pity on him. All the mess combined in his life now if you add it all up spell potential bad ending up ahead unless something comes along to wake this guy up and put him back on track All in all a solid episode that continues this saga of the Caffee brothers, and with Michael's climb back up too reclaim his place on the streets, Declan's steady decline into the drugs& alcohol that's leading him down a dark road, Tommy's reelection campaign and personal problems threatening to interfere, and Colin's introduction into the mix things seem to be heating up. This series by far has some of the most promising drama on TV now that weaves and interesting mix of storylines that lay on both sides of the line on its surface but yet in reality the line is blurred and the stories are interwoven. Those who are supposed to be good and those who are supposed to be bad are too often times hard to tell apart, and yet that's what gives the show its flavor. A great show that has yet to disappoint me, and from the looks of things I doubt it will anytime soon. Take care.

    Peace To All.