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Submission Guidelines:

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    Here is a guideline for submitting to this guide and all of my guides.

    If you have any other questions that aren't answered in this guide, please feel free to PM me.

    Providing Sources
    Please provide sources in the comment section when submitting episode titles, episode summaries, episode air dates, cast information, episode crew, production codes, trivia, notes and allusions. Any submission that doesn't include a source will be rejected. If you are adding it because you watched the episode say that in the comment. You must provide the exact link. I will reject it because I don't always have time to go search for it.

    Episode Cast

    When adding cast to the episode please make sure it is the same as on the main page, please import the stars and recurring stars and check off which ones are being added.

    You must submit episode cast all at once, not one at a time, depending on the circumstances of when you're submitting them. I realize sometimes you find out about one and submit then in a few days another name is released.

    Once again you must have a valid source, especially before the episode airs. Saying that an actor will more than likely appear in the episode is not okay, you must have a source.

    Episode Summaries
    Episode summaries should be spoiler-free and must be written in your own words. Some variation on what the network releases for tv-guide is fine.

    Episode Recaps

    Recaps should be very detailed and written in your own words. Please do not copy and paste recaps from the official sites once I find out I will delete all of your recaps and report it to staff. It is not allowed by TV.com and will not be allowed on my guides.


    Notes are off-camera tidbits about an episode (e.g. events that deal with a show's production, or a behind-the-scenes piece of trivia related to the episode in question). Please do not submit John Smith did not appear in this episode. If he doesn't appear he won't be listed in the episode cast section. Do not list this is John Smith's first appearance. In any show that lasts over a few seasons we will see many first and last appearances. A valid note might be John Smith didn't appear in this episode because he broke his ankle while filming so he was written out.

    This is the place to put goofs for an episode, or noteworthy details from the episode. Remember this is subjective and is up to the editor to accept it or not.

    Music Listings
    Music should be listed in the notes section. All songs should be listed in one note, if you're adding it please edit the note. This format should be used:

    Music: title of song, by Artist name. When the song aired (it's not necessary but helpful if you can put what scene the song played during).


    Quotes must follow the following format:

    Charlotte: I like you better these days.
    Conti: Really? (points upward) My haircut?

    Quotes should be memorable and ones that deserve special attention. They shouldn't be too long this is a quote section not a transcript of the episode. Once again what is a memorable quote is subjective and is up to the editor.


    This is a section dedicated to references within a specific episode. You should include the quote or what was shown and then explain it.

    Solletti: I heard you went over to the dark side.
    This was a reference to the movie Star Wars.
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