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Wow... saw series priemere coming on TV101 which made me nervous

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    For those of you who dont know, TV 101 is a directv channel which is a great channel by the way but it tends to air either original shows or shows that were cancelled but had a strong following. Shows such as Smith, The nine, and now after seeing the commercial for it airing tonight,.... Brotherhood. So I just looked it up and I guess Im the last to know that Brotherhood was cancelled.

    Im so dissappointed. I read all these compliments on the show through the years, the peabody awards, every accolade a show could get. And now its cancelled. Hmm what a surprise... NOT! But anyway, I guess it had a nice run. Its the curse of the irish. Happened to Black Donnellys and now brotherhood. Hopefully one of these days we will have an irish gangster type show that will last more then 3 seasons.

    I did see something about the 3rd season coming on dvd and that the announcement for that in 08 was made AFTER they decided to cancel. Does anyone know if they added an episode or anything extra to the dvd? I dont mean extras as in behind the scenes. I mean something like an ending. Sort of like prison break did with there dvd movie or Black Donnellys did with the unaired episode that you needed to get from england if you live in the states. (which I did and it was well worth it).

    But anyway, does anyone know?

    Alright everyone... just wanted to share my disgrace. Lets see..... Besides the obvious shows of Lost and 24 etc... what is one of my favorite shows that are new, where they have time to yank off the air? There is HBO's "EastBound and Down". Although while I would not be happy it wouldnt make me too angry. So Im going to guess that Vampire diaries will be yanked next... Only because I love it.

    Take care all.


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    i love that channel damages & the wire

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