Season 1 Episode 1

Mark 8:36

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 09, 2006 on Showtime

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  • A \"Trying To Do The \'Right Thing\' \" Rhonde Island state politician who is dealing with real issues of Ethics, corruption, racism, and Class in the Union in the Building and Contracting world while dealing with Family and Community issues.

    Very real storyline. Was not sure of the necessity of a Racially motivated murder in the begaining. Pretty realistic view of the politics and racial tension in the trades. The main Character stuggles with keeping family and cultural issues, and ethics seem real. He is engaging and likeable. I want him to do well. I had a difficult time believing the circumstances around the returning brother and his and connection to bad guys. It got a little convoluted there. Or maybe I just missed something. Am not sure if the returning Brother is a good Guy or Bad. But he is handsome and is engaging and kept me drawn in. I defingately am curious as to what he is about. I like that the main female character, the Wife, has been given more that a periferal role. You can tell she is strong and involved and I hope they continue to build her character.

    Over all I liked it and would like to keep track of the show. It \"hooked\" me in. I want to know what will happen next. This says a lot, this kind of pragram doesn\'t usually keep my interest. I usually can\'t relate. But I enjoyed it.
  • looks very enjoyable with darkness and intrigue, and many plots opened up that i look forward to seeing developed. i have read some bad reviews but finally checked out the pilot for myself and was happily surprised to find it promisingly satisfying.

    At first i ofcourse was confused by the many new/different plots being presented, but by the end i was very satisfied and pulled in by all the doors opened and mysteries with unknown possibilities.

    One thing that i may get over or may continue bugging me is whether or not the irish accents are fake or not, and if they are...actually no i guess in remembering how strong the accents were in the first bunch of 'The Sopranos' episodes, and how they changed dramatically throughout the years, i am sure i will just notice it barely, being too involved with everything else. That actually bugged me a bit in 'The Departed' as well, the accents i mean, when they were noticeably off.....even though i do not speak with the accent, but i am sure other people would agree. i would call it over-emphasizing, in a bad way. This show reminds me of a movie i recently bought called Monument Ave. directed by Ted Demme, starring Denis Leary and many other irish actors. It is not as long as most mob movies but i thought very well done, about the oldschool badass character, changing his ways, being not so young anymore, more of the legend now, getting back at the boss(es)...along those lines. i would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys 'Brotherhood', as well as Denis Leary.

    Also i enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, the actor who played Agent Smith on 'The Sopranos', the actor who plays Moe played a cop in 'The Departed', Tommy's wife seems familiar as well as quite gorgeous, and the actor who plays Mike i have seen in a couple other things i know but as someone a lot different than his character here, which i am very interested to see as his character grows in this.

    Being a fan of 'The Sopranos' and most of the great gangster movies, as well as the idea of family being most important, brought out beautifully in Sopranos and ingraved forever in my mind, by Marlon Brando especially, in both 'Godfather' '1&2', 'Brotherhood' seems like it will be a great show filled with the darkness of man's choices in keeping family and his own power,in many aspects,intact.
  • Great way to start the show!

    This is a great way to start off the show and that it really shows two brothers. Despite their "hate" of each other where one is straight arrow and the other is as corrupt as a you know what. They still love one another despite their differences. Powerful acting as well as great writing! Hope the show stays around for years to come.
  • A great start.

    Brotherhood's pilot introduces its characters with a sense of impending conflict and dread. Both brothers are connected by blood yet are dead set against one another ideologically. It is a perfect reflection of our own times. Each character has their flaws. The initially kind do no wrong wife cheats, the mother passes dirty money to her friend, and the "evil" brother acts like a sadistic Robin Hood. Many who have spoken of the show have treated it as an episode of the Sopranos or the Wire. This is a similar show, but has its own flavor and ethnic identity. Unlike many series the pilot of Brotherhood is just one piece of an ongoing storyline. Buying into the plotline within minutes of the first episode is a promising sign. The sardonic humor in each scene allows the audience to breathe in the midst of ears being lopped off.

    It is far from coincidence that Brotherhood is playing at 10PM on Sunday nights. Deadwood airs on HBO at 9PM and is followed by two fluffy comedies at 10PM. As a devout viewer of Deadwood, I quickly turned the television at the completion of each episode. When I heard of Brotherhood I quickly ordered Showtime and now have two great shows to watch on Sunday nights. Brotherhood is a great show unto itself and impresses me right out of the gate.