Season 1 Episode 3

Matthew 13:57

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2006 on Showtime

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  • When the garbage hits the streets, who do you call? Tommy Caffee?

    A strike by the union of Garbage collection services, throws the city into disarray. To the rescue comes Tommy Caffee, whose connections and reach seem to be all but limitless, and somehow expanding beyond that with each episode. In a series of negotiations with the mayor, the garbage union, and the local big-shot puppeteer, Tommy comes out on top and re-establishes himself as the problem solver, only sacrificing his political independence in the process. Meanwhile, Michael Caffee looks to assemble a crew to retake the streets from the evil-doers that control them. Having trouble realizing that mostly everything has changed in his 7-year absence, Michael loses control and anew betrays the trust of his sister-in-law, and his brother\'s.

    The episode showed a very realistic take on Michael\'s return to crime, and the lack of change in his mentality versus the mentality of those who previously worked for or with him. While they primarily turned to a life of justice (mostly out of fear), his intent to rule the streets did not disappear. It added depth to his character, and gave us an outlook on just what type of person Michael is.

    Tommy\'s wife loses her sex-buddy, but is very quick in picking up another. There\'s a clear lack of something in her relationship with her husbanb. While she enjoys his status and the living style it allows her to lead, sex is something she\'d rather get elsewhere, or more of.

    That\'s as much as happens in this episode, which just shows an atypical week on \'the hill\', and the political processes involved in resolving problems. Character development is key also, and we learn more about pretty much all the main cast.

    Decent episode, 8.1/10
  • I just watched episode 2 tonight...then saw the trailer for next week (episode 3). My 2 kids play the son and daughter of Freddie Cork, and it should be shown at the Playground scene. If they were cut out or are a blur, I am going to SCREAM!!!

    Hoping I see my 2 kids next week in the playground scene with Kevin Chapman aka Freddie Cork!!! They were 2 non union extras chosen to play his kids, and if they are actually seen in the footage next week, chances are they may be called back! Keeping my fingers crossed, otherwise I find the series astounding and riveting, and I have seen so many extras from Rhode Island that had the chance to be a part of this magificent story...Jason Isaac is doing a fabulous job of being brutal, but with a heart (Sometimes). The whole cast is fabulous!!