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  • I'm getting the strangest feeling this show is becoming way underated! I have not heard a peep about it. Not a mention. Is it because there arent enough Italian last names and we are prone to think that only Italians are involved in organized crime?

    If you are wondering, yes I am irish. Actually I am Irish and Italian. And I want to start by saying this show is unique in such a way that it was needed desperately. I love it! Whether television viewers want to believe it or not, not all organized crime needs to have a "family name" that consists of 50 different "family names" within. As a matter of fact, that causes what we like to call rats. When you keep organized crime within a real family, squealing, ratting, telling, it doesn't happen. Brotherhood has is the show that finally hits the spot. An irish neighborhood that has two brothers within it. One has the face of good yet commits white collar crime to save his place of childhood and adulthood (The Hill). The other brother has the face of crime and yet has for the most part, others commit crime to save The Hill as well. So who is the evil one? Who is the good one? This show lets the viewers decide are they good, bad, or both? Most will judge them and think they are bad. However if these two brothers were taking part with these actions for your neighborhood you would be rooting them on like Robin Hood. This show is so brilliantly written. Its finally a show that can mix crime, excitment, and REALITY! Not all crime bosses wear suits and live in big houses. Not all politicians are rich with happy wives. But all Irish families stick together. And thats what this show shows. I love it. Unfortunately its on Showtime which means it probably wont last to a second season. God I hope it does!! I witnessed tonight the Emmys on tv. Lets just say one of Showtimes shows took home a few trophies. That same show was cancelled. So with that playing a factor and the lack of talk about brotherhood.... Im afraid we are doomed. But I will watch it, promote it, review it, and support it anyway I can. Even if Im just a 30 year old Irish guy from a small suburbian type town who lives with him Mother.
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