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  • I wanted a different classification, but 'Underappreciated' fits so well!

    I wanted a different classification, but 'Underappreciated' fits so well!

    When I first read this show and saw the Pilot, I instantly had visions of Showtime's popular show Sleeper Cell in my mind. While I still think even that was underappreciated, it generated much more hype as the season progressed, some even claiming it to be better than 24.

    So this was what I though Brotherhood had in its very near future. A slow first few episodes, but by word of mouth people would discover this incredible new show. But it hasn't, and that's a crime in itself!

    First of all, Brotherhood fits my taste and interests perfectly. I study American Studies and International Politics at University, and I am a huge fan of gangster films. The writing and insight into the low-level US domestic politics and the criminal underworld that coexists in this working class neighbourhood is exceptional. While other shows are labelled 'gritty' such as The Shield and early seasons of 24, they were still highly stylised. This is where Brotherhood excels.

    Watching Brotherhood actually puts me at a state of unease. The violence is brutal and not glamourised at all. There is no glory in the actions of Michael. He is a gangster, doing bad things, and he knows it. Watching the Shield you can often say to yourself, yes, that was wrong, but Mackey was doing the right thing, morally. Here the lines are so much more blurred, and I love it!

    I recognise that people watch TV to escape, and they want entertaining, not to be shocked or feel violated. But this show is a landmark show, and it deserves alot more praise.

    I hope it gets it in the following weeks.
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