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  • A show that proves you don't need an incidental score to create drama.

    I never got into The Sopranos so when I heard about the rave reviews this show was getting I was dubious to give it a try. I'm glad I did cos it has themes to do with politics that I find really interesting. It's quite deep and a show that you feel compelled to watch without knowing why. The fact that its so Raw and has no discernible incidental score yet is compelling is half it's charm, the other half is its character's who are all 3 dimensional and relate to each other as a family unit. In fact family is a very important theme in the show which even translates to secondary families like Tommy Caffee's (the politician brother) relation to the other politician's. Michael Caffee (the gangster brother) has the same with his businesses and their owners that he extorts from. Pete, his righthand man in the first season doesn't like his affiliation with Michael and turns to drink and drugs - Michael Caffee vows to save him from his alcoholism as he's like a brother. The First Season a lot of people may find boring and lose interest as it does drag and the balance is not quite right. Part of the balance problem involves Rose (the 2 brother's manipulative mother) who has a bigger role and is far more active in the first season. Her role in the second season now she doesn't have a job sees her scheming side come to the fore more especially with the introduction of the Irish Cousin Colin. This addresses the balance and pacing well as you almost lose the third thread (featuring even more character's not central to the brother's stories) which made it drag. Colin through Rose links into the 2 lives of both Tommy and Michael as he ends up working for Michael but also spending a hell of a lot of time with Rose and in particular a senile colleague of Tommy's. Altogether the show gets better and better and I look forward to the third season.