Season 2 Episode 10

Things Have Changed 1:7-8

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2007 on Showtime

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  • The brothers are more the same than we thought.

    I just watched the last 5 episodes in a marathon, taped on my DVR. While it's not quite at the Soprano's level it is close. Plenty of complex charachters...enough mob mischief and hits to keep us satisfied from week to week.

    This season finale showed us that both brothers are ruthless and will do whatever it takes to stay ahead. Each made a power play in this episode. Tommy thinking he had a chance at speaker of the house, but falling short (due to his brothers shenanagins) and Michael trying to take out Freddie Cork. Who do they get this zeal for power from?..dear old mom, who hates the fact that she is growing old but always wants to be in charge. She can be the manipulator when she wants.

    We also saw Tommy's wife finally confront the mistress. She said she'd kill her if she ever called the house again. She meant it. I'm looking forward to next season which i'll be able to watch from the get-go. These really are good characters that need to be followed.
  • I am not religious but I am praying this show gets renewed!

    What a great ending to a really good second season of Brotherhood. They finally pulled the switch in this episode and revealed to us all(those who didn't already see it coming a mile away I am not sure what you have been watching) that Tommy Caffey is the more evil of the two brothers. With the discriptive threats he made to his fellow politicians, something like "i am going to stab you in the stomach, not the back" and "you will be dead before your scream is heard", just sick stuff, showing that as much as Tommy wants to play the righteous husband/brother/son of the two he is far from it. Even though Michael is a cold blooded killer he loves his family and would do anything for them, and would never put anything in front of them. The reason Michael's criming ways comes out in the oublic spotlight more than Tommy's is because the politician's have a code of honor that all of their treachory stays in house, mostly anyway. Im rambling here. Theses brothers are both so complex and up until the last scene last night everything was in a gray area. But with Tommy revealing to Michael that he knew Freddy was going to clip him and he didn't say anything about it was so awesome in many ways. Michael's reaction, though all silent, his facial expressions was the greatest acting he has done on this show to date and it was played out perfectly. Tommy looking at Michael with tears in his eyes, but still strong in his decision. They communicted more in this last minute without words than some shows do in entire season's of non-sensicle writing and this is clearly attributed to the great writing that led up to that point and the awesome acting that brought things to a head. Please Showtime, renew this show.