Brotherly Love

Season 2 Episode 18

Art Attack

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1997 on NBC

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  • a great and endearing epsiode

    I agree it was nice to hear Matthew sing. Too bad the second season got moved to the WB, I Missed lot of them and only saw themin reruns on the disney channel. I ma hoping this entire series is released on DVD.. It is still fun to watch and I often find myself laughing out loud at Matt's antics on the show
  • Funny episode where Matt comes up with a silly song, then he plays the guitar & sings his creation.

    Art Attack is the second jewel of Matthew Lawrence's Musical Triple Crown! You can find the other two jewels off an episode of Gimme A Break & Boy Meets World. Since Joey Lawrence had established himself as a singer, it's rare that Matthew Lawrence ever got a chance to sing.