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NBC (ended 1997)





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  • Grew up watching.

    I loved Joey from "Blossem" and his music. I really enjoyed the realness to it. Not your everyday sitcom.
  • LOVE IT.

    I love this show. It needs to come back on. It's so absolutaly funny. The Lawrence brothers are so awsome at acting and they are so cute to. I need this show back on. The show kept me from going insane while waiting for other favorite shows to come on. I can't stand it any longer. I need Brotherly Love. I don't care if the repeats from a long time ago get put back on I just want to be able to see Brotherly Love again. I need Brotherly Love. Can't stand not having it on tv. It's such a good show. It makes realize the truth about how family can really work together.
  • This show is about brotherly love, oh wait the show IS called brotherly love :D

    Meet JOey, Andy and Mathew - The brothers

    One of the most enjoyable shows around with interesting characters.

    And yeah the brothers are really the same! well kind of! it's amazing to see how the connections and emotions develop betwee the brothers.

    Alsolove the relationship between joe and lou! real hilarious.
  • Brotherly Love-My thoughts!

    Brotherly Love was one of my previous favourite shows, an old classic. Seeing the three Lawerence brothers working alongside each other was good. Usually, when actors are working, they don`t see as much of their families as they would if they were just normal kids. But these three get to grow up as brothers on screen and off. Seeing Matt acting paranoid, along with Andys crazy schemes and antics, and Joes sarcasm and sense of humor ( especially with Lou ) Claire trying to raise two boys who couldn`t be more strange, and Lloyds..oddness, never failed to crack me up! Sadly this show is over, but watching reruns is a classic saturday morning favourite of mine!
  • Brotherly Love is a show about Joe Roman returning to Philadelphia after his father remarried and died in a racing accident. He returns home and begins to work at Roman Customizing and he soon likes the family he ran away from. It is one of the best shows

    This show began before I was born, but I still enjoy watching it! They began re-showing it on the Family channel and I was immediately interested in it! It's too bad it only lasted two seasons! It was a great show. It had comedy, romance and drama. I loved it!
  • A Show that Is Deeply Missed

    I never saw the show when it first aired. A couple years ago though, Disney channel brought it to their line up. I loved all three brothers playing together. The show was a very easy after school show to watch. It was never very serious, but had enought to allow conflicts into the plot. I pray that Disney channel may bring it back.
  • the fat guys funny

    the fat guy and the older brother is funny but thats it. the little kid can be cool when he dresses up as wolverine and steals dog food from the store and how come everyone reads comic books i can see the fat guy and the kid but everyone does its pretty weird.

  • this is a great show

    I'm a great fan of all three Lawrence brothers, thats the main reason i think this show is super because this is on of the few shows that features all three of them.
    Andrew, Matthew and Joseph are besides the fact that they are brothers super when they work together they have worked together on several showsa nd movies but not with all three of them.
    This show is about :
    A year after his father's fatal accident, Joe Roman returns to Philadelphia to collect his share of his Dad's estate, a car customizing business. His reunion with Claire and his half-brothers is a little rocky. Despite her best efforts, Claire is struggling to keep the business afloat. Fifteen-year-old Matt, tormented by a number of teen crises both real and imagined, harbors a lot of resentment toward Joe. And Andy, a wildly imaginative seven-year-old, can't quite hide his need for a father figure. It doesn't take Joe long to realize how much he's needed, so he accepts Claire's offer to move in and work in the family business.
  • This show was different but I applod it for being just that.

    Having a show that has 3 real life brothers playing brothers in it was kinda cool in my book. All three brothers had very different personality's that made you laugh and say that is probably how it is at home for them to. They seemed to get along great. I wish that it would of stayed on longer or would come back on. I liked the stories that were told. The title of the show said it all. They displayed the brotherly love in every episode. While it was kinda silly it was a pretty decent show. I give it 2 thumbs up.
  • This show is funny and shows the family in a positive way.

    This show is funny and shows the family in a positive way.
    The serie is about a family with three brothers, Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence. The father of Joe, the oldest, got remarried after Joe was born.
    After his father died Joe moves in with his brothers and their mother and they all become a family.