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Where can I get Brothers

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    The TV show BROTHERS was very much before its time a Will and Grace that netted 200 episodes and then some. Major impact on the early years of TV heart warming and very well played out. When and where can we get the box set of this wonderful show? Will it ever be released? It is a true gem to all, showing diversity and love in every episode. Think Soap times ten then you have the idea of characters you will fall in love with gay and straight with no holds barred. A proud television show that was most defiantly before its time. Brokeback Mountain meets Capote messing into Crash here. The show is due its Boxset please let it be alive once again. It is a gem of a show that was once again way before its time. A new color in the rainbow to be seen by all.
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    I've been a fan of the show for a long time and back in February, I contacted Showtime to see if it was ever going to be released on DVD...

    Then on June 19th I recieved an email from Showtime...
    Is your series "Brothers" available on DVD?

    Discussion Thread
    Response (Tony) 06/19/2006 10:58 AM
    We are pleased to announce that the series "Brothers" will be released on DVD on September 19th.

    Thank you,
    Showtime Customer Service

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    I Taped Brothers on VHS In 1990 and had About 104 Episdes And Every VHS Tapes Got Worn Out I Watched Those Tapes So Much


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