Brothers (1984)

Season 2 Episode 12

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 1985 on Showtime

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  • Paxton Whitehead steals the show in this episode where Cliff celebrates his 25th birthday.

    This episode was notable for the fact that it was the first time in TV history that two males kissed onscreen (Cliff and his boyfriend Winston). However, what makes this episode memorable is the scene-stealing appearance by British actor Paxton Whitehead.

    Cliff turns 25, which means the trust fund his late father established for him is now his. He has "big plans" for the money. There's a problem: Lou, who was in charge of the trust fund, spent the money the day after Cliff was born. Lou intended to pay the money back, but that never happened.

    Lou, however, sees a way around paying the money back: Cliff is dating the extremely wealthy Winston March III. His grandfather once owned Pennsylvania, according to Winston, and the young man thinks nothing of buying Cliff things like diamond tie tacks, gold watches, and season box seats to Phillies games. Lou is certain that, with Cliff dating money, he won't need the trust fund, getting Lou off the hook.

    The problem is, Cliff is not in love. That leaves Lou to chase Winston's widowed mother at a birthday party they throw for Cliff. Lou's plan backfires (he's not really interested, because, as he tells Joe, "My wife would kill me" if he married Zelda) and Zelda chases after him (some great physical comedy in the background).

    Enter Barnes (Paxton Whitehead), the butler at the March estate, Lion's Head. He is brutally honest in his disdain for the homosexuals in attendance, and is aghast when Donald suggests they were an item. Whitehead's performance is marvelous deadpan that absolutely steals the show.

    Thanks to Whitehead's performance, a great episode of "Brothers" is elevated to an outstanding episode.