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  • The story of two men, one straight-laced and uptight and the other who apparently never grew up, living together with the former's young son. And the one not called "Two and a Half Men".

    Back in 1998 and 1999, in the days of my late childhood/early teens, when I still had the hope that TGIF could produce comedies I could enjoy and get, this series premiered on the fall lineup. I remember enjoying the show as a young person, tuning in (almost) every Friday when there was a new episode and being a little disappointed when it didn't get past one year. Recently, for whatever reason, I decided to look up something, anything, on this show, if only to find out of the actors I had remembered enjoying were getting any work these days. And that's how I discovered the entire series run on So, I decided to take a look, curious to see how it would hold up to my older and possibly more mature mind and tastes. Does is?

    Well, yes and no. The shows many flaws are a bit more glaring now that I'm actually looking for them. The glut of superior sitcoms that have come since, whether they be the single camera, laugh track-less gems such as "Scrubs" and "Arrested Development" or the high quality multiple camera shows such as "How I Met Your Mother" (or as I'm told "Friends" and "Frasier", though I wouldn't know since I never watched them), make "Brother's Keeper" fall a little short. The concept is a bit formulaic, the characters clichéd, and some of the writing make it clear why critics welcomed the Scrubs, Developments, Offices, and Earls at the turn of the millennium. For all of its flaws, though, the show is still quite entertaining. William Ragdale's Porter is relatable if overbearing enough to side with Bobby (Sean O'Bryan) on some occasions. Bess Meyer's Dena, in spite of the occasional misstep, is as entertainingly snide as I remember and justifiably one of my early TV crushes (couldn't have been because of the miniskirts they always had her wearing). Bobby's overplayed sometimes, but often ends up having an intelligent and thought out point that makes me see his way. And Justin Cooper... well, there are better child actor performance out there, but he was satisfactory, being a driving part of the show without it ever really truly being about him. No, it never reaches the comedy levels of "Two and a Half Men", but it's enjoyable enough and has a good heart that'll pop up every now and again. All in all, I wouldn't have minded seeing the show continue for another few years beyond its initial run.
  • Ruined by being on TGIF

    Brother's Keeper was a show about a single dad raising a 9 year old boy. The father was a college professor who taught his son many facts and how to enjoy learning.

    Then comes along the uncle, an immature guy who plays for the San Fransisco 49ers. He moves in and is the opposite of his professor brother. This show aired in 1998 as a part of the TGIF line up on ABC. It ran for 1 season of 23 episodes and then was canceled. I think that the reason it was canceled was because it was aimed at an audience slightly older than the TGIF crowd. The TGIF crowd was generally early to mid teenagers, and Brother's Keeper was aimed at adults, mainly. The fact that it had a 9 year old in it didn't stop it from containing more mature subject matter. I wouldn't deny a young teenager from watching it, but if this show had been marketed towards an adult audience, it probably would have lasted several seasons. I watched this show again on recently, and I thought it was a very funny show, a show that deserved more than a slot on a teenage Friday night line up.
  • Review

    Well no recent reviews so I migth as well write one. The idea behind in the show was not very creative. Younger wild brothers who play for a football team decides to move into older uptight brothers house and is a single father of a son. Younger wild brother teaches older uptight brother and son to be more loose and enjoy things, it's been done before. And also has been done since then, just look a two and half men (with the house situation reversed).

    The difference between two and half men though and brother keeper is two and half men is funny. Obviously the writing is better and charlie sheen is actually good in that show. Yes I actually wrote that, I'm shocked too.

    Anyhow Brothers Keeper's main problem was the fact the actors weren't very good, their relationship seemed phony, and the kid wasn't used enough. The kid was the only well known actor since everyone knew him from Liar, Liar. Anyway no one is going to miss this show, not even me.