Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 7

36 Hours

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on ABC
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The Walkers unite as Justin's addiction hits an all-time low. Kitty and Robert build new plans for their future.

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  • The Walkers hold an intervention for Justin.

    Rebecca becomes increasingly worried about Justin's relying on his pain meds, and informs Nora of her suspicions. Nora alerts the rest of the family and soon Justin is ambushed by the family, except for Tommy who is continuing his affair with Lena. This leads to an angry outburst from Justin to the point where Rebecca and Holly leaves. The rest of the family then rally around Justin, to help him kick his addiction. Kevin confronts Tommy about Lena and Saul reveals some truth to Nora.

    This was an amazing episode. Those Walkers really know how to make good drama. From start to finish I was in awe. Justin's outburst was some great acting and when Kitty stood up I was nearly in tears. Although I already disliked Tommy, I found myself incredibly annoyed at him this episode. First he shows up late, then starts laying into Justin with the hate when that portion of the evening had already concluded. His affair with Lena also contributes to my disdain of him. I was happy when Kevin was confronting him, Kevin is so awesome!

    I was also proud of Saul this episode. After brushing off Kevin's accusations continuously it was good to see him finally come clean to Nora.

    As always, admist all the drama, there was the perfect addition of comedy. Another reason this show is lovable.moreless
  • A classic...once again Berlanti did it...couldnt have done better

    Bravo. Great writing and great directing. Perhaps my favorite episode of the season. It had to choose between this one and the second to last ep of the season. David did a brilliant job of acting. I felt his pain and he made his performance realistic. He accurately portrayed what detox is like. But what got me the most was the writing, the words. Its all about the words. "You two were more of a father to Justin today than William Walker ever was. I have never been more proud". Also, kitty's line: "what, what is it Justin? Im in pain and bleeding, but Im here" A fantastic episodemoreless
  • Intervention Written by Molly Newman And David Marshall Grant Directed by David Paymer

    Justin: "Why the ambush?"

    Nora: "Because this was the only way to get you here".

    Justin: "Mom, I live here".

    Well this was certainly a heavy episode! Given that we've had the previous three episodes watching Justin spiralling out of control with his dependency on pain killer medication; it was nice that the writers decided not to drag this plot out any further than necessary.

    Although it pains to actually bestow Holly a compliment, in a way we should be thanking her. Rebecca moved out of the Walkers because she knew that Justin was using again and couldn't deal with it. The problem is that she failed to let the rest of his family know about her reasons for leaving.

    Holly, because she has an inability to mind her own business and because I think she also revels in any Walker screwing up manages to wrangle the truth out of Rebecca. When she's told the details of Justin's relapse she encourages Rebecca to do the right thing and tell the rest of the Walkers.

    Rebecca to her credit actually does what her mum tells her to do and informs everyone except an AWOL Tommy that Justin is back to being an addict. Between them they cook a plan to get him home. Basically Rebecca phones Justin and tells him to meet her at Nora's.

    As plans go, it's embarrassingly easy as Justin's reaction to Nora's ambush is to point out that he lives in the same house as her. Of course Justin's mostly pissed at everyone for deciding to have it out with him and takes this intervention as a good means of laying into everyone.

    Nora is first on the list. As Justin pointed, he didn't want to go back onto pain medication because he feared that he would relapse. Nora repeatedly ignored those wishes and got him back on the pills. While she was looking out for her son, in a way she is partly to blame for Justin's descent into drug.

    Next on Justin's hit list is Sarah. Yeah, Sarah's never really done anything to add to Justin's drug abuse but by being there, she's basically in the firing line. Justin proves that he can be quite the **** by taking cheap shots at both her marriage failing and her kids being taken off her. Sarah has some patience because I probably would've punched him for those comments.

    Kevin doesn't escape Justin's scrutiny either. Justin voices his own comments on Kevin's inability to sustain a healthy relationship and given that Kevin's current relationship with Jason isn't panning out so well, there's very little Kevin can actually in his own defence.

    Sadly Saul also finds himself in the firing line. Weirdly enough it's not for the fact that he kept so many secrets from the family about Ojai and Holly but mainly because Justin doesn't apparently rate him as a substitute father figure. Out of everyone, Saul seemed the most affected by Justin's rather vicious streak.

    Holly and Rebecca also get it in the neck when Justin basically accuses the both of them of being slappers. Just lovely, although I did have to laugh at the fact that Justin was vocal in wondering why Holly was at this intervention. She had no place there and I'm thrilled that Justin's vile remarks got rid of her too.

    However there were two people who managed to be spared from Justin's rants. Tommy got spared due to the fact that he wasn't around and Kitty just wouldn't tolerate Justin's crap so before he could even try to make a nasty remark she threatened him with the cops.

    For that I respect Kitty in spades. Justin doesn't need mothering; he needs a kick in the ass. The touchy feely stuff is part of the reason why he continuously destructs and I'm glad that Kitty was able to be ruthless in order to talk him down. She did what no-one else in that room was prepared to do at the time.

    Dave Annable as an actor has improved since the start of the series. Even though I spent more time in this episode wanting to punch Justin than feel for him, I will commend the actor for his performance in the episode.

    With Justin now starting to calm down, the rest of the episode is dedicated to him going cold turkey. The gang should've just had Justin tied and gagged to the bed when he was beginning to lose it midway through the episode. That way he wouldn't be able to go anywhere and we wouldn't have to listen to him moan.

    Either way Nora stops Justin in his tracks from trying to leave and Tommy and Kevin make effective enough bodyguards by denying him access to his own phone. There are also some nice moments that Justin shared with both Sarah and Kitty but the last scene with Nora is one of the best bits from this episode.

    Nora realising that the dynamic with her and Justin needs to change was good. Telling him directly that it needed to change was better as was Justin's resigned acknowledgment of that too. Whether or not it will actually change is the next thing that we need to see because in all fairness, how many relapses is Justin going to have on this show?

    Of course while the episode might have centred on Justin's intervention, one of the strongest elements was that other storylines were going on as well. Okay so Sarah pretty much doesn't get a storyline but after the heavy stuff she's had to deal with in the previous two episodes, I can deal with her taking a backseat here.

    Story wise, we've got Saul and the theme of secrets. From what we've seen since the beginning of the series, Saul is definitely a man who tends to keep a lot of them and only on certain moments does he unload some of them, like when he was forced to tell Nora about Rebecca.

    Amazingly however for a man who keeps secrets, Saul doesn't appreciate others who do the same thing. He royally busts Tommy's chops when Holly tells him about Tommy's involvement with Lena and he's also pretty livid when Kevin tries to wrangle the truth out of him about Milo's party.

    Kevin is pretty relentless with that one and given how vehemently Saul denies being gay I can see why Kevin won't let it go. However it's Nora who once again Saul unloads his secrets to and there's nothing quite as impacting as when he admits to her that he was once in love with a man.

    Presuming the man in question is Milo; this is the closest to an admission from Saul that he's gay It's also a terrifically written scene with an absolutely blinding performance from Ron Rifkin as well. If I wasn't interesting in this storyline before, I definitely am now.

    As reactions go, Nora doesn't really have much of a chance to fully react. It's clear that she's shocked by what Saul has just said to her but at the same, her urge to reach out to him is there. Plus I like how she automatically assumes that Kevin knows more about Saul than she does, yet she is unable to ask him.

    When Saul isn't feuding with both Tommy and Kevin, then both brothers are challenging each other on their relationship. Tommy is suspicious of Kevin and Scotty living together and Kevin assumes that Tommy is sleeping with Lena before he admitted that he was.

    This is one of those rare episodes in which we get to see the brothers bond and bicker and it works even more because of it. Both Tommy and Kevin know that they are playing with fire but while Tommy comes to his senses and decides to end things with Lena, it's blatantly clear that Kevin will cross the line and sleep with Scotty.

    Given that he assumes that everyone thinks he will be the one to screw up his own relationship, perhaps Kevin will use that as just cause when he does bed Scotty. It also doesn't help that Jason isn't making all that big an effort to contact him as well. Jason is also at fault with his lack of communication.

    As for Kitty, in between stopping Justin and dealing with a miscarriage, she uses the events of this episode to become more assertive in getting married and becoming a mother, much to Robert's amusement.

    Kitty's quest to do these is a hell of a lot more interesting than Robert's individual plot. While I do like the political element of the series, this whole Presidential plot has made me crave for the days when Kitty would spar with Warren during their talks on Red, White And Blue.

    This week Robert meets up with a lucky backer of his only to later find out that the bloke is involved in less savoury stuff. Robert's response to this outcome puts Travis in a bad position but it's worth it to see him tear strips of Travis. That being said, I think I would underestimate Robert as well.

    Fortunately not every Robert related story is made of yawn. The return of Sophia is actually interesting given that she behaves less bratty and raises some interesting questions about Robert's future with Kitty. Given that both of them have opposing views to starting a family, I can see a bust up coming their way.

    Also in "36 Hours" Not to be really pedantic but I think more than 36 hours might have actually passed from the beginning to the end of this episode.

    Robert: "Do I even wanna know what that means?"

    Kitty: "It means I'm missing you and I'm hungry".

    Robert's guy in this episode was the King Of Pork, who reacted well enough when Sophia pulled the vegetarian card.

    Lena: "It's your phone".

    Tommy: "They can leave a message".

    Justin (to Rebecca): "No way. This is not happening. What did you do?"

    Did we really need to see Justin snooping through Nora's purse for pills/money? That scene felt a little unnecessary.

    Nora: "Damn it, Justin. Nothing can be more important than this".

    Justin: "Is that your take on 'tough love'?"

    Kevin: "Actually, I have a boyfriend and I have for quite a while now".

    Justin: "Big freaking whoop and what is she doing here?"

    Holly: "I'm here for my daughter".

    Although Holly does greatly annoy me, it's nice to see that her and Rebecca are getting closer again.

    Sarah (to Justin): "We could chain you to the radiator and poke sticks at you".

    Kevin: "Does the relentless sarcasm help?"

    Justin: "A little bit".

    Kitty was describing some wacky dream to Robert at the start of this episode and Tommy/Kevin distracted Justin with some throwing game.

    Tommy: "That's 39 to what?"

    Justin: "Who cares?"

    Kevin: "How long have we been playing this game?"

    Robert (to Travis): "Look, I'm warning you. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness again. I'm the most ambitious man you'll ever meet".

    Robert getting Travis to fire a good chunk of his staff was probably the most ruthless thing he's done in the series. Maybe Isaac's advise from the previous episode sank in.

    Kitty (to Justin): "I fight with people for a living. What if I'm not maternal?"

    Nora: "I still don't know what's going on".

    Saul: "You don't have to know everything that's going on. We all have secrets".

    Standout music: "Everybody Knows" by Ryan Adams and "All That We Receive" by Thievery Corporation.

    Nora: "My husband was in love with another woman for most of our marriage".

    Saul: "Well I was in love with another man. How about that?"

    Justin: "I had a dream you locked in the house".

    Nora: "That wasn't a dream, I did".

    Chronology: Just a few days since the events of "Two Places".

    Boasting some of the best dialogue, some brilliant music and in general some of the best performances this season, "36 Hours" is without a doubt the best episode of Season Two so far. While there may be other episodes to best this one, this just shows how much this show rocks.moreless
  • Another good episode, I'm definitely preferring season two over season one, though this hasn't been my favourite, it was great none the less.

    So finally, Justin's addiction is found out about by the family. Thank god Rebecca told them, I couldn't take another episode of sneaking pills. Justin was actually fair less annoying here than I had expected, still he's probably just second to Saul on the characters I'm not a fan of.

    The actual scene with the intervention was the highlight, no doubt. It was interesting to see Justin's emotions explode, the comments he made to everyone were horrible, to say the least. I mean making the comment about Sarah's kids and Kevin's relationships. It was a very well acted part, Kitty finally shutting Justin up was brilliant, very good speech, maybe a tad bit soppy, but it was needed here.

    As for the Tommy having an affair with Lena thing, its interesting enough but Lena has now become, annoying and I just know Julia is returning soon and there will be hell to pay for Tommy. Saul being gay I just don't like his character, bores me to death. His scene when he told Nora about his love for another man, was good though.

    The Robert storyline to be honest, I wasn't really focusing on, after all I just kept thinking, get back to the Walkers now. His daughter was amusing at times though. Kevin and Scotty, it is only a matter of time until they get together, not surprising. Hope Scotty doesn't become a main.

    So yes, a great episode where we see family secrets and relationships come to a head. Now, Kitty and Roberts wedding is getting closer!moreless
  • Justin's addiction is revealed causing the whole family to gather and hold an intervention. During Justin's all night withdrawal, Tommy, Kevin and Saul are forced to confront their issues leading to a few surprise revelations.moreless

    With Justin's addiction rearing its ugly head again, its hardly surprising that a Walker intervention occurred this week and in such a forceful way. With the whole family being locked in the house together, secrets were bound to come out and it was mostly the male members of the family who had to deal with their emotional baggage.

    The beginning of the episode was a little rushed, in my opinion though the rest of the episode was good enough to make up for it. Rebecca telling Holly about Justin's addiction and getting him to the house took place all before the titles rolled. However there was much to get through in the episode that this was a justified move.

    The intervention scene was nicely done, with Tommy significantly being the only missing member. Dave Annable was brilliant in this scene, his pain and anger was so accurately played, he was easily the star of this episode. The others did a nice job too as Justin laid into each family member for their various emotional problems. In true Walker fashion, this for the most part was swept under the carpet as they prepared to deal with Justin's addiction.

    It felt a little silly that Justin stayed at home to deal with the withdrawal but it made for a great plot device. Sarah, Kitty and even Nora hung back a bit whilst the brothers helped Justin through the first painful hours of withdrawal.

    I loved this brother time on-screen. Its usually the 2 sisters bonding or the sisters with the various brothers but we so rarely get to see all 3 brothers bond. Their scenes were great together, only making me wish we had more of them. Kevin and Tommy dealt with their emotional issues through their mutual sparring leading to some revelations for the both of them. Kevin realised that he is playing a dangerous game with Scotty and acknowledged out loud that his relationship with Jason has hit the rocks somewhat. As for Tommy he has finally ended his affair with Lena which I am thoroughly happy about. However now Holly, Kevin and Saul all know about it, it can't be long before the true repercussions are felt.

    Speaking of Saul, he has admitted to Nora in a very touching scene that he was in love with a man, and that is the true reason for his bachelor-hood. It's a shame that they didn't get to redux on this revelation but it's nice that it is finally in the open. The following scene with Kevin and Nora each pretending not to know anything was very funny!

    With all the Walkers at the house, the B-plot fell to Robert who deals with his daughter and a dodgy financier. Whilst this dealt with some interesting issues for Robert especially his daughters feelings over new siblings which complement his own, it was rather dull. We so rarely get a storyline that doesn't deal with a Walker (Rebecca, Holly and Saul being honorary Walkers, Robert not just yet) it felt a little out of place. This whole presidency storyline is also starting to wear thin, and I would really like to see the writers take a break from it for at least one or two episodes.


    • I really liked the scene with Nora telling her sons that they are better than they're adulterous father- not true but it was sweet anyway.

    • Ditto for Justin's scene with Kitty, showing to her that she could be a good mother.

    • Kitty and Robert are holding very different opinion on children, this is likely to cause major problems in the future. If they ever break up it will be because of this issue.

    • Nora has decided that things need to change between her and Justin. I think this applies to all her children. For the last 7 episodes she has been squarely in 'mum; mode dealing with her children's problems (which to be fair she's needed to be, they're having a lot of problems at the moment!!) In the interest of her sanity and the show's development its looking like she will be breaking away from this role and getting (if you'll excuse the expression) a life; which in TV usually means a love interest. Whilst Sally Field does the mum stuff so well, it will be great to see her do something different.

    Lots of storylines got finished (pretty much) in this episode, Justin's addiction, Nora as a mum, Kitty's miscarriage, Tommy's affair, and Saul's secret was revealed. This surely means a bit of a new chapter for the Walkers and I can't wait to see it.moreless
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    • Kitty: How was your trip?
      Robert: Productive. I fired a quarter of the staff.

    • Nora: I have always wanted you, desperately, to find somebody to love.
      Saul: How do you know that I haven't?
      Nora: Stop talking in circles.
      Saul: Nora, I am not who you think I am.
      Nora: My husband was in love with another woman for most of our marriage!
      Saul: Well, I was in love with a man.

    • Kitty: (talking to Justin) Sarah, she's an amazing mother, she just oozes maternal. And Mom, she's the same way. And I'm just not like that. I guess the cuddle gene just skipped me. I'm all sharp points and tough talk and crankiness. I fight with people for a living. What if I'm not warm and maternal?

    • Robert: What are we doing hanging around these lowlifes?
      Travis: We need the money! These things are a fact of political life. I'm sorry if you're offended. If you don't want to be in politics...
      Robert: Offended? I'm not offended. Racism offends me. Wasteful government spending offends me. This, well, this is just bad strategy.

    • Tommy: I feel guilty, and terrible, but I don't stop.
      Kevin: You want to know why I'm letting Scotty stay with me?
      Tommy: He's cute?
      Kevin: Yeah. And I'm lonely. Dangerous combination. Same for you, huh?
      Tommy: Exactly. What is our problem?
      Kevin: We're men. I mean, if history's any judge, we've never been good at monogamy.
      Tommy: I think it's our history that's the problem.
      Kevin: Nice try, but I think we're this way all by ourselves. I mean, I didn't know Dad was cheating on Mom until after he died. One thing I did know was how much I admired him... and how much I felt like this confused wimp in his eyes. And I was queer, so...
      Tommy: Doesn't make you special because you're gay. I felt exactly the same way.
      Nora: (walking in on them) You're both wrong. Your father loved and respected you both very much. He just had a hard time showing it, I don't know why. Get over it. You're both better men than your father. And you were as good a dad to Justin today as William Walker ever was. I have never in my life been so proud of you.

    • Kevin: (offering coffee to Tommy) You want some? Be careful, mom made it. We may never sleep again.

    • Kevin: You're sleeping with Lena, aren't you.
      Tommy: I'm not sleeping with Lena... The question is, are you sleeping with Scotty?
      Kevin: I'm in love with someone else. You know what, I'm sick of this whole family assuming I'm going to screw it up. Jason's the one who went to Malaysia, okay, not me. You know, yeah, I haven't talked to him about Scotty. You want to know why? I never talk to him, ever. I call him twice a day, never calls me back.
      Tommy: Isn't he in some remote village somewhere?
      Kevin: Oh, come on. If I was that important, he would call me back.
      Tommy: Why didn't you say anything?
      Kevin: Because I was embarrassed.
      Tommy: Embarrassed. My wife left me and took our child. Joe left Sarah for his ex-wife, and there's a drug addict in the bathroom.

    • (Justin's phone is ringing.)
      Tommy: What is it, your drug dealer?
      Kevin: Give it to me, I'll put the fear of God in him.
      Tommy: We don't want Scarface coming over with a couple of Uzis.
      Justin: His name is Fred, and he's in a band.

    • Tommy: (to Kevin, concerning Scotty) I don't know how your team plays, but I wouldn't invite a hot ex-girlfriend to crash at my place.

    • Tommy: (to Kevin) Why do you always have to be such a frickin' lawyer?

    • Saul: What is it going to take to get you to understand that I am not you, okay? I know you feel you have a need to have this company, but...
      Kevin: I have no need for any company. It's you who's stunningly all alone.
      Saul: Kevin, you may have grown up in a world where men walk around in public holding hands, but at the end of the day, you are one of the loneliest people I have ever known.

    • Justin: (about himself) You know, I actually consider myself to be a pretty honest... thieving lowlife addict.

    • Justin: You guys don't have to sit here staring at me waiting for me to grow fangs and hair on my face.
      Sarah: Well, then, who'd chain you to the radiator and poke you with a stick?

    • Justin: I'd like to detox without taking anyone else down with me. So, I can do it here, if you guys can help.
      Kevin: You know what, as fun as that sounds, we're not qualified.
      Justin: Qualified to do what? Watch me throw up? Get the shakes?

    • Holly: (concerning Lena) Saul, I don't think she stops working on Saturday.

    • Robert: So when exactly did you become a vegetarian?
      Sophia: Well, my boyfriend is, and so...
      Robert: You have a boyfriend?
      Sophia: I did, but I broke up with him. I met an older boy I like way better.

    • Kitty: (interrupting Justin) What? What, Justin, go ahead. Go ahead, say it. Say it, what is it. What is it, because I'm here. I'm bleeding and I'm aching because I've just had a miscarraige, but I'm here, and I'm dealing with you, and I'm dealing with your addiction. So what is it, what is it, tell me? Tell me, come on. What is that I'm doing that isn't all about how much I love you.

    • Justin: Oh, wow, look, it's almost lunchtime. Isn't this like Walker happy hour for you guys? Maybe you should crack open a few bottles of wine so you can actually sit in a room without killing each other. You know what I think? I think it's all of you guys that have the problem.

    • Saul: Justin, we know you're angry.
      Justin: Oh, you do? Wow, that's insightful. Maybe you guys should have brought in a professional, because that level of observation, me being "angry," is a little lame.

    • Justin: (about his addiction) Okay, look, fine, maybe it got a little out of hand, but it's nothing I can't deal with.
      Kevin: Deal with? Would you like to be a little more specific, like when and where?
      Justin: I don't know, Kevin, not today, I have plans.

    • Robert: Who's the King of Pork?
      Melanie: He's the president of the Domestic Pork Boosters of America.
      Robert: He's a king and a president. I like that.

    • Justin: What are you now, like 35 years old? Have you ever had a relationship that's lasted longer than three weeks? You walk around in your suit and tie pretending that you're a man, but really you're just a scared little boy.
      Kevin: Actually, I have a boyfriend, and I have for quite awhile now…….
      Justin: …big freaking whoop ..and what is she doing here?
      Holly: I'm here for my daughter.
      Justin: In case you haven't noticed, she's been living here all summer. Wishing she was a Walker. You too are exactly alike. You'll do anything. No I'm sorry — screw anyone to be a part of this family!

    • Justin: Why the ambush?
      Nora: Because that was the only way to get you here.
      Justin: Mom I live here.

    • Kitty: And unlike politics, trying to have a baby might even be fun.
      Robert: Think globally, act locally, I always say.

    • Robert McCallister: I am the most ambitious man you'll ever meet.

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