Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 17

All In the Family

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2007 on ABC

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  • Rebecca's first family dinner

    What a great episode. Really witty and funny. Nora gets the idea to invite Rebecca to family dinner and it turns out to be a disaster as always. Sarah is rude and Kevin tries to get Rebecca's DNA by pulling her hair. Really funny. Kitty doesn't show up at all prefering to spend time with Robert and his kids. They end up having a fight and Kitty has second thoughts about Robert's feelings for her. I didn't really understand Kitty there it was probably just some insecurity. I think Rebecca says some great stuff about the Walkers this time about how they look to her from the outside. She says they're the most insane group of people she has ever met and calls them a yelling fighting dysfunctional click. That's funny and has truth in it I think. On the other hand Rebecca blames Holly for not giving her the childhood she could have had with all the siblings. I can see where she's coming from but I can also understand Holly's point of view in this question. On the whole I think Rebecca is great and I hope she sticks around.

    Sarah and Nora make up, it's such a sad scene when Nora admits that since William is dead she has no one else to be angry at than Sarah. I also liked Nora in the end saying "goodbye". Sally Field is doing a great role as Nora:)

    The Tommy-Julia paternity storyline I found kind of boring partly because it wasn't handled with enough depth. Kevin and Chad are still together and this time Chad was even tolerable. He wanted to come out but Kevin overthought the situation(in my opinion) and it didn't happen. One of the best episodes this season.
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