Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 17

All In the Family

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Robert tells Sophia about inviting Kitty to dinner, she tells him that she knows about her, because there was a picture of them in a magazine in which Kitty was wearing a red dress. But back on episode 12, Sexual Politics, we see that when Kitty and Robert were photographed, Kitty was already wearing her coat, the read dress was not visible.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah: Mom, I didn't come here tonight because of Rebecca. I came here because I want things to be better with us. I need you to care about me the same way that you care about the world.
      Nora: Well, of course I love you.
      Sarah: Then stop punishing me.
      Nora: I'm sorry. I... I'm sorry (she breaks into tears) I'm just so mad. Your father's dead and I need someone to be furious with. It's so hard to tell somebody who isn't around anymore to go to hell.

    • Rebecca: (to the Walkers after the dinner debacle) You're the most insane group of people I've ever met!

    • Justin: (Tommy and Kevin want to DNA test Rebecca) Are you both high? You want your DNA test right here? She's hot, I feel nothing.

    • Saul: Look at us, I'm in my 60s and we're like in high school with a slumber party.

      Kevin: Does high school ever end uncle Saul?

      Saul: No Kevin. It's like taxes, we're doomed to repeat it year after year.

    • Kitty: (To Robert after dinner with him and his kids.) Nobody likes me that much that fast and I can't help wondering if maybe you're just looking for a family to stand up with you at the podium.

    • Nora: Somebody slept in.
      Kitty: It's 8 o'clock in the morning.

    • Rebecca: Mom, you look shocked.
      Holly: No, it's just not the reaction that I expected.
      Rebecca: Why not? They're the ones who made us millionaires. How often do I get to meet my benefactors? If they want me to go over there so they can all pet me, it's the least I can do.

    • Rebecca: So where's the other sister, Kitty?
      (Uncomfortable silence)
      Rebecca: Umm, she didn't want to meet me.
      Nora: No, no, no not at all. She had a date…with Senator McCallister
      Rebecca: Oh yeah, I read about that too.
      Nora: Apparently all my children have made the gossip columns. I'm not so sure I should be proud about that.

    • Kitty: OK, so you think you're really ready for this, do think you're really going to be able handle this, because once she walks through the front door, you can't take it back. She's a Walker.
      Nora: Kitty, she already is.

    • Nora: I invited Rebecca to dinner.
      Kitty: No you did not.
      Nora: Yes.
      Kitty: Mom, are you insane?
      Nora: I think it would be nice if we just all got to know each other.
      Kitty: Why?
      Nora: Because she exists. Because the unknown is always so much more disturbing than the reality. I think we have confront this. Normalize it.
      Kitty: Normalize it? Oh like the time that you invited Dad's mistress over and then you outed her in front of everybody. No, no no. That kind of normal?

    • Kitty: Hi, so, um…we're being inundated with calls demanding to know whether you're changing your tune on immigration.
      Robert: Changing my…I'm merely pointing out that we're gonna continue to incur huge costs medical and otherwise if we don't fix this.
      Kitty: Ahh, an economic initiative, that's a relief. And here I was worried that you were being socially-minded.

    • Justin (referring to Rebecca): I met her. I talked to her.
      Nora: You talked to her, about what?
      Justin: About thing, I don't know. We hung out a few times.
      Nora: A few – you hung out a few times? I can't believe this
      Justin: You can't get mad at me, you were the one who said we should do whatever we felt we need to do in this situation.
      Nora: So, so what, you needed to do was go hang out with her a few times behind my back?
      Justin: I knew you'd react like this.
      Nora: How did you expect me to react? My husband kept a daughter from me and now you hang out with her?
      Justin: Did you honestly think I wouldn't meet her? She's my sister.
      Nora: Damn it you already have sisters.
      Justin: She's not going away, Mom. I mean, she's here whether we like it or not, 'kay?

    • Nora: School sucks! I am going to make myself a huge chocolate sundae, eat the whole thing, and then if I don't feel better after that, then I will drop out too, right after I stick my finger down my throat.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: All in the Family
      All in the Family was a comedy show that ran on CBS from 1971 to 1979.

    • Justin: (to Tommy) What are you Colombo?

      In reference to the series Colombo starring a detective portrayed by Peter Falk.

    • In the Senator's office we see his son, Jack, hiding under his desk. This parallels actual events occuring in the White House when JFK Jr. would play under his father's desk in the oval office.

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