Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 6

An Ideal Husband

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2010 on ABC

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  • The plot thickens

    Strong episode for Scotty and Kevin fans. Some aspects of the plot were sort of far-fetched...for instance, it was a bit too convenient that the guy Scotty hooked up with a year ago just so happens to work at the restaurant after Scotty's confession. However, I did like Justin trying to help, but I don't think the guy would've told Justin anything about the affair...he probably would've been too busy hitting on Justin! Saul's scenes with Scotty were also good, especially the part about how Scotty has become their family. Kitty's emotional rollercoaster with the new man in her life continues. We know he won't just disappear, despite their break-up. He will probably wind up working for the family. Meanwhile, Sarah and Luc have inched closer towards marriage, and I have a feeling that episode will be good...but I am sure Luc has some secrets that will come out when the big day occurs. Next, Nora had a few nice moments with her kids, but she seems to contradict herself about William when she gives advice to Kevin and to radio listeners. I don't know if the writers are intentionally making her sound wishy-washy, or what. In the previews, it looks as if she finally gets a love interest in the next episode. Patricia Wettig was missing in action again.
  • Interesting storyline!

    Things intesnified with this episode of Brothers & Sisters. The storyline was very interesting, with an interesting development with Scotty and Kevin. Things are intensifying, as we move towards the middle of this season.

    The comedy aspect was also very pmuch still present, particularly with the scenes of the punching. I was very much enjoying those scenes, especialy with the case of mistaken identity!

    So, all up, I think the show is ogoing uphill. The storyline is continuing to develop, and the Kevin Storyline really got extremely interesting today! Keep it up, guys, and I would highly recommend this show, and this episode! Awesoem stuff, keep it up!