Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 2

Brief Encounter

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2010 on ABC

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  • Two down, sixteen to go

    B&S received an 18 episode order this season (slightly less than previous years, except for the year of the writers' strike in which they only did 16). And 16 is probably what we have left. I know that fans will give this post a thumbs down, and that's their right, but it will not stop me from addressing some of the problems I'm seeing already. Remember I'm a fan myself, and I want the show to be good and last forever. And of course, there still is plenty of great stuff, but not enough right now to sustain massive viewer interest. Let me elaborate. Rob Lowe leaving is definitely a jump-the-shark moment. In the prior episode, his character was still alive, so it did not seem like he was gone (we were in denial like Kitty). But now that he is officially out of the way, there's a huge void. And it looks like a new love interest will be added in the next episode. But Lowe anchored the series with his masculine presence, and he was a big name star. A replacement, any replacement, will fall short. Next, the writers are trying to build up granddaughter Paige, making her a trouble-prone young adolescent. That's interesting, but to put so much focus on her, when she does not really have a strong fan base, is not smart. This should be a Sarah story, more about troubled parenting...instead, I have a feeling it's going to play out like a social message story about young kids that have a drinking problem. I hope I'm wrong about this. Meanwhile, Kevin and Scotty's relationship with their own troubled teen is not clicking for me. I think it's because they seem too young to have this older child in their lives. It seems more like a strange menage-a-trois in the making. The only story I like is Nora's. I think the radio show stuff will be fun to watch...but how will that connect with the florist gig, or is it not supposed to? Writers need to make up their minds about what direction they're going to take her in. Then, there's Holly, sort of in amnesia limbo. Patricia Wettig is the most underused actor on this show. And with Rebecca pretty much gone, she becomes a more isolated character. It's almost like she's run her course. The only way she can stay relevant, plot-wise, is if there's another power struggle with Sarah, or if Holly has an affair with Justin.
  • Top marks for the comedy aspects of things!

    This was a really great episode of 'Brothers & Sisters', a few oustanding plots from the past are continued, and new ones come into the frame, making for an enjoyable episode.

    I particularly enjoyed the storyline iwith Paige and Saarah, and I found that to be interesting. Things seemed to develop a little too quickly in that stoyrline, however, and they really could've spaced this out over two, maybe three episodes.

    I also enjoyed the Justin storyline, talking with Holly, as well tas the storylin with the kid, Mateo (spelling?). That was interesting a nd a little moving.

    The humour was top notch in this episode, with Kitty suspecting Nora of being a lesbian, and revealing her suspicions to everybody. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation where the children were all talking to her and all of her comments made them confirm their suspicions - very funny stuff!

    Keep it upk, Brothers & Sisters! Overall, a good episode, which I would highly recommend, and the new season is fortunately doing well!
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