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Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Rebecca gets a new hobby, while Sarah has to make an important decision.

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  • Karaoke night

    Such a funny episode.Kevin and Sarah were definitely my favorites this time. Kevin meets Scotty's friends who think he's uptight. Kevin has a problem with it while Sarah can't bring herself to sign her divorce papers. The scene with them where Sarah says they need a night out is I think one of the best Sarah-Kevin scenes there has been. It was so funny.

    In the karaoke bar we saw the fun side of Sarah which is absolutely my favorite side of her. I think her song was very good for a karaoke while Kevin's singing was just hilarious and also cute. And him with Scotty was adorable as always. Just the fact that Kevin was so disturbed by Scotty's friends' opinion of him shows how much he really cares about Scotty and wants to be with him.moreless
  • What's Best Written by Cliff Olin And Peter Calloway Directed by David Paymer

    Sarah: "Let's go do what Walkers do best".

    Kevin: "Get drunk?"

    Getting drunk is at least two of the very expert things that the Walkers are capable of doing. The other of course is to argue in public over something reasonably trivial. In lieu of a road trip, we get another Walker team up with some hilarious results.

    Now that Kevin and Scotty are boyfriends again, Kevin has to go and meet all of Scotty's pals seeing as Kevin doesn't seem to have any of his own. Then again, neither does anyone else in his family nowadays but its noteworthy no less.

    As for Scotty's friends, they don't go out of their way to give Kevin a welcome mat. In fact they even tell Scotty that they find Kevin a little uptight. With this, I have to disagree with. Kevin might not be the life and soul of a party but he's no David Fisher in the uptight either.

    It's also interesting that Scotty's friends have listened to the more negative elements of Kevin and Kevin gets pretty annoyed with this himself. Then again to an outsider, perhaps Scotty's friends aren't totally unjustified with their pre-conceptions of Kevin, even though as an audience we know better.

    Sarah on the other hand not only has her divorce papers delivered to her during a conversation with Graham but she's not in an immediate rush to sign them. Does she still have feelings for Joe? Well it wouldn't be impossible but even if she does, we already know that Joe has moved on from her.

    In fact he's moved on so much that he decides to take his current girlfriend/first wife to Paris. To add insult to injury, this is the same destination that Sarah had told Joe she wanted to go a couple of months. Geez, Joe really does know how to rub it in, doesn't he?

    Sarah whines about this particular thing to Kevin before ranting about needing to get intoxicated. She also oversteps the mark by talking about other needs that as a brother, Kevin could've done without having to hear about.

    So the two of them decide to go to the very same gay bar that Scotty and his cipher mates would be hanging out. Kevin chose the place and him and Sarah don't waste much time in doing their best to drink the place dry. The bars in LA and Ojai must love this family, especially when they're down in the dumps.

    Soon enough though, Kevin gets spotted by Scotty and Sarah begins to realise why Kevin chose this particular place for them to go drinking. Kevin's desperate to prove that he isn't uptight and Sarah thinks the best way of getting that point across is to take part in the karaoke on the bar.

    Now I'm with Kevin when it comes to karaoke. There are times when it can be a great deal of fun but for the most part, it can also be rather tacky and uncomfortable. Kevin makes a piss poor attempt to get out of singing, which confuses Scotty. Sarah however is in the mood for waxing her vocal chords.

    When Kevin can't even agree on a duet with her, Sarah goes it alone and delivers a pretty good version of Cher's "Believe". Hats off to Rachel Griffiths for making a terrible song sounding momentarily good but the responses she got from Scotty's friends bordered on the cringe inducing.

    Was it obvious that they would take to Sarah rather instantly? Did some of the dialogue sound really cheesy when Sarah getting praise from Scotty and did Sarah tell the lads about her own romantic woes? All those questions require a yes response, although the latter one saw Kevin a little peeved with his sister.

    Scotty's pals encouraged Sarah to sign her divorce papers and for this, I actually liked them a little (plus one of them was a little cute). There's nothing more than a group of drunken lads to get you to agree to do something you were going to do anyway and Sarah managed to get Graham to deliver her papers.

    Of course then bringing Graham into the fray also had moment for good comedy. Scotty's friends found him nice to look at Sarah even slept with Graham after weeks of playing hard to get. The morning after also was hilarious but seriously, I do hope their relationship is kept light. Sarah needs fun not drama right now.

    While Graham was playing messenger boy, Kevin decided to loosen up and belt out some tunes of his own. Sadly his versions of "What's New **** and "Always On My Mind" weren't quite so hot but that was probably because Matthew Rhys was pretending to have a terrible voice.

    Still Scotty managed to put Kevin out of his misery by getting him off the stage. Had he not, I'd have a sneaky suspicion that the karaoke machine might have had a mysterious malfunction. That being said, we could seriously do with more scenes like this. I don't care how predictable some of them are, they're still good.

    Something else that is also good is getting back to the issue of Saul's sexuality. When Nora isn't going on about her relationship with Isaac, she's determined to get more information out of Saul about his past with Milo. Even better is that while Saul isn't dishing anymore gossip, he's surprisingly less evasive than he was a few weeks ago.

    In fact maybe because of Nora's new happiness, Saul decides to pay Milo a visit. Of course the moment he does this, it would be the same time Milo is out of the country and his friend Evan is house sitting there instead.

    Casting Keith Mars (I mean Enrico Colantoni) in the role of Evan is pretty cool. He's a good actor and although not much is revealed about Evan, he seems to be a reasonably nice enough bloke. He also reveals a few home truths to Saul about Milo but nothing that Saul couldn't have guessed already.

    There's also a nice flirty vibe between the pair of them as they talk over wine and after weeks of nothing, it's nice to know that Saul's arc is getting some progress. There'll also come a time when he and Kevin will need to sit down and have another heart to heart as well.

    Saul's not the only person who has history coming out to play. Holly and David's relationship keeps raising questions and the more Rebecca gets involved with David, the more you want to know what's really going on. I think I know where this plot is going and I really don't want it to.

    With the way David is around Rebecca and the lack of consistency that Holly seems to have with the gaps between her relationships with both William and David, it does feel like the writers are pointing towards David being Rebecca's real father. If he is, then that is going to crap all over most of Season One and that ain't good.

    I actually do like David and I do believe that he really did/does love Holly but this plot smacks of contrivance. I was all for Holly getting a plot of her own, especially one that didn't involve the Walkers but this isn't what I had in my mind. Also that kiss between Holly and David spoke volumes with the way she quickly broke it off.

    On the plus side when Nora and Justin aren't teasing Rebecca for her lack of direction, the girl seems like she could have a positive experience from photography. Having her and David bond over this is a little obvious but I love the way David tells Rebecca that she has potential. Here's hoping it motivates her to improving constantly throughout.

    Elsewhere hell seems to have frozen over because this week the campaign is actually quite riveting. With one threat, Robert has another to deal with in Taylor as they both of them vie to get votes in Michigan. To be honest, Robert's more Hilary than Obama and we all know what's happened to her.

    It does feel like the writers are delaying the inevitable with this plot. We know/hope that Robert isn't going to win this plot, yet over half the season has been dedicated to Robert suffering relative blows here and there. With this episode, it's Jason who raises issues with Robert.

    Travis isn't exactly tactful when he states that Jason's sexuality isn't good for Robert's campaign but he also tells the hunky minister that Isaac was the very man who outed him. It seems that while Jason is great at the whole forgiving stuff, he's still human and still capable of anger.

    He lets Robert have it over hiring Isaac and for Rob Lowe; the scenes he shares with Eric Winter in this episode are his best to date. For once, Robert's love of family and his desire to win feel like a real struggle and when a governor doesn't back Robert, it's nice that Jason doesn't revel in his disappointment.

    Kitty meanwhile tries to bond with Sophie and Jack but the best she's able to do is get sick thanks to taking care of them. A sick Kitty is also an unpleasant Kitty, especially when she gets absolutely no sympathy from Nora. Then again, Nora does pick the strangest of times to dispense useless advice.

    Then again being angry does give Kitty the stones to stand up to Robert's kids and in a later scene, Sophie actually ends up bonding with Kitty. Given that the two of them haven't had many episodes this might come across as a little too quick but there's a cute final scene with Kitty and Robert's kids.

    As for Nora, when she wasn't telling Kitty to deal with sickness and parenthood, she spent most of the episode mooning over Isaac. It was the end however that the two of them got to have a nice conversation so four episodes later, they're still together. It's better than her last two suitors.

    Also in "Compromises"

    This was the last episode to be filmed prior to the writers strike. It's a good job we got four more episodes as this wouldn't have been season finale worthy.

    Sarah: "It's my divorce papers. They're finally here to sign".

    Graham: "Well that's fairly significant".

    Sarah: "It's not totally unexpected".

    Judging by that comment and something he said in "The Feast Of The Epiphany", I bet Graham is divorced himself.

    Kevin: "Fine. I'll see you after my uptight day at work".

    Scotty: "At least they thought you were cute".

    David: "What's the sudden interest in photography? Is it to avoid getting a real job?"

    Rebecca: "Something like that".

    One of Scotty's friends was that gardener in Season Two of The O.C. I feel so bad for actually knowing that.

    Kitty (re Sophie/Jack): "They are these two little angels".

    Robert: "The demons come out during the waking hours".

    Kitty: "Didn't you tell me that Grandma once gave you a drop of brandy?"

    Nora: "Yes but that was a different era and she was a terrible mother".

    Maybe it's me but that gay bar Kevin and Sarah were in looked a little familiar. I'm sure I've seen that set on another TV show.

    Kevin: "We're supposed to be singing together".

    Sarah: "We can't even agree on a song".

    Kevin: "I hate you".

    Sarah: "Oh go get drunk".

    I actually thought Kitty and Robert with the kids did look surprisingly cute. Plus it looked like Kitty and Robert have matching glasses.

    Sarah: "Okay I love you friends".

    Scotty: "The feeling's more than mutual".

    Sophie: "Maybe if you got pregnant you'll get boobs".

    Kitty: "One can only hope".

    Tommy and Julia were missing in this episode. This is about the fifth episode this season not to feature the latter.

    Kevin (re Graham): "That's not the messenger, that's her stuffed shirt".

    Mario: "Doesn't look too buttoned down to me".

    Jason: "Well you didn't go into politics for money or power. A lot easier ways to get that, right? I think we were both called to serve".

    Robert: "Thank you. Well listen, it could be all over in 24 hours".

    Standout music: Let's give to Rachel Griffiths for her pleasant version of "Believe".

    Graham: "Not even gonna say goodbye are you? Was I that bad?"

    Sarah: "No. You were far from bad. I think".

    David: "Okay, 'I should leave' or 'Okay I'm gonna kiss you'?"

    Holly: "I don't know".

    Chronology: Let's go by the episode's airdate and say February 2008.

    One of the funniest episodes this season, "Compromises" is ripe with great moments, quotes, music and just complete brilliance. With only four episodes left, it'll be interesting to see where this season goes with the characters.

    Rating: 9 out of 10.moreless
  • Kitty spending quality time with Robert´s kidz; Robert working hard for his camapign+dealing with Jason; Norah missing Isaak; Saul following a gay impulse;and BEST: Sarah with Kevin and Scotty at a gay club, no Tommy whatsoever (yay!)moreless


    That was one of the best episodes ever, now that Lena is gone and Tommy had no screentime.

    (I know I´m mean but he´s been getting on my nerves lately - alot!)

    I liked Kitty´s and Sarah´s storylines best.

    Kitty takes care of Sophia and Jack who got the flu and ends up being sick herself. Those three together was so lovely and how Kitty finally won their affection. I find myself liking Sophia (WOW!) and Jack is just unbelievably cute.

    I especially enjoyed to see Sarah so outgoing and wild. It´s so fun to take your sister to a gayclub and then people seem to like her more than they like you. I´m talking about Kevin here, who might really be a little uptight. Though I don´t blame him, I´d also be afraid to sing in public even if I can sing better than he does.

    I loved how Sarah went up there and rocked the house. I really liked her voice- there is a little twist here.

    I think Joe once told Rebecca, none of the Walkers had any musical talent, which obviously is not true... ;-)

    I also liked that Sarah finally went for Graham, that was so sweet. I´m really glad he stopped being a gentleman...

    and then how she tried to flee the scene and him throwing her bra to her, that was adorable.

    I really hope they start dating, they seem to like each other and have chemistry...

    I kinda also liked how Rebecca found something for herself, photograpy, which fits to her perfectly. I could totally see her in an artistic job... but what bothers me is that I am worried about David being her real father??

    I mea,of course, she would have a Dad for once and even someone she likes, but she would lose 5! siblings and I think the Walker family wouldn´t take it very well.

    I mean, it hasn´t been exactly easy involving Rebecca and dealing with Rebecca and now that she´s kinda part of the tribe,... nah I really hope they won´t make that kind of storyline.( Though if she wasn´t related to Justin, that could lead to something... only positive thing about that IMO.)

    Oh man, this was the last episode. Now we´re gonna have to wait for months, but well at least we know they started working again. ;-)moreless
  • Everything I love about this show was in this episode.

    Kevin: Dealing with boyfriend's best friends - This was certainly more than entertaining. Basically, Scotty's friends think Kevin is uptight and that he doesn't know how to have fun, which he actually is. With a little help from a few shots though, he gains the approval of Scotty's buddies and is one drunk satisfied man. This was a lot of fun, though I'd still rather he got with Jason, but that would just be weird considering Kitty and Robert are married.

    Sarah: I'm not yet divorced - Well, we find out that Sarah didn't actually sign the divorce papers yet, other than that though, she seems to be getting closer and closer to Graham. I don't know much of the character as of now, but I guess the next few episodes can work on character development. She also gets help from the most unlikely of people to get her to signing the papers!

    Kitty: Right now, I am the evil step-mom - Seeing Kitty take care of Robert's kids was really something. Other than heartwarming, it was also very hilarious seeing Kitty deal with kids, which she has actual never done after seeing this episode though, I have no doubt that she can do the job.

    Rebbecca: Who's my daddy? - Rebbecca finally gets a job, sort of, well actually not really. She take sup photography and who better to teach her than her mother's ex-boyfriend? Remember David? She seems to be into the whole photography thing and David and her seem to be connecting on a father-daughter level, so that made seeing them together enjoyable. Holly should definitely hook-up with him, they could be like a family or something.

    Others: Saul dating Keith Mars? Robert gets a lead in his campaign, but starts having problems dealing with the past.moreless
  • This was a really good episode, but I missed the last 10 minutes of it! I had tape it and then before I finished watching it, it got taped over! Still using the old VHS method.moreless

    What happened after, Sarah signed her divorce papers & Kevin's boyfriend, lovingly, took him off the Karoke stage? I know from the previews & what you all wrote that Sarah slept with her co-worker (or whoever his is), but how did that come about. Was she drunk and did she regret if after or not? What else happened?

    I loved Kitty's interaction with Robert's kids, both the good and bad! Did anything else happen there or with Robert's campaign? How about Nora and Issac or Rebecca & her mom or her mom's old boyfriend. Do you think the old boyfriend is really Rebecca's dad? I do.

    I love this program! Is it one of the ones coming back this year, since the writers strike is over? I hope so!moreless
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Max Burkholder

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Danny Glover

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Isaac Marshall

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Scotty Wandell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Sarah leaves Graham's place she says she's going to her car. But her car wouldn't have been there since she went to the bar with Kevin (with the intent of getting drunk), and she left the bar plastered to go home with Graham.

    • Last episode shot before the writer's strike.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Robert: I didn't get the endorsement. It's probably your cosmic payback.
      Jason: I don't want payback.
      Robert: Yeah, because you're good, and forgiving. I wish I was more like you.
      Jason: I feel like we're both doing the same thing, you know? We're making compromises for a greater purpose.
      Robert: Is that what I'm doing? 'Cause boy, I don't know, it all just seems like a game. Attack this guy, stay away from that issue, and in the end, what do you really accomplish?
      Jason: Well, you didn't get into politics for money, or power. A lot easier ways to get that, right? I think we were both called to serve.
      Robert: Thank you. Well, listen, it could all be over in 24 hours.

    • Sarah: I'm in a bar.
      Graham: Are you drunk-dialing me?

    • Sarah (when picking out a karaoke song): How about Dolly Parton. You love her.
      Kevin: No I don't.
      Sarah: Remember back in high school? You said she had the only pair of breasts you ever noticed.

    • Sarah: Actually, Kevin and I are going to do a big duet.
      Scotty: Really?
      Sarah: Yes.
      Kevin (at the same time): No.
      Scotty: Okay, well, I'm glad that's settled.
      Kevin: I would, but my throat's a little sore.
      Sarah: Liar.
      Kevin: Traitor.

    • Jason: I know about Isaac. And you still put him on your payroll.
      Robert: That was a long time ago.
      Jason: No, no, you breaking my Rock-em Sock-em Robots, okay, that was a long time ago. Me being outed in the local paper when I was barely twenty, that's damn recent.
      Robert: This is something that we should talk about. But right now...
      Jason: It's inconvenient, is that right? Unlike when you're campaigning in the Bay Area, when having a gay brother is the thing you're most proud of.
      Robert: I have been completely consistent with you, I've never hidden or lied about your sexuality, I couldn't care less whether you're gay. Would it be easier for me, if you weren't? Yeah.
      Jason: I'm sorry I can't make it any easier for you.

    • Kitty: The kids are sick, too, and they're not letting me get any sleep, and you know what, I don't know how to make them feel better, and didn't you tell me once that grandma gave you some brandy or something?
      Nora: Yes, but that was a different era, and she was a terrible mother

    • Travis: You know what, I'm gonna be blunt. If you want Robert to win, you're going to have to lay low.
      Jason: You want to run that advice by Robert?
      Travis: Believe me, he doesn't want to know. But he's willing to make concessions to win. Like hiring Isaac. I'm surprised you're being such a good sport about it.
      Jason: Why wouldn't I be?
      Travis: Oh, wow, you've got this whole forgiveness thing down, don't you. I'd want to kill the man who outed me.
      Jason: Isaac outed me?

    • Travis: Take that, Boyd Taylor! You know what, we are winning this thing, we are going to kill him in Michigan, and then we're going to drag his bloody carcass through every primary state 'til there's nothing left but a mangled flag lapel pin. I gotta hand it to Kitty, bringing the kids was a stroke of genius, walking Petri dishes that they are.

    • Saul: I was very surprised that you had time for lunch.
      Nora: Why, I always have time for you, Saul, and then, a lot of my family and loved ones are not even in the state.

    • Scotty (about his friends): They just think you're... uptight.
      Kevin: I'm not uptight!
      Scotty: Okay. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

    • Robert: You all told me to focus on Adamson and Burgess, ignore the rest of them, those were the two to pay attention to, and then Taylor ambushes us in Iowa.
      Travis: Well, we also advised you to reveal the truth about Adamson and you didn't, which gave Taylor the opportunity to reveal it on his own schedule.
      Isaac: And even worse, it let Taylor see what kind of campaign you're running.
      Robert: And what kind of campaign is that?
      Isaac: Robert, taking the high road doesn't always get you where you want to go.

    • Rebecca: Everybody thinks I'm an aimless loser.
      Justin: Hey, 'aimless loser' is my job.

    • Sarah: What are you smiling about?
      Graham: I get to see you do the walk of shame.
      Sarah: No shame. I can assure you I'm walking out with my head held high.

    • Sarah: Do you want Scotty's friends to know what a warm caring guy Kevin Walker is?
      Kevin: Yes.
      Sarah: Then drink up and get stupid with me.

    • Sarah: We should go out. You're uptight. I'm not going to Paris. This deserves an outing. You and me tonight. We can commiserate.
      Kevin: I don't need to commiserate.
      Sarah: Then watch me commiserate with a bottle of tequila.
      Kevin: You don't need a brother. You need to get lucky.
      Sarah: Oh come on, it's not my senior prom, I just, I want to go out, let my hair down, and get savage.
      Kevin: Okay, now you're scaring me.
      Sarah: That's because you're uptight. Come on, Kevin, we're Walkers. Let's go do what Walkers do best.
      Kevin: Get drunk?

    • Saul: I can't help thinking how much fun it would be to tell Mother about your new boyfriend.
      Nora: Oh yeah? Well consider how fun it would be to tell Mom you're a big ole' poofter!

    • Nora: Kitty, do you remember when you had the chicken pox?
      Kitty: Yes. You made me chicken soup, and you put cold compresses on my head, and you rubbed calamine lotion all over my body.
      Nora: Yes, but what you don't remember is when you had the chicken pox, Sarah had the chicken pox, and Tommy had the chicken pox, and Kevin had the chicken pox, and I had a very bad cold, your dad was out of town on business. Sweetheart, I'm saying this to you with as much love as I possibly can: Sometimes motherhood means sucking it up. Kitty, go suck it up.

    • (Graham looks at Sarah the morning after they have slept together.)
      Sarah: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
      Graham: Eh, just seeing you do the walk of shame. You. You know, I've been seeing a whole new side to you lately.
      Sarah: No, there's no shame. I'm going to strut out of here. And I'm going to get in my car and I'm going to drive home with pride.
      Graham: Yeah, well, along with your pride, you might want to take this.
      (tosses her bra.)
      Sarah: I knew I should have worn the sexy one. Bye.

    • Sarah: I'm a divorcee. Does that make me hotter?

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Kompromisy (Compromises)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: Sunday, May 11, 2008 on Network 7
      United Kingdom: Sunday, June 15, 2008 on E4
      New Zealand: Monday, July 21, 2008 on TV2
      Czech Republic: Sunday, January 16, 2011 on Universal Channel

    • Episode co-writer Cliff Olin is the son of series star Patricia Wettig (Holly Harper) and guest star Ken Olin (David Caplan).

    • Music:
      Believe by Sarah Walker (Originally by Cher)
      What's New Pussycat? by Kevin Walker (Originally by Tom Jones)
      Always On My Mind by Kevin Walker (Originally by Brenda Lee)
      Be With U Tonite by Tiffany
      Ride It by Tiffany