Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Sarah leaves Graham's place she says she's going to her car. But her car wouldn't have been there since she went to the bar with Kevin (with the intent of getting drunk), and she left the bar plastered to go home with Graham.

    • Last episode shot before the writer's strike.

  • Quotes

    • Robert: I didn't get the endorsement. It's probably your cosmic payback.
      Jason: I don't want payback.
      Robert: Yeah, because you're good, and forgiving. I wish I was more like you.
      Jason: I feel like we're both doing the same thing, you know? We're making compromises for a greater purpose.
      Robert: Is that what I'm doing? 'Cause boy, I don't know, it all just seems like a game. Attack this guy, stay away from that issue, and in the end, what do you really accomplish?
      Jason: Well, you didn't get into politics for money, or power. A lot easier ways to get that, right? I think we were both called to serve.
      Robert: Thank you. Well, listen, it could all be over in 24 hours.

    • Sarah: I'm in a bar.
      Graham: Are you drunk-dialing me?

    • Sarah (when picking out a karaoke song): How about Dolly Parton. You love her.
      Kevin: No I don't.
      Sarah: Remember back in high school? You said she had the only pair of breasts you ever noticed.

    • Sarah: Actually, Kevin and I are going to do a big duet.
      Scotty: Really?
      Sarah: Yes.
      Kevin (at the same time): No.
      Scotty: Okay, well, I'm glad that's settled.
      Kevin: I would, but my throat's a little sore.
      Sarah: Liar.
      Kevin: Traitor.

    • Jason: I know about Isaac. And you still put him on your payroll.
      Robert: That was a long time ago.
      Jason: No, no, you breaking my Rock-em Sock-em Robots, okay, that was a long time ago. Me being outed in the local paper when I was barely twenty, that's damn recent.
      Robert: This is something that we should talk about. But right now...
      Jason: It's inconvenient, is that right? Unlike when you're campaigning in the Bay Area, when having a gay brother is the thing you're most proud of.
      Robert: I have been completely consistent with you, I've never hidden or lied about your sexuality, I couldn't care less whether you're gay. Would it be easier for me, if you weren't? Yeah.
      Jason: I'm sorry I can't make it any easier for you.

    • Kitty: The kids are sick, too, and they're not letting me get any sleep, and you know what, I don't know how to make them feel better, and didn't you tell me once that grandma gave you some brandy or something?
      Nora: Yes, but that was a different era, and she was a terrible mother

    • Travis: You know what, I'm gonna be blunt. If you want Robert to win, you're going to have to lay low.
      Jason: You want to run that advice by Robert?
      Travis: Believe me, he doesn't want to know. But he's willing to make concessions to win. Like hiring Isaac. I'm surprised you're being such a good sport about it.
      Jason: Why wouldn't I be?
      Travis: Oh, wow, you've got this whole forgiveness thing down, don't you. I'd want to kill the man who outed me.
      Jason: Isaac outed me?

    • Travis: Take that, Boyd Taylor! You know what, we are winning this thing, we are going to kill him in Michigan, and then we're going to drag his bloody carcass through every primary state 'til there's nothing left but a mangled flag lapel pin. I gotta hand it to Kitty, bringing the kids was a stroke of genius, walking Petri dishes that they are.

    • Saul: I was very surprised that you had time for lunch.
      Nora: Why, I always have time for you, Saul, and then, a lot of my family and loved ones are not even in the state.

    • Scotty (about his friends): They just think you're... uptight.
      Kevin: I'm not uptight!
      Scotty: Okay. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

    • Robert: You all told me to focus on Adamson and Burgess, ignore the rest of them, those were the two to pay attention to, and then Taylor ambushes us in Iowa.
      Travis: Well, we also advised you to reveal the truth about Adamson and you didn't, which gave Taylor the opportunity to reveal it on his own schedule.
      Isaac: And even worse, it let Taylor see what kind of campaign you're running.
      Robert: And what kind of campaign is that?
      Isaac: Robert, taking the high road doesn't always get you where you want to go.

    • Rebecca: Everybody thinks I'm an aimless loser.
      Justin: Hey, 'aimless loser' is my job.

    • Sarah: What are you smiling about?
      Graham: I get to see you do the walk of shame.
      Sarah: No shame. I can assure you I'm walking out with my head held high.

    • Sarah: Do you want Scotty's friends to know what a warm caring guy Kevin Walker is?
      Kevin: Yes.
      Sarah: Then drink up and get stupid with me.

    • Sarah: We should go out. You're uptight. I'm not going to Paris. This deserves an outing. You and me tonight. We can commiserate.
      Kevin: I don't need to commiserate.
      Sarah: Then watch me commiserate with a bottle of tequila.
      Kevin: You don't need a brother. You need to get lucky.
      Sarah: Oh come on, it's not my senior prom, I just, I want to go out, let my hair down, and get savage.
      Kevin: Okay, now you're scaring me.
      Sarah: That's because you're uptight. Come on, Kevin, we're Walkers. Let's go do what Walkers do best.
      Kevin: Get drunk?

    • Saul: I can't help thinking how much fun it would be to tell Mother about your new boyfriend.
      Nora: Oh yeah? Well consider how fun it would be to tell Mom you're a big ole' poofter!

    • Nora: Kitty, do you remember when you had the chicken pox?
      Kitty: Yes. You made me chicken soup, and you put cold compresses on my head, and you rubbed calamine lotion all over my body.
      Nora: Yes, but what you don't remember is when you had the chicken pox, Sarah had the chicken pox, and Tommy had the chicken pox, and Kevin had the chicken pox, and I had a very bad cold, your dad was out of town on business. Sweetheart, I'm saying this to you with as much love as I possibly can: Sometimes motherhood means sucking it up. Kitty, go suck it up.

    • (Graham looks at Sarah the morning after they have slept together.)
      Sarah: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
      Graham: Eh, just seeing you do the walk of shame. You. You know, I've been seeing a whole new side to you lately.
      Sarah: No, there's no shame. I'm going to strut out of here. And I'm going to get in my car and I'm going to drive home with pride.
      Graham: Yeah, well, along with your pride, you might want to take this.
      (tosses her bra.)
      Sarah: I knew I should have worn the sexy one. Bye.

    • Sarah: I'm a divorcee. Does that make me hotter?

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Kompromisy (Compromises)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: Sunday, May 11, 2008 on Network 7
      United Kingdom: Sunday, June 15, 2008 on E4
      New Zealand: Monday, July 21, 2008 on TV2
      Czech Republic: Sunday, January 16, 2011 on Universal Channel

    • Episode co-writer Cliff Olin is the son of series star Patricia Wettig (Holly Harper) and guest star Ken Olin (David Caplan).

    • Music:
      Believe by Sarah Walker (Originally by Cher)
      What's New Pussycat? by Kevin Walker (Originally by Tom Jones)
      Always On My Mind by Kevin Walker (Originally by Brenda Lee)
      Be With U Tonite by Tiffany
      Ride It by Tiffany

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