Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 5

Date Night

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2006 on ABC
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In an effort to move on from her husband's death, Nora goes on a date with another guy, but things don’t go quite as well as she had planned.

Kitty decides to go on a very awkward double-date with Jonathan and Warren, and Kevin connects with Scotty on their date together.moreless

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  • A classic Brothers and Sisters episode with a family dinner and a lot of drama.

    Nora's storyline is probably my least favorite in this episode. It doesn't seem that interesting seeing her on a date with a younger man. Saul and Holly on the other hand I liked. I think they actually had chemistry and good conversation. Kitty's double date with Jonathan, Warren and Amber was also kind of boring, it wasn't bad, just didn't mean anything to me. Her interaction with Nora I liked, specially when Nora told her she doesn't think Kitty loves Jonathan. Justin was really great in this episode, I loved how he handled Paige's situation and also helped Sarah and how the whole family was left stunned by his actions at dinner.

    And finally my favorite part of the episode was Kevin and Scotty's date. It was really cute when Scotty said: "I love this part when you look at someone and they don't look away." It was also a great conversation they had outside later, Kevin made a really good point there. And of course in the end when Scotty showed up at Kevin's place...really sweet.moreless
  • Pairing Up Written by David Marshall Grant And Molly Newman Directed by Allison Liddi

    Nora: "I was most certainly not asked out on a date. Don't you dare mention this to your sisters"

    Kevin: "Who? Me? Cross my heart".

    Last week we had the family wars between Nora/Kitty and Tommy/Justin, so for this week it's time to take a look at some relationship difficulties as a good few Walkers seem to have romance on the brain.

    Dating episode tend to be a little cringe-inducing from time to time but there's something rather sweet about the glossy look at the multiple dates that we out of this hour so to speak.

    First off all, there's my favourite one which unsurprisingly enough involved Kevin and Scotty as the former has gone past of protesting too much and is clearly more than eager to ignite his relationship with Scotty, which in fairness hasn't really gone anywhere beyond mutual flirting so thankfully, things look set to change for the good here with these two.

    Discovering that Scotty was bending the truth with being involved with Randy really gave Kevin an advantage. The fact that Scotty would pretend his friend was his boyfriend is a clear enough indicator that Scotty is as into Kevin as Kevin is with him and I think if I was in Kevin's position, I would have a little fun with that.

    Kevin to his credit did use this information to actually engineer another date with Scotty and despite his imminent paramour having fun in regards to Nora, Scotty is every bit as eager to agree to this date. At least with these two there's no case of crossed wires compared to the other dates.

    Speaking of the date, the most interest exchange came from the contrasting stories they have in regards to coming out. With Scotty he openly admits that people were able to guess his penchant for men without him having to fill in the blanks and oddly enough, I could relate to that element of coming out too.

    I also could relate to Kevin's coming out story too which involved telling a family member who blabbed it to the rest of the family and just like with Kevin, it was a sister who also did that. The sister in question for Kevin happened to be Kitty but it could've been anyone from Kevin's family who revealed that because it's been well established that no-one from the Walker clan can keep a secret.

    However despite the fun flirting between Kevin and Scotty, a sour moment did hit the date when Scotty leaned in to snog Kevin during their meal and Kevin looked suitably uncomfortable. You could say that maybe Kevin has some internalised homophobia or that he's just a private person. Given from what we've seen so far, I'm going to opt for the latter solution.

    Also while Scotty may have hit a bit of a nerve with how he viewed Kevin's sexual prowess, it really doesn't diminish the fact that we do get two rather fully charged kisses almost worthy of cable TV and it helps a lot that either Matthew Rhys or Luke McFarlane look uncomfortable doing it.

    ABC deserve credit for how in the past three years they've attempted to do more intriguing LGBT material in shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty (to an extent) but this show is seriously the pinnacle in the way it's been fleshing out Kevin Walker as a character.

    Given that he's undoubtedly my favourite character of the series, this is really an episode that gives me a chance to learn more about him and while I'm entirely sure that I'm ready to ship Kevin/Scotty, I do appreciate the fact that in five episodes he's managed to become quite the rounded and intriguing character.

    As people, Kevin and Scotty might be polar opposites so it's hard to know whether their differences will end up being put to one side as they get closer or if will tear them apart. I still however enjoyed their makeup scene even if we didn't get to see a post sex embrace.

    Another intriguing relationship turns out to be Nora and the building contractor Dave, whose bumbling lust for each other is quite endearing. Five episodes in and the possibility of Nora dating again hardly seems like the most shocking thing in the world.

    It also helps a bundle that Treat Williams who plays Dave and Sally Field have such excellent chemistry with one another so it's rather disappointing when it's later revealed during their own date that both Dave and Nora are totally on a different page than the other one is.

    Nora got spurred on by her date when Kevin sensibly refused to be her emotional crutch and even more so when Saul and Holly were at the same restaurant as her and Dave and were clearly enjoying themselves even more too.

    I felt bad for Nora but I have to admit I enjoyed her drunken stupor when she accosted Saul about his relationship with Holly and he had the audacity to bite back. In terms of moral high ground, Nora does hold more of it than Saul but I guess I can understand that Saul doesn't want to see Holly just as William's mistress.

    It's also quite funny to see that Saul also seems equally intrigued at what Holly has accomplished in her life and is clearly frustrated when she doesn't want to talk about. Holly was definitely evasive during that meal as well. It almost makes you wonder if she knows something about William's philandering ways given the kind of questions that Saul was posing to her.

    However the last date of the bunch despite having the same amount of players than the second one isn't quite as strong. Then again a triangle between Jonathan, Kitty and Warren isn't exactly legendary TV and adding another player into the mix was never likely to ignite things as such.

    The other player this time around is the bubbly intern Amber played with absolute charm by Keri Lynn Pratt who flatters Kitty by telling her that she's her idol but annoys her by admitting to not agreeing with her politics. Anyone who doesn't agree with Kitty's politics at this rate should form an orderly queue.

    However the politics thing Kitty can deal with, it's the flirting between Warren and Amber that seems to be pissing her off and Warren doesn't help the matter by letting Kitty believe that he banged Amber before taking her on. Even when it's revealed that Warren hasn't slept with Amber, he still uses the idea of possibly doing it with the intern to annoy his counterpart to no-end.

    So does Kitty remedy the situation? She goes and uses her date with Jonathan as a foursome with Amber and Warren and while Amber seems oblivious to the tension surrounding the other three, Jonathan looks like he wants to strangle someone. Its luck for Kitty and Warren that neither sat that near to him then.

    I have to admit that Amber's fan girl nature by wanting a photo with her bosses is surprisingly endearing. If Amber is supposed to come across as a nuisance, then the producers fail on that scope. She's the most delightful part of this plot plus a great coup as well from the producers too.

    Fortunately Jonathan does eventually decide to remove himself from the equation because while he can handle almost being humiliated by Nora and slightly versed in Ojai Food's recent bad fortune, being on a date with an ambivalent girlfriend and her part time shag is clearly not enough for him to deal.

    I won't lie and say that I like Jonathan because I don't and I find him to be a controlling ass and the lack of chemistry between Matthew Seattle and Calista Flockhart certain hasn't helped matters but even I thought Kitty was out of line with that dating arrangement. Still at least we know their break up is actually for real and that Jonathan got to leave with a bit of dignity intact as well. Might be in the writers' interest to wait a while before hooking Kitty up with someone else. Let's say four or five episode at least.

    However Jonathan helped with one little thing, getting the annoyingly indecisive Sarah to actually make a decision about Ojai's ailing future. For weeks Sarah has had Kevin telling her to go to the authorities, Saul to leave it a while, Tommy to not fire a bunch of dead beats due to nepotism and she's certainly had a fair amount of personal crap to deal with more than her other siblings, at least she's finally deciding to step up in the role of President.

    Speaking of Sarah's personal matters, it turn out that Paige's diabetes is causing a struggle as the girl doesn't seem able to handle taking shots and it's Justin with his destructive experience with needles that is able to help Paige out much to the surprise and delight of his family and viewers alike.

    Justin really proved his greatness this week as his knack for getting Paige to calm down was perfect and totally cute and he even went one better when he got Sarah to perfect her needled skills with the handy aid of many saline samples. Justin's clearly braver than I am. No way would I give my sisters needles to jab me with even if it for a good reason. Still Justin and Sarah haven't had a lot of scenes together and here's hoping they'll share more after this.

    Also in "Date Night"

    Like in review for Dexter's Circle Of Friends, why didn't Nora just check her locks because Jonathan didn't exactly have to force his way inside.

    Jonathan: "I just wanted to surprise your daughter"

    Nora: "I'm getting a Rottweiler".

    Nora doesn't seem to have many creative expletives for Jonathan does she? She also took the whole class/money issue surrounding his profession a bit too personally during dinner as well.

    Amber: "You're like totally my role model"

    Kitty: "Oh thanks"

    Amber: "Except for you know, your politics".

    Jonathan: "No didn't Kitty tell you? I'm cooking"

    Nora: "No, where?"

    Jonathan: "Here tonight. I thought it would be a great way of saying hello to everyone again".

    Is it me or has Julia really had nothing to do in the space of five episodes? Even Warren has had more to do than her.

    Kitty: "Is there nothing about this scenario that is familiar to you?" Warren: "No can't think of a thing".

    Kevin: "Okay fine. How's tomorrow night?"

    Scotty: "My boyfriend and I might have plans but I'll check"

    Kevin: "He can come too, he was kinda hot. How's 7.30?"

    Scotty: "Geriatric, let's say 9".

    Interesting sidebar: Kevin admits to only studying criminal law for a year and Scotty's case was settled out of court.

    Amber: "Oh my God, I gotta call my roommate"

    Kitty: "Tell her you're gonna be home early".

    Kitty: "Are we talking about Jonathan or are we talking about Dad?"

    Nora: "If I thought you loved Jonathan I wouldn't say a thing".

    Treat Williams who plays Dave was a regular on Everwood and Keri Lynn Pratt who plays Amber had a recurring role on Jack And Bobby. Both of these shows were run by Greg Berlanti.

    Nora: "Hello, who are you? You couldn't be my brother could you? Not if you're with her tonight"

    Saul: "And who might you be? You look like my sister but of course, that's impossible. You see my sister's husband just died and you seem to be on a date".

    Justin: "I just want to make you feel guilty for all the times you made me dress up in Mom's clothes"

    Sarah: "That wasn't me that was Kitty. I just painted your toe nails".

    The lawyer who featured in this was played by the same actress who played Keith's sister in Six Feet Under.

    Kevin: "And you did not just compare me to a comic book"

    Scotty: "But I love comic books".

    Standout music: "Colours" by Amos Lee which was used in the SFU episode "Dancing For Me". Much better used here, I have to admit.

    Kevin (to Scotty): "You were right about everything. Frankly I'm relieved you're not as evolved as you seem. It can be very intimidating".

    Chronology: Two months since "Patriarchy".

    "Date Night" rings all the familiar scenarios of dating and along with them, all of the familiar pitfalls are there too. It wins points for the charming way each and every plot strand was moved along and the awesomeness of Kevin and Scotty.moreless
  • A great episode which was at times very funny!

    Great episode once again. Glad kitty broke up with jonathon because he is annoying and that story was getting a bit annoying as well. Wonder if she'll go for warren now?

    Justin helping paige was a great scene because the family finally all resepected him for something. hope they expand his character a bit more. My least fave is saul who i don't like. And i'm not sure about tommy - seems boring. now nore was very funny throghout this episode!! Overall very good but still waiting for an episode that is 10/10!moreless
  • Nora decides to try and start dating again.

    This was another great episode of Brothers & Sisters, and it's definitely one of my favorite episodes from the first season. My favorite aspect of the episode was definitely the whole Kevin and Scotty go on a date story line. Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane definitely have great chemistry together. I always love watching the scenes that they have together. I also really enjoyed the Nora goes on a date story line. Sally Field did such a great job in this episode. She always does a great job on Brothers & Sisters. All in all, this was another wonderful episode of Brothers & Sisters, and I have continued to enjoy watching it even months after having seen it for the first time.moreless
  • Justin to the rescue, Nora on a date, and Kitty single...


    I'm watching these earlier episodes as they repeat. It's great to see them because I get to see just how far the show has come in developing these characters. Justin comes to the rescue of his niece as he uses his medic skills to make her new disease as painless as possible and to help his sister face the disease that has hurt her child. Clearly, his alcoholism will come into play later in the season as he enters rehab so it's interesting to see the early ramifications of his problem here and yet his redeeming factors and the after effects of his stint in Iraq/Afghanistan. Nora goes on a date or so she thinks. With the end of Everwood, it's just nice to see Burger (ten points to whoever gets that reference) on tv again. The siblings deal with the mess left behind by their father as they try to keep the company afloat $12 million short. Kitty is so Ally McBeal. She jumps from relationship to relationship just because she can't be alone, because she wants to be "right." It's nice to see her realize that she needs that "manfast" to really learn who she is and what she wants. I don't know if she rushed into her relationship with the Senator but, since I love Rob Lowe, I guess I'll buy into the whole "when it's right, it's right."

    Poor Jonathan, though. As controlling as he could be or at least self righteous, he seemed like a good guy.

    This episode, when it came to Kevin, was shocking. In the latter half of the season, Kevin is so sure and strong in his self that he is comfortable in his own skin. I'm not a big PDA person either so I understand his reticence to kiss at a restaurant in the middle of the first date. Still, he admits that his sexuality has a bit to do with it. He evolves as a character as he grows more confident in himself.

    Great episode, all in all, setting the stage for the second half of the season (which I did watch).moreless
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    • Nora: Sometimes the fairy tales I read you when you were a kid, it was so hard because I knew they were not true.
      Kitty: Mom, you never read us fairy tales. You read us op-ed pieces from The Times.
      Nora: I... I read you... Oh, you kids never remember anything right.

    • Kitty: Do you remember that speech you made about how you hate all my boyfriends?
      Nora: Yes. Only because I practice it so often.

    • Kitty: Why do you belittle every single guy that I've ever brought home since what... seventh grade?
      Nora: No one on Earth wants you to find a decent boyfriend more than I do. But you seem to have a knack for picking self-satisfied, smug men who have pathologically high self-esteem. Handsome, arrogant, self-centred Republicans...
      Kitty: Are we talking about Jonathan or are we talking about dad?
      Nora: If I thought you loved Jonathan, I wouldn't say a thing.

    • Kitty: (after Jonathan scared her) You are so lucky I am the only Republican who doesn't own a gun!

    • Kitty: Mother, you're wearing a push-up bra.
      Nora: Oh please! It wouldn't hurt you to wear a bra every once in a while, too!

    • Scotty (to Kevin during their dinner date): I love this part when you look at someone and they don't look away.

    • David: Why don't you go with me Nora, I'm done from plus one and right now there's no one, so...
      Nora: Oh! Well... that.. sure is a good idea... I mean, I was invited too. So, wouldn't be like I was your one. You know, I'm my own one, we would be your one and my one.. just two ones.. you know going .. I could meet you there even.. it would be a good idea.
      David: Great! I'll go get my truck.

    • Scotty: How did you get so cute?
      Kevin: I was born this way. What's your excuse?

    • Scotty: You were the one that cancelled on me to hang out with your mom, so I'm the one that should be offended and a little weirded out.
      Kevin: Okay, fine. How's tomorrow night?
      Scotty: My boyfriend and I might have plans but I'll check.
      Kevin: He can come too, he was kinda hot. How's 7.30?
      Scotty: Geriatric, lets say 9.

    • Nora: What?
      Kevin (smiles teasingly): You were just asked out on a date.
      Nora: I was most certainly not asked out on a date. (sighs) Don't you dare mention this to your sisters!
      Kevin: Who? Me? (makes an x gesture over his heart) Cross my heart. (Leaves the room and talks into cellphone) Kitty Walker.

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