Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 7

Do You Believe in Magic?

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2008 on ABC
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Tommy & Julia celebrate their anniversary in a magical way; Justin & Rebecca have some issues in their relationship; Kitty's puts the McCallister's chance to adopt in danger.

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  • It's Tommy & Julia's anniversary, yet all the focus is moved upon the other members of the Walker family.

    Okay so this I felt was another great episode for the show's third season, although I have one problem. Considering that this was centred around Tommy and Julia's big anniversary, exactly how many scenes were they in? And where was Scotty? It's not like the writers could have struggled to include him in this episode, how could they place him at his brother-in-law's anniversary? Hmmmmmm.

    But anyway, from what WAS included, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Kitty. So she's finally getting her baby, from a smart, successful, surgeon no less, and what does she do? Second guesses her one chance of motherhood. Sure, I understand Kitty's reasons for wanting to ensure Trish (the mother) was completely sure about giving her child to the McCallisters, however I did think it was highly awkward and very intrusive. Though it made sense and did show Kitty's lingering feelings over her inability to concieve herself.

    Kevin. His job with Robert baffles me a little. I'm still not sure exactly why he is there, he was upset about not making partner, but isn't this a little too far to go. But he does handle his job very well, whilst pushing out his own little agenda so yay for Kevin. However I'm still undecided on wether I like him even working for Robert.

    Justin & Rebecca. Can anyone say awkward? What has happened to their chemistry. I was enjoying the prospect of these two as a couple, yet their "I love you's" were so forced and strained. And the idea of a new love for Rebecca, as mentioned by the fabulous fortune teller, is now fully welcomed from me. Is it odd that the moment these two realised they WEREN'T related their chemistry gradually began to fade?

    Nora. As usual her little ideas gave us a whole lot of laughs. Never have I heard the mentioning of the word Elton so many times in five minutes. And her idea to introduce George to her family was predictably going to be a disaster, yet we all loved the inevtiable sibling argument. And Nora and Holly's brief altercation left me longing for those early season 1 glares and (almost)cat fights. As usual Nora was fabulous! As usual Holly was annoying and the most needed to be removed as a series regular!

    Despite having a lot of out-of-character moments in this story, I still enjoyed this episode. Mainly loving the Kitty and Nora aspects. Very enjoyable, though I'm hoping all will return to the normality we know and love next week. And fingers crossed for an appearance from Scotty.moreless
  • Tricks Written by Jennifer Levin And Sherri Cooper Landsman Directed by Michael Owen Morris

    Miss Clara: "I can only interpret what's here."

    Rebecca: "You don't even know him. You're just reading some leftover dregs from a stupid teacup."

    Miss Clara: "It's not stupid. Unless your spirit is closed."

    Rebecca: "My spirit is not closed. Who said that my spirit is closed?"

    Miss Clara: "Your spirit is closed."

    Man, what a toughie. An hour of magic might have had some amusing tricks on display thanks to Ethan but you can't help but feel that people were getting shafted as well throughout the hour.

    The first person who seemed royally screwed to me was Kevin. Working for Robert was always going to be a disaster given how fundamentally different their politics are but even I thought that for a while things might go smoothly. Apparently I was being too hopefully.

    First off all there was the debate on Proposition 8 and then when Robert left the room, Kevin got a dressing down from Stu. Maybe calling Robert by his first during working hours wasn't the best thing Kevin could've done but it did serve as a reminder that not everyone thinks the sun shines out of Robert's backside.

    I also would like to add that Kevin did manage to bite his tongue during his scenes with Robert. Robert put Kevin in an awkward position this week by telling him everything about his recent meeting with governor Eve. If Kevin is going to do his job effectively, then Robert needs to keep him in the loop at all times.

    Instead when Kevin confronts Robert over the possibility that he might be cheating on Kitty, Robert does nothing to reassure Kevin. Instead Robert spectacularly laid into him for no discernable reason and unlike the fiasco with Nora earlier in the season, Robert was unjustified here.

    In fact this episode did seem to be a case of giving Kevin a verbal smackdown at every corner. First Stu and then Robert and in between them, you had Spencer goading Kevin about nepotism. Sure Kevin lacks the media training but if he's screwing up, it's because Robert won't tell him the damn truth. Ergo, it's Robert's fault and not Kevin's.

    Worse still was Saul having a go at him. In fact watching that scene again, Saul really was too harsh with Kevin. With everyone else I could understand if not sympathise but why did Saul feel the need to berate Kevin about being a cynic?

    While it might be an established fact, there's no reason why Kevin shouldn't question Robert. I wouldn't take the man's word at face value either under the circumstances. That scene between Kevin and Saul however did strike me as the strangest one of the bunch.

    Oddly though the last scene between Kevin and Spencer looked suspect to me. And then there was the reveal that Kevin used something for his own agenda. As for Eve having an affair, unless it's with Robert (which doesn't seem to be the case), why on Earth should I care?

    Speaking of Robert, it's nice that him and Kitty didn't have to wait long until they were able to find a suitable birth mother. Trish really was a dream package – Uber smart and seemingly a very nice woman. Sadly, Kitty put he foot in it and rightly scared Trish off.

    I can understand that Kitty might have fears that Trish could have ended up changing her mind but Kitty really should've waited until the dinner with Robert to address those fears instead of sandbagging Trish during her shift. Robert actually had good reason to be mad.

    To Kitty's credit she did actually realise her mistake and made an effort to try and fix it. Unfortunately the damage was done and Trish ended up changing her mind about the whole adoption thing. I'm guessing it's going to be a while before Kitty and Robert do get to experience parenthood. This incident should serve as a lesson to Kitty – think before you interfere.

    Kitty's fears regarding parenthood did go some way into conveying sympathy for her. Yes she massively screwed up with the way she handled but given that this episode reminded us about her miscarriage back in "Two Places", her motives aren't exactly unbelievable, are they?

    Something else that isn't unbelievable is Holly sticking her beak into things. We might have been rid of her last week but she certainly made up for this week. What amazed me is that Holly didn't have many scenes but all she needed was one to cause a reasonable amount of trouble for Nora.

    With George showing up at the Walker mansion in the previous episode, I was hoping for some more progress on Ryan. I know he did seem determined to keep Ryan away from the Walkers but if he was going to meet up with Nora, then surely he was going to relent, right?

    That's the impression that's given earlier on. The fun part was that as George was eager for Ryan to get to know his half-siblings, Nora felt it was better if things were left alone. Then in record time, Nora changed her mind and thought that George accompanying her to Tommy and Julia's anniversary would be a good way for him to make an informed decision.

    Now I know that Nora can be impractical but even she should've had enough sense to realise that bringing George as a date to a family gathering wasn't a smart idea. Couldn't she have just waited a few days and then introduce George to all of her children and Saul?

    Instead she does bring him the anniversary party and immediately both her and George couldn't come up with a decent lie between them. It also didn't help that Kitty soon enlightened everyone on who her date really was. Cue the usual bout of shouting during the party. I swear we will get one family gathering where someone on this show doesn't die or argue incessantly. I have faith that it will happen.

    Everyone's reaction to George was consistent though. A lot of people didn't want to meet Ryan, Justin being the most vocal one of the bunch. That is something that Justin is going to have 'suck it up' because there's no way we're not going to meet the lad. Sadly it won't be now.

    George made a fatal mistake in listening to Holly's seductive spiel about the Walkers. The difference is that Holly wanted in that family but couldn't get in while George doesn't want to but has no choice thanks to Ryan's true parentage. Plus I'm hoping her little bad mouthing bites her in the ass later.

    Speaking of biting, Rebecca can certainly put a guy down with one comment. Justin should've knocked before trying to surprise her in the shower, I have to admit that but he really did seem to be trying to make a point of it when he refused to use his key afterwards. How old is Justin supposed to be again?

    It also didn't help that when he mentioned the 'L' word that Rebecca barely responded. In fact Rebecca didn't even say anything until after Miss Clara the psychic told her that she'll meet her great love in the future. I can honestly say that there would be a lot of viewers who wouldn't be devastated if or when these two break up.

    Plot wise, they were definitely the least interesting tonight and the makeup scene wasn't all that interesting. Undoubtedly there will be probably something else to have them at loggerheads soon enough again.

    Better handled than Justin and Rebecca's relationship was Kyle and Ethan. Music and magic tricks might not be to Sarah's taste but Ethan's expertise in the latter stopped Tommy and Julia's party from being a disaster. Out of the two, Ethan definitely has more of a personality, though I do like Kyle as well.

    Sarah expressed some fears about the Greenatopia website after some initial teething problems. I really want the site to be a success because being away from Ojai is good for Sarah while Holly's still there. Plus I'd really like to see Holly knocked for six if Greenatopia became a success.

    As for Tommy and Julia, isn't it terrible that when an episode that has a party to celebrate their marriage, they don't really factor all that much? Although Julia did have more dialogue that she usually tends to have so I guess I can't complain all that much really.

    Also in "Do You Believe In Magic"

    No "Previously On" segment despite all the relentless Ryan chatter within the episode itself.

    Rebecca: "How long have you been standing there?"

    Justin: "A few seconds. I was just listening to you hum in there."

    Rebecca: "Do you know how creepy that is?"

    I have to commend the series and ABC for mentioning the Proposition 8 debacle. Good on Kevin for getting his agenda across.

    Nora: "Screw Holly."

    Saul: "I'm out of the closet now, remember?"

    Robert: "This is gonna be a smart baby."

    Trish: "I can only speak for half of the chromosomes."

    We learned that Trish's baby daddy is white while her mother is Caribbean and her father is black. George: "What is it they say – ignorance is bliss?"

    Nora: "Yes, ignorance is bliss. Total and complete and utter bliss. George, maybe you were right the first time. Maybe you should put it all back in the box and throw away the key. Let the past be the past."

    Given the way that George was talking about his son, is it safe to assume that Ryan could have addiction issues of his own?

    Kevin (re story): "Look, I'm denying it."

    Spencer: "I'm gonna give you twenty four hours to tell me what happened at that meeting and then I'm running the story."

    Kyle: "This is our process."

    Sarah: "Well it's not mine, okay? And my house so no magic tricks, no music, no frickin' rocket ships or crazy robots. I have two kids and a mortgage."

    I'm surprised that given how cynical of magic Kevin is supposed to be that Ethan didn't use him as an assistant in this episode. It would've been fun.

    Sarah (re Ethan): "I think I might have a substitute for you."

    Julia: "You do? Sarah, how is that even possible?"

    Sarah: "It's magic."

    Robert (re Trish): "You mentioned her age?"

    Kitty: "This is not my fault. She was gonna change her mind, no matter what. She never would've reacted that way."

    How many years have Tommy and Julia been married? You'd think this episode would've at least mentioned that.

    Holly (re Ethan): "I didn't know you were in business with a magician."

    Sarah: "Give it a break, Holly."

    Saul: "We all know you're the family cynic. I mean, certainly that's why you hate magic. You just are always looking for the angle, you can't give in to the illusion."

    Kevin: "But Robert is not an illusion."

    Saul: "That's what you're gonna have to decide for yourself – if he's putting one over you or if Robert is the real thing. And by the way, Kevin, if you can't trust him, don't work for him."

    This is the second episode in a row not to be have featured Scotty and it was one in which his presence should've been required.

    Ethan (to everyone): "Magic is about a slight of hand. A principal misdirection. I make you look one way so you forget to look the other."

    George (re Nora): "Things are pretty complicated with you two."

    Holly: "No, actually it's quite simple but I do know what it's like to be in your position, so if there's ever anything I can do."

    Standout music: I'm gonna go with "Something In The Way She Moves" by James Taylor.

    Okay, this may not be the most spellbinding of episodes but "Do You Believe In Magic" is a strong episode no less. However it is easy to see why so many viewers are getting frustrated by the Ryan plot however.moreless
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Brothers and Sisters, the following happens. Kitty and Robert met the birth mother who has chosen them. Her name is Trish and she is a brain doctor. Robert thinks that she is perfect, but Kitty has her doubts. When Kitty goes to see her again, to ask her a couple more questions, the birth mother backs out of the deal.

    When Kitty tells Robert what has happened he gets upset and angry. It's also Tommy & Julia's wedding anniversary so the whole family head out to a restaurant to celebrate. Nora takes George with her to the party and she passes him off to everyone as someone different until Kitty turns up and tells everyone who he really is.

    The next day Kitty goes back to see the birth mother to beg her for a second chance, but she says no and that she has already phoned her social worker in order to find another couple. At the end of the episode Rebecca tells Justin that she loves him.moreless
  • Robert tests Kevin at work.

    Let me start off by saying that this is definitely my least favorite episode ever of Brothers & Sisters. My least favorite storyline of this episode is definitely the Justin and Rebecca storyline because I absolutely hate them as a couple. Justin was acting so perverted in the first scene of the episode when he walks in on Rebecca in the shower. I also hated the fact that Scotty wasn't in this episode. I also didn't like the way that Robert acted in this episode. I hate it when he acts like a saint and also acts like he's better than everybody else. The only thing that I liked about this episode was Nora's storyline. Nora's interactions with George were really entertaining and absolutely priceless. I loved when they went to Julia and Tommy's anniversary party together. I thought that Nora and George were really great together at the party. In closing, this definitely was my least favorite episode ever of Brothers & Sisters, and this episode really made me wish that Justin and Rebecca will be breaking up very soon.moreless
  • Kitty and Robert meet their potential baby's mother. Nora brings George to meet the family under an alias. Holly and Justin face a relationship milestone. Kevin starts his new job and hits a professional/personal crisis.moreless

    So I wanted to start out by saying that the promos for this week made it seem that Kitty and Robert were going to be hesistant about their potential adoption because the mother was African American (we found out she was also Korean). It was made kind of obvious that this was not the case after like five minutes of meeting her, however last week that was just not the case, at least to me and my coworkers, and mother. Now we could all just be grasping at straws, but I wondered if anyone else felt this way.

    That being said, this was a pretty good episode, where a lot of things happened but nothing really spectacular. A lot of build up to some good story lines that ended up fizzling out. At first we thought Robert was having an affair, he wasn't. Kitty and Robert did not get a baby. Nora likes George and then Holly chased him away and when Nora found out Saul told her to drop it and that there was nothing to explore. Sarah's business partners at first did nothing but slack off then overnight fixed everything. And Rebecca and Justin made up very quickly.

    So at this point the only hanging issue is when will Nora reach out to George again?

    Now the episode was pretty funny, the siblings reactions to "Elton Richards" from the how we met story to their reaction when Kitty correctly identified him to when Julia walked in and had to be caught up.

    Also I liked that Ethan did magic.

    For November sweeps I expected to have a little less resolution.moreless
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Sonja Sohn

Trish Evans

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David Andrews

George Lafferty

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Rose Abdoo

Miss Clara

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Kyle DeWitt

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Will McCormack

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Ethan Tavis

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The robot that Ethan was drawing on the white board in Sarah's living room is the logo for Bad Robot Productions, a production company owned by J.J. Abrams. Bad Robot Productions produced Alias, and a few Alias alumnus currently star on Brothers & Sisters. Bad Robot Productions also produces LOST on ABC.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Fortune Teller: I can only interpret what's here.
      Rebecca: You don't even know him. You're just reading some leftover dregs from a stupid tea cup.
      Fortune Teller: It's not stupid! Unless your spirit is closed.
      Rebecca: My spirit is not closed. Who said that my spirit is closed?
      Fortune Teller: Your spirit is closed!

    • Tommy: Dude what's with the briefcase? Robert won't give you the night off?
      Saul: (To 'Elton' aka George Lafferty) Kevin has a new job.
      Justin: Yea, as lawyer-turned-Republican.
      Kevin: I'm still a Democrat, dumbass.

    • Saul: We all know you're the family cynic, I mean, certainly that's why you hate magic. You just are always looking for the angle, you can't give into the illusion.
      Kevin: But Robert is not an illusion.
      Saul: That's what you're gonna have to decide for yourself-- if he's putting one on over you, or Robert is the real thing. And by the way Kevin, if you can't trust him, don't work for him.

    • Rebecca: You don't even know him. I mean, you're just reading some-some leftover dregs from a stupid teacup.

    • Miss Clara: Look toward the bottom of the cup. See how the leaves form the shape of a heart?
      (She hands the cup to Rebecca, who peers at its contents.)
      Rebecca: Sorta, if I squint.

    • George Lafferty: So we just tell them I'm some handsome stranger you picked up.
      Nora: Yea, 'Bob'.
      George Lafferty: 'Bob'? No, I don't wanna be 'Bob'. How about 'Mick Jagger'?
      Nora: I don't think they'd believe that. How about 'Bob Jagger'?

    • George Lafferty: You and I, we're the parents--before you know it, we'll be dead and gone.
      Nora: Well now that's cheerful.

    • Nora: Screw Holly.
      Saul: I'm out of the closet now, remember?

    • Robert: Kevin, I agree with Stu. We've already released our statement on Prop 8, we're not coming out again. No pun intended.

    • Kitty: (to Robert at 33.35 min) I do trust you. It's everybody else in the world that I don't trust.

    • Robert: (to Kitty at 18.37 min) If you are not ready to have your heart broken, you're not ready to be a parent.

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