Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 5

Domestic Issues

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2007 on ABC



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    • Robert: Travis was right, your pregnant.
      Kitty: How did Travis know?
      Robert: Between the puking & concern for unwed mothers he thought something was up. How come i didn't know?
      Kitty: Well between choosing a tie & speaking points i didn't really see an opportunity.
      Robert: You could have took one minute to tell me we were going to have a baby!
      Kitty: Well maybe i didn't know how you were going to react!
      Robert: NO! Don't sit & guess me. I have enough people doing that!

    • Kitty: So, do you know what they're saying about you?
      Robert: That I wore the wrong tie?

    • Joe: They'll be well taken care of.
      Nora: They've always been.

    • Sarah: I'm a good mother. I know that. I may not be able to drop them off at school every day, but I am their mother, every day. You can't punish me for trying to parent and work. I want my kids to know the joy that I get from my work, but it's nothing compared to the joy that I get from being their mother, every day. And they know that. Please.

    • Kitty: Sarah, what can I do for you.
      Sarah: Make me not feel like every decision I've made in my adult life is wrong. And I'm going to lose my kids because of it.
      Kitty: Oh, Sarah, come on. I mean, just look at those kids. Paige is more mature than we were when we were 20, and she's so frickin' smart, it's scary. And Cooper, Cooper! He's so confident. He walks into a room like he's going to take over the world, and it's all because of you. I mean, every day you show them what it is to be strong and in control and sure of yourself. I just hope that I can be half as good a mom as you.

    • Robert: I'd like to go back to Governor Adamson's comments on my fiancee. Apparently, he believes that this party should be open only to those who share his own very conservative views. And you know, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Teddy Roosevelt was a conservationist who founded our national parks. Dwight Eisenhower used federal troops to desegregate the schools. All of these men were Republicans. And as for bringing my fiancee's personal views into this, you know Clayton, you're fine at invoking family values, well, I value my family. And so I'd appreciate it if you debated me instead of my loved ones. Because, as I think we all can attest, our decision to run for president is much harder on them than it is on us.

    • Nora: I'm sorry I got you all worked up. I don't know, I can usually spot a pregnant Walker from a mile off.
      Justin: It's the little mama! ...and Kitty!

    • Robert: I don't know what part of me is more furious, the fiance who was the last person in the room to know, or the candidate who just got sandbagged by one of his senior staffers, who incidentally may or may not be getting sick backstage while I try to debate.

    • Kitty: I just found out I'm pregnant. And do I get to jump up and down, and be giddy, and call my mother and call my fiance and call my friends? No. Do I get to go out and buy booties, or whatever? No. No, because I have to worry about your campaign.

    • Kevin: Pregnant? She wouldn't, not now.
      Justin: I heard Mom talking to her on the phone, and Mom saw me, right off into the pantry.
      Kevin: Oh my God. Did she go all the way in?
      Justin: All the way in.
      Kevin: I'm going to be an uncle again.

    • Justin: When Kevin came out? Pantry. When Sarah got engaged? Pantry. When Kitty told Mom she was a Republican? Pantry. Blam. Smoking gun.

    • Kevin: Joe's hired a barracuda. I'm a guppie compared to that woman.

    • Justin: I overheard Mom on the phone, and she definitely used the word pregnant, and Kitty's the only one of us having sex right now … wait, unless you're...
      Rebecca: Me? No, no, no. Are you?
      Justin: No. God, I feel sad for us.

    • Nora: How about Ainsley? Alika?
      Kitty: Mom, stop naming my nonexistent baby. And since when are you so adventurous with names? You threatened to disown Sarah when she named Cooper Cooper.
      Nora: That's different. Cooper's a last name. I just didn't think anyone wanted to have two last names.

    • Justin: Where's your costume?
      Tommy: I am an abandoned husband. You?
      Justin: Wounded vet.
      Tommy: Cool.
      Justin: So, did you hear about Kitty?

    • Rebecca: Oh my god, you're such a gossip. This is killing you isn't it? All right, lay it on me.
      Justin: I heard Mom on the phone and she definitely used the word pregnant, and Kitty's the only one of us having sex right now.

    • Nora: (to Kitty) Do you realize how I'm going to spoil that child... and then I'll hand him back to you and criticize you for how you're raising him.

    • Kitty: (to Robert) Now you think it's hard running for President, you should try being engaged to the guy who is.

    • (Nora and Kitty on the phone)
      Nora: Kitty, when was your last period?
      Kitty: Mom!
      Nora: Sweetheart, are you late?
      Kitty: I don't know. Well I guess, maybe, yeah, I've been stressed.

    • Robert: Well the question is the problem! Faith and science shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Whether you believe that six days is literally six twenty-four hour intervals or something longer, well that's a conversation that we can have, but if you're asking me whether or not I believe in God? The answer is yes!
      Kitty: Oh God!
      (Kitty pukes)

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Domácí problém (Domestic Issue)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 on TV2
      Latin America: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 on Universal Channel
      Czech Republic: Sunday, December 5, 2010 on Universal Channel

    • Music:
      Heavenly Day
      by Patty Griffin
      Play It As It Lays
      by Patti Scialfa
      She's Already Made Up Her Mind
      by Lyle Lovett
      What If You by Joshua Radin
      Zephyr & I
      by Suzanne Vega

  • Allusions

    • Inherit the Wind
      At the start of the episode when they are in court one says, "Is it true sir you believe in evolution, or that the earth was created in 6 days...?"

      They are making fun of the book Inherit the Wind. A case challenging Bertram Cate's right to teach evolution in school.