Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 14

Double Negative

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2008 on ABC
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In an attempt to solve Scotty's financial issues, Kevin offers to file domestic partnership papers with him.
Meanwhile, Nora meets with an interior decorator in an attempt to try and make a fresh start. And the Walkers attend a fund raiser for cancer research.

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  • Double negative

    It was a good episode in general, many enjoyable and interesting storylines. I liked Rebecca confronting David about being her father, that was a great scene. David taking off after that wasn't a big surprise. Sarah finally trusting Saul with the deal and finding out it was a bad one is of course very tragical but I'm sure the company will survive it. Kevin and Scotty had a cute and realistic storyline. I loved the conversation they had after the fundraiser. And of course "Stiches for ..." -one of Scotty's golden lines. I hope this storyline isn't finished with this episode.

    Robert and Kitty were dealing with big important state matters and also their own personal problems. I liked the way both problems were handled though someone turning down a VP spot does sound very unreal. And finally Nora finding a new goal in her life. That's probably gonna make some independent woman-storylines in the future. Hopefully they'll handle it well.moreless
  • They Did It Written by Josh Reims And Liz Tigelaar Directed by Michael Schultz

    Rebecca: "Did you know this whole time?"

    David: "Know what?"

    Rebecca: "That you're my father".

    As a poster on TWOP cheekily said after this episode aired on ABC, "shark, here she be jumped". Personally I've come to hate the term 'jump the shark' because nowadays people use it too freely for even the most mundane of plots that might not sit well with them.

    However in spite of that, while Brothers And Sisters for me hasn't necessarily jumped the shark, it has pulled out a plot that has rightfully fuelled a lot of anger with its core viewers, including myself.

    Throughout Season One, we knew William Walker had six children and not five as we were lead to believe. We were also led to believe that the sixth child was Rebecca, the product of his 20 year affair with Holly. Thanks to this episode we've learnt that William did more than just Holly.

    When David was introduced five episodes ago, there was the nagging suspicion that he was Rebecca's father. With the evasive way Holly's been behaving, it was right for Rebecca to have those fears and for the writers to explore them. Unfortunately we got the results that we didn't want. That being that Rebecca isn't a Walker after all.

    It's the one thing that viewers didn't to see happen and I didn't want it to happen either. By revealing that David is her biological father, the writers have just gone and invalidated an entire season's worth of work. With a show as smart as this, only one question needs to be asked – why do such a thing?

    We had to spend all of last season with the Walkers discovering that Rebecca exists and for each of them to slowly build a relationship with the girl, only for it then to be revealed that she isn't their sister. I know it might sound immature but even I feel betrayed with this.

    I can't exactly see how the writers thought this would be a good idea. Given that Greg Berlanti and company always seemed to be aware of how their audiences responded to storylines to do this was a fundamental error in judgement. I almost that it was ABC's fault because I'd be happy with executive being misguided rather than the writing staff themselves.

    I just can't see what exactly can be gained from this doing this. To paraphrase Kevin from "The Other Walker", I really do hope for the show's sake that this plot doesn't destroy it alone because if it does, the writers have no else but themselves to blame. It's not that audiences are scared of risk; it's just that they loathe important storylines being retconned and you can't blame them.

    If there is a positive in this whole mess, then it has to go to Emily Van Camp. She's a good actress and she really shines here as Rebecca breaks down in front of David. When she tells him that she fell in love with the Walkers, you just totally feel for her even as David makes a point of telling her that she wouldn't have been any better with him in her life.

    As for Holly, well now we have proof that she's even more of a scheming **** than originally though. She knew damn well that the possibility of David being Rebecca's father was there and she repeatedly lied to the both of them. The sickening thing is that neither one of them lets her have it.

    Instead David comes up with a lame excuse and leaves Holly right during the moment when she wants to go away with him. If I thought Holly was innocent in this I might have felt for her but I don't. Rebecca on the other hand can barely contain her anger, so by next week I'll imagine that she's calling Holly every name under the sun. After all, we know Rebecca's got a vicious tongue on her when riled.

    If Rebecca not being a Walker wasn't bad enough, then how about the lusty vibe between her and Justin? All season long these two have spent way too much time with each other and now it looks like they might actually get it on. Is that why Rebecca is suddenly not a Walker, so she can sleep with Justin?

    Kevin and Tommy even tease Justin about Rebecca being the closest thing to a girlfriend that he has right now. Then Justin looked visibly disappointed during the fundraiser when Rebecca lied about the DNA results. I really don't like the idea of Justin and Rebecca as a couple.

    Even the last scene at the beach provides a yuck moment. Justin jokes to Rebecca during their surf lesson about her life being changed. By next week, he'll certainly know all about it as will the rest of the family. Thankfully this isn't the only plot that will be central in the last two episodes.

    One plot I have no trouble getting behind is Kevin and Scotty taking the next few steps in their relationship. For me this is strange, because at the start of the season I wasn't into the idea of them getting back together but now I'm used to Scotty and there's something about their last two episodes together that has made me root for them as a couple.

    When Scotty has a work related accident and lets slip that he has no medical insurance, Kevin has an inspired idea – domestic partnership. Of course, let's take into the fact it was after a day out with Tommy and Justin that this light bulb moment came to Kevin.

    To prove that Scotty has some common sense he declines Kevin's offer on the grounds of it not being what Kevin really wants right now. Kevin even admits that he isn't too anxious to get hitched for romantic reasons and Scotty accepts that. That's the really nice thing. Kevin and Scotty have a disagreement about an important issue without it resorting to nastiness.

    To me it shows some good progress in their relationship. Had this been an issue in Season One, one of them would've reacted badly and the other would've made it worse. That being said, it doesn't take a genius to realise that Kevin and Scotty's arc for the last two episodes will be marriage. As long as it's for romantic reasons and both of them know what they're letting themselves in for, I'm cool with it.

    Kevin and Scotty aren't the only relationship that's healthy as Kitty and Robert also seem to have a solid marriage too. Okay so she's not crazy about Robert's imminent Vice President offer and he's not too interested in embryo discussion but overall these two work as a team.

    Taylor does however try his best to get in between Kitty and Robert. When he's not making personal remarks about her views on campaigning, he's playing Robert too and there is a few moments in the episode where Kitty and Robert do argue about the Vice Presidency offer.

    Kitty isn't trying to stifle Robert's ambition and Robert has every right to be ambitious but at the same time from a viewer perspective, do we really need to see another campaign. Personally I'm done with them and I'd rather the political slant was punditry or something like "Red, White And Blue".

    In the end Kitty and Robert do come across as a stronger couple. She wants him to be happy but she also doesn't want to lose him and Robert is thankfully mature enough to understand that fact too.

    Of course while they may all have success, Sarah is experiencing the opposite of it. There was always going to be consequences for her getting Saul to make an important decision for her and they don't come anymore disastrous than Saul going behind her back with Graham to accept a deal.

    Sarah is pretty furious and has it out with Saul, who behaves like a jerk in response. Saul knew Sarah was against the decision and still he went with it, even though he knew she'd be angry if he did it. Now maybe he had a point about Sarah undermining his abilities but I sided with her more than ever.

    As for Graham, he also got a short shrift with Sarah. Sarah spent most of the fundraiser in a foul mood and even make an insensitive comment to a woman who's son has leukaemia. At least the ice cream moment with Nora gave her some perspective.

    The ironic thing is that as soon as Sarah started apologising to both Graham and Saul, I just knew one of them was going to turn around and say something that would vindicate Sarah for letting rip on them. Both of them admitting to the fact that their deal has officially made Ojai on the verge on bankruptcy again more or less did the trick. And they say lightening doesn't strike twice.

    Nora on the other hand spent most of the episode dealing with her break up from Isaac. However instead of using her interior designer pal Jamie to rip something else in the mansion apart, Nora decided to help cancer patients with a little oasis idea. Quite a nice thing for Nora to do as well.

    Also in "Double Negative"

    We got another moment in this episode with Kitty and Robert with their glasses on in bed. Oddly it's cute and I don't fancy either Rob Lowe or Calista Flockhart.

    Kitty (re embryos): "What do you think?"

    Robert: "I think they look like bubbles. Smart, cute, artistic little bubbles".

    Along with pantry talks, Nora has a habit of rearranging the house during times of big news. Kevin's little story was hilarious.

    Tommy: "We don't need a holiday to appreciate you Mom".

    Nora: "Since when?"

    Rebecca: "That's not a bad idea. Lose a sister, gain a ping pong table".

    Justin: "Mom hates ping pong".

    I've just noticed that we haven't seen either Paige or Cooper since "Holy Matrimony" and Julia's also missing again.

    Taylor: "I think it's about time Robert and I buried the hatchet".

    Kitty: "I can think of a few places to bury the hatchet".

    Holly: "I enjoy sharing my good fortune with people I care about".

    David: "So you care about me?"

    With Rebecca not being the other Walker, who is "R" and when will we meet them? They have to be younger than Justin as well, right?

    Rebecca (to David, regarding Holly): "She let me live in Nora's house. She let me believe that I was part of that family. I fell in love with that family".

    Sarah: "I'm supposed to feel bad about that?"

    Graham: "I'd never tell you what to do. Not that you'd listen".

    Once again out of all the woman, Kitty really did look quite lovely at the fundraiser. Mainly because Calista Flockhart looks healthier these days.

    Robert: "Are you happy that I lost?"

    Kitty: "How can you even ask me that?"

    Robert: "Well I guess I don't have to".

    Rebecca (re David): "You said he was a flake".

    Holly: "I thought he changed. I hoped he had. Maybe I just wanted him to".

    Rebecca: "You don't always get what you want".

    Standout music: There was two brilliant songs here with Counting Crows "When I Dream Of Michelangelo" and "The Whole Keeps Spinning" by Julia Fordham.

    Kevin: "Are you upset?"

    Scotty: "Kevin, we're boyfriend, not clones. We can agree to disagree".

    Justin (to Rebecca): "You're gonna love this. You'll never be the same. Your life is gonna change forever".

    Chronology: About a week or two since "Separation Anxiety".

    "Double Negative" is not the kind of title you'd want to give an episode where viewers can definitely pick out the negatives so easily. With other plotting somewhat more interesting, the last two episodes of this season can't come soon enough.moreless
  • This was actually a great episode, maybe I'm not a huge fan of this storyline change but it was still enjoyable.

    So Rebecca isn't a Walker. I'm not surprised as its been heavily hinted for several episodes now. What do I think, well I don't like how now I think back to season one and the word pointless for that storyline comes to my head, it was all lies. Secondly I do not like how it is a set up for two people to get together, I hope this isn't because there dating in real life (Are they?)

    But it was very entertaining, the scene when Rebecca confronted David was very well done. Though I was looking forward to her giving Holly a piece of her mind. I hope she tells them all soon because otherwise it will drag and be just strange. I also was surprised to see David just leave, but hey, he won't be missed.

    Sarah's story was enjoyable, as it always is. 20 million, that's a lot of money, I hope it turns out okay. Nora was funny the designer thing. Kevin and Scotty, I'm not really bothered, bit it wasn't boring. Surprised that Julia and Tommy didn't appear that much, well Julia didn't but Tommy was in it very little.

    I liked Kitty telling Robert the truth and I'm glad he turned it down. So this was a great episode, some funny bits and entertaining drama. It is docked points for the reasons stated at the top.moreless
  • Pretty solid episode, yet to see an exceptional episode for a while now.

    We see Nora grieving in her own way after last week's happenings and everyone else seems to be going on with their lives. Sarah gets into an argument with Saul, Kevin and Scottie are making tough decisions, Kitty is dealing with her pregnancy while Robert with his politics. Rebecca with her lineage and Justin with his emotions.

    This episode wasn't too good, but it was OK. I'm waiting for story lines that make me sad and smile and not those that make me just merely laugh senselessly. Rebecca's story line is getting good, while Sail and Nora are already boring me.moreless
  • Overall a good episode which answered a lot of my questions. But it could have been so much better.

    The promo for this episode looked amazing and it looked as though all of my questions regarding the whole is she a walker or isn't she, were going to be answered. But aren't all promos misleading? Well not this one!!!!!!!!! The episode starts off with Kitty and Robert in bed discussing their embryos. We learn that Kitty thinks that Taylor is going to ask Robert to be the Vice President. Back at Nora's house everyone except for Kitty and Rebecca are there. Nora enters and they are all acting very nicely to her and its all because Isaac has gone back to DC and everyone is worried about how she is coping with being all alone again in the house. Although as Justin points out, he still lives there. Nora informs them that her interior designer (Jamie) is coming over later, and they all know what it means, that she is going to go decorating mad. As Rebecca leaves the house to go shopping for an evening gown for Nora event which is that evening. Justin follows Rebecca to ask her if she has had her results yet from the DNA testing. She says no but the results are due today. She then leaves. Taylor comes round early and Kitty is in the bath, lets just say it isn't a pretty site with her face mask on. Any how he tells her that he is there to bury the hatchet wit Robert. When Robert returns he asks him outright why he is there and Taylor asks him to be his Vice President, if he gets elected to the White House. Also David and Holly agree to go on holiday, which she says she'll pay. While this is going on Rebecca returns home and gets a phone call just as he mother is leaving. She leaves the room to answer the call and when she comes back in it is obvious that the phone call is about the DNA results as she starts asking David where he mother has gone. Then she drops the bombshell, William is not her father, David is. Mean while at the beach, Kevin and Tommy ask Justin what is wrong with Rebecca; they try to get him to talk about it, but even Justin the gossip of the family won't spill the beans. Saul tells Graham that the deal was still on, even though Sarah told him not too. And Robert tells Kitty about the Vice Presidency, but as he does so she has this worried look on her face.

    Rebecca is fuming over the fact that she didn't know who her real father was. She asks David did he know, but he stays quite. He tells her that he suspected even though Holly had admitted that there may have been a chance. David promises her that everything is going to be ok.

    At the party everyone talks about Kitty and her treatment and Tommy seems to know an awful lot about it (this is due to his wife and him going through it themselves). As Nora is talking to a Mother whose son has cancer, Sarah comes over and says, "I've got to get another drink this cancer thing is such a downer". Such a typical Sarah thing to do. Justin asks Rebecca about the DNA results and she lies to him and tells him that William Walker is her father. Mean while, Kevin offers Scotty Domestic partnership that means that he can use Kevin's insurance, if he gets hurt again at the restaurant.

    David is still there when Holly gets back. He doesn't tell her about the results, but simply that he is leaving. He asks her to tell Rebecca that he says goodbye and then he simply leaves. Holly starts to cry. Outside the party, Kitty tells Robert that not one of the embryos is viable. When Rebecca returns home from the party, she is greeted by Holly who tells her that David as left. After the party Sarah and Nora are back home having ice cream. Nora says that she isn't going to re-decorate this time. Instead she tells Sarah that she wants to help Parents of children whom have cancer. She wants to give them somewhere to stay (Not the Walker's house) as an oasis away from the hospital. Sarah then suggests that Ojai Foods can sponsor it. Scotty tells Kevin that he won't do the Domestic Partnership, as he wants it to be special if it ever does happen. Taylor and Robert have a meeting regarding the Vice Presidency, and when Taylor tells he tells Kitty that Robert has made the worst mistake of his political career. Also Justin goes round to Rebecca's to take her to surfing now that she is officially a Walker. We then see Graham and Saul talking and Sarah entering. She tells them that she understands why they went behind her back, but then they tell her that the company that Ojai was investing into has collapsed. The loan is for 20 million dollars and Sarah realises that the cant cover it. Which now leaves me with one question, what will happen to Sarah and Saul if Ojai goes under?moreless
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Ken Howard (I)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The poster in Scotty and Kevin's apartment features the names of suburbs in Cincinnati: Loveland, Milford, Mariemont, Madeira, which is spelled incorrectly, and others.

    • After been out jogging, Robert comes back in a grey t-shirt with the inscription: U.S. Air Force

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Rebecca: So how's everyone doing?
      Kitty: I've been better.
      Sarah: Sucktacular.
      Scotty: I'm thinking of starting a charity of my own. Stitches for bitches. I thought it was funny.
      Kevin: No! It was hilarious.

    • Justin: You're a DNA-tested and approved Walker, which means you have to learn how to surf.
      Rebecca: Do Sarah and Kitty know how to surf?
      Justin: They've tried it once, and they complained the entire time.
      Rebecca: Does it have to be this early?
      Justin: They sounded just like that.

    • Nora: Are you here for the ice cream, or because you're worried about me being alone in this big empty house.
      Sarah: No, I'm worried about me being all alone in my middle-size empty house. And, the creamy vanilla ice cream.

    • Robert: Are you telling me you want me to turn down the vice presidency so we can have a baby?
      Kitty: No. I just want you to want to. I just want your love for me to be more important than your ambition.
      Robert: Please don't act like my ambition is something new. It has always been there, you were attracted to it.

    • Kevin: Look, I think I've figured out a way to solve your problems.
      Scotty: You're going to teach me to devein shrimp with one hand?
      Kevin: Your insurance problems.
      Scotty: If it involves me not having to take a third job, I'm all for it.
      Kevin: Why don't we file for domestic partnership?
      Scotty: Excuse me?
      Kevin: It's so simple. All we have to do is fill out some forms, get them notarized, and that is that. We are then recognized as a couple by the state of California, and that entitles you to the insurance from my firm. That's medical, dental, vision, life, accidental death and dismemberment...
      Scotty: (sarcastic) Death and dismemberment, yippee.
      Kevin: What's with the sarcasm?
      Scotty: Nothing. I said I was going to take care of it and I will, okay, Kevin? It's my problem.

    • Kevin: If it was Kitty or Sarah, you'd tell?
      Justin: I've known Kitty and Sarah since I was born, okay? I mean, they've seen me naked.
      Tommy: What if Rebecca saw you naked?
      Justin: That's creepy, bro.
      Kevin: You're the one who brought up sisters and nudity.

    • Rebecca: (to Justin) Gosh, if it turns out I'm not a Walker, your mom's gonna build a third floor. Not a bad deal, lose a sister, gain a ping-pong table.

    • (Trying to get Justin to tell them Rebecca's secret)
      Kevin: Oh my God, she's gay!
      Tommy: She's not gay. (pause) Is she gay?
      Justin: No, she's not gay!

    • Rebecca: I asked her point blank if William Walker was my father. She swore, she swore I was his daughter. She lied to me, she lied to you, she lied to him!
      David: It's more complicated than that.
      Rebecca: How is it complicated? She's a liar who hopped from bed to bed and didn't even know who fathered her own baby. Only reason she picked William is that he had the bigger bank account. I'm an idiot. I really thought, in spite of everything, that she loved me, that I mattered.
      David: You do. Your mother loves you more than anything.
      Rebecca: She loves herself. There's no room for anybody else. Is any of this even fazing you? Or are you too busy defending her to react to the fact that you've got a daughter? Hey, it's a girl! Does that even get a freaking response from you? Or did you know? Answer me! Did you know?
      David: The timing... You know, it was suspect. And - and, um, when I asked your mother, she admitted there was a chance, but given how slight it was, we both thought it would be better if we didn't...
      Rebecca: Do what, do what, to leave me in the dark? To not have to deal with the fact that you've got a daughter? Were you relieved when she told you? Were you happy? Were you sad? Were you bummed that you never got to know me? How did you feel?
      David: I wish I had a... a simple and perfect answer for you, but I don't. All I know is that I was in no shape to be a father to you back then. I was a self-absorbed coke addict, and you didn't deserve to grow up with that.
      Rebecca: Right. Because growing up without a dad was such a blast.
      David: Look at you, you're smart and you're beautiful and you're funny, and that's because of your mother.
      Rebecca: Oh, stop defending her. Do you have any idea what she's put me through? She let me live at Nora's house, okay? She let me believe that I was part of their family. I fell in love with that family. ... God, they're expecting me at that fund-raiser tonight. Family dinners and birthday parties...
      David: You don't have to lose that.
      Rebecca: What am I supposed to do, just sit there and pretend I'm related to them?
      David: Rebecca, I was a crappy boyfried to your mother, and had I known the truth, I would have been a horrible father to you. You deserved better than me. You deserve to be happy.
      Rebecca: I was happy. For the first time in my life, I was happy.
      David: I'm sorry. We'll figure something out, okay, I promise. I'm going to make this okay.

    • Kevin: You know, he works seventy hours a week and he still can't afford health insurance? You gotta love America.
      Tommy: Enough with the Michael Moore bull, all right? Just put him on your insurance.
      Justin: Can't you just make him a domesticated partner or something?
      Kevin: Domestic partner, you moron! He's not a pet.

    • Kevin: You're walking around without health insurance!?
      Scotty: Please no lectures. I've lost a lot of blood here.

    • Rebecca: Who's Jamie?
      Tommy: Mom's interior designer.
      Sarah: Yeah. When she turns up, it's like a maternal distress call. When Kitty went to New York, within 24 hours, all the kitchen cabinetry - gutted.
      Nora: Well, you know, the cabinetry was awful. It was dingy. It was maple.
      Justin: When I enlisted in the army, all new wallpaper upstairs.
      Kevin: How about when I came out? Most parents just cry. Mom rips out the entire backyard.
      Sarah: Nothing but dirt, dumpsters and porta-potties for, like, two years.
      Nora: Well, I thought Kevin would have a lot more pool parties. I was trying to be supportive.

    • Kevin: I thought I was doing a good thing.
      Scotty: You were doing a practical thing.
      Kevin: What's wrong with that?
      Scotty: Kevin, for us, domestic partnership is it. Ya know, our only legal option, our version of marriage... for now at least. And at the risk of sounding like a twelve year old girl, I want my wedding to be special. Practical isn't enough of a reason. So if and when I choose to take that step, I want to stand up in front of everyone I know and say this is the man I choose to be with, til I'm old and bald and incontinent. It was far romantic in my head.
      Kevin: It is romantic. But at the risk of sounding like a thirty-something straight guy, I don't know if I'm ready for that or if I ever will be.

    • Boyd Taylor: All's fair in politics.
      Kitty Walker: I think you mean love and war.
      Boyd Taylor: Politics is love and war, at least when you do it right.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Dvojitý negativ (Double Negative)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: Sunday, May 25, 2008 on Network 7
      United Kingdom: Sunday, June 29, 2008 on E4
      Norway: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: Sunday, January 23, 2011 on Universal Channel


    • Kevin: You know, he works seventy hours a week and he still can't afford health insurance? You gotta love America.
      Tommy: Enough with the Michael Moore bull, all right? Just put him on your insurance.

      This is a reference to Michael Moore and his movie Sicko.