Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 4

Everything Must Go

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on ABC
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Nora prepares for her new charity venture by making a clean sweep of all of William's belongings; a time capsule brings together two estranged siblings; Robert interviews candidates to fill Kitty's very big shoes, and Holly begins her own investigation into the whereabouts of William's lost son.moreless

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  • For Sale Written by Nancy Won And Michael Foley Directed by Michael Schultz

    Saul (re Nora/William): "She doesn't need to live in a memorial to a man who betrayed her."

    Justin: "There was love there."

    You could accuse this show of being slow pokes in the sense that it's taken the third season for them to have a yard sale of Walkers. You could but then you'd have to consider the fact that the Fishers took until their fourth season with the episode "Parallel Play" to do the same thing.

    Nora's centre has become literally the centre of her priorities and in order to get some decent office space she decides that virtually everything of William's is expendable. Surprisingly the only person who has a problem with this is Justin. The rest of them are too involved in other problems to really care.

    The yard sale itself is something that generates a fair amount of screen time. Within seconds Nora is able to pull Sarah, Kevin and Saul from their lazy bliss into helping her sift through various items to sell when she isn't designating roles for all of her children. You have to give Nora points for being so industrious.

    Still Justin can't help but voice his own concerns about this sudden yard sale. He's afraid that she's trying to rid William from her life in light of reason events and when he tries to talk to her about it, she's fairly dismissive. That can only mean that Justin is in fact right.

    Not quite as surprising is when he brings it up with Sarah and Saul. Sarah was always pretty unforgiving of her father's affair so I'm not surprised that she might not want to say anything to Nora but I'm surprised with Saul's attitude given that he knew for years about William and Holly and never thought to tell Nora.

    As for his attempts of halting things, fighting with a girl over a hideous monkey statue was fairly amusing but Nora usurped him by giving Dawn the wretched thing. Personally I would've glad to have seen the back of something that looked so tacky but Justin winds up getting the bloody thing back to emphasis a point.

    Easily the best moment of this episode is the one where Nora realises that all of William's things are gone and it forces her to breakdown. Sally Field delivers a brilliant performance during that moment and while it was painfully obvious that Nora had that sale to partly get back at William in her own way, there's no denying the excellence of the moment.

    Having Nora admit to Justin that she hates that William gets to her is a poignant moment. Of course the man is going to get to Nora – she was married to him for forty years and he was a serial cheat. It's a bit hard for him not to get to her when you think about it.

    Justin is on fine form as well during this scene. I don't always credit Dave Annable's performances but I loved his speech to Nora about someday maybe being able to see the good things about William. Justin did seem to be all about seeing the good in other people this week.

    This also lead to another thing – if Justin can forgive William's countless screw ups, should Rebecca take his example and show Holly similar forgiveness? Personally I wouldn't but that's mainly because I cannot stand the woman but when you're forced to work for your mother, Rebecca thinks she might not have an option.

    Having Rebecca hauled into Ojai virtually days after Sarah and Saul have left the building could have some good story potential. In fact Justin and Rebecca's separate storylines in this episode have been more interesting than anything that highlighted them as a couple.

    Needless to say Rebecca's far from thrilled with having to work for Holly and the fact that Mommy Dearest confesses to conspiring with the temp agency makes Holly desperate. I should feel for Holly that Rebecca is repeatedly blocking her from her life but I just don't.

    I do however feel for Rebecca who has a beautiful speech in this episode where she tells Holly that she can't remember all of the good stuff because Holly's never ending bout of lies has ruined things between them. This episode made it look like that Holly and Rebecca were going to mend fences until the final scene put a spanner in the works.

    If Holly were so sneaky and manipulative, don't you think she'd be smart enough to hide Ryan's file out of viewing? Leaving it on her desk so that Rebecca could happen to glance on it was asking for trouble in a big way. Even I thought that Holly wasn't that stupid but clearly I was wrong.

    Aside from the fact that such a discovery is going to have Rebecca call her mother out on being a compulsive liar yet again, is it much to presume that Rebecca will give the Walkers the heads up? She did after all give that two million to Nora so I can't imagine her concealing this little nugget from them.

    If Holly and Rebecca's fracturing relationship wasn't enough for this week, then there's Tommy feeling the brunt of still remaining at Ojai. Tommy's never been the most popular of people and while a lot of recent events have been his own fault to an extent, I did feel a bit sorry for him when Kevin and Saul immediately left the room when he stopped by the Walker mansion.

    The two of them certainly maintain a grudge but Sarah is too good at maintaining it. At least with Kevin and Saul, they just walked out to avoid a confrontation but Sarah went for it big time. Although it was Holly and Tommy who made it hard for her to stay at Ojai, were some of the things she said really necessary?

    On one hand we're more than aware that Tommy never really liked the idea of Sarah being the one that William trusted the most with the business but he was right to mention that he was trying to save the company. It might have helped a lot better had Tommy made an effort to try and include Sarah and Saul in recent business decisions or at least had the decency to take their opinions on board.

    Of course the argument continues to escalate until Sarah gets to the point of calling Tommy Holly's little **** Quite a pithy moment from Sarah but not without being true to an extent and more than enough to get Tommy to leave the Walker mansion as well.

    The most interesting part of this spat is that it's Julia who manages to get the squabbling pair back on track by having a go at Sarah. Any episode that gives Julia something of substance can't be bad, right? Plus I did quite enjoy watching Sarah and Tommy burying their time capsule and debating how Holly factoring in their lives. Unfortunately I feel this show will never get rid of Holly.

    In other plots this week, how ludicrous is the idea of Kevin becoming Robert's communications director? The two of them cannot stand each other so when Kevin does actually accept the job; I can only see the sniping between the two of them intensifying more and more.

    Robert made a patronising speech about how Kevin could do great work for himself and Robert if he accepted the gig but given how fundamentally different their political views are, there's no way things would work out between the two of them. Yeah Kevin got him to change his mind about one bill but that had to have been a fluke.

    Weirdly enough is that Kitty also seems to be pretty encouraging of the idea herself. If I were her, I'd certainly be a bit more cautious about the idea of my husband and brother working together but given that Robert spent most of this episode stalling to get a suitable replacement, when Kevin does accept the job, Kitty can just concentrate on being a publisher.

    Also in terms of spats, I did love Kevin refusing to sell Robert his old GI Joe action figure. As deeply immature as the moment was for Kevin, it certainly generated a fair amount of laughs but if Kevin can't even sell a ruddy action figure, then working for Robert is going to be even worse than his current vocation. Still the one thing I do admire about Kevin is him sticking up for Kitty. Given that he spends so much time criticising her political beliefs and taking pot shots at Robert, it was nice of him to tell Robert to stop acting like a jackass over hiring a replacement for Kitty.

    One other moment of praise should be Kevin's incredulous reaction to Robert's job offer. Although I know he is going to take the job, I loved his utter disbelief of being offered to work for his brother in law. Plus Kevin made no bones about having absolutely no experience whatsoever, despite the fact that many viewers were undoubtedly thinking the same thing when watching the episode.

    Also in "Everything Must Go"

    Is this the first time this season we've heard Nora talk about setting up her centre? At least we know it's something else that'll be occupying her in the next few weeks.

    Holly (about working in Ojai): "You could've said no." Rebecca: "I did but they said they'd fire me if I didn't show up."

    Rebecca salvaged a painting that Holly did in this episode for William. Admittedly it looked pretty good.

    Kitty: "That's the list. I think you'll be quite happy."

    Robert: "Better be. I need someone stellar."

    Nora: "What do you think, a dollar?"

    Justin: "For Dad's lucky hat?"

    Nora: "Okay, two."

    More allusions to Justin's drug taking ways were made thanks to Dawn citing him as a terrible babysitter. Well, he did put her to bed early so that makes him pretty bad.

    Nora: "Whose kneepads are these?"

    Kevin: "I think there Sarah's. She used them as breasts for the whole of middle school."

    Tommy (re Ojai): "Nobody asked you to leave."

    Sarah: "Well you made it really hard for me to stay."

    Kevin and Sarah shared a love for Sean Cassidy. Times like this, I'm glad such things bypassed me and my gaydar.

    Sarah: "You're pathetic, Tommy. You're just Holly's little ****."

    Tommy: "Unbelievable."

    Kevin (to Kitty): "If Scotty cheated on me multiple times, I'd build a bonfire and burn it all."

    Nora's still pretty pissed off with Robert given her caustic comment to him during the yard sale.

    Robert (re GI Joe): "Name your price."

    Kevin: "You know what? I'll probably just hold on to him. I don't think he has any tours left in him."

    Robert: "He's gonna sit on a bookshelf and have some R&R."

    Kevin: "You say that now. Next thing you know, he's off fighting an endless and unnecessary war."

    Rebecca: "I hate that when I look at you all I see is lies. I don't get to remember that summer, I don't, I don't get to remember kindergarten, field trips or Easter eggs hunts in the backyard. I remember how you lied to me my entire life. You're my Mom, you're the only family I have. I don't know how to get that back."

    Holly: "One step at a time. Let me earn that trust back."

    Rebecca: "I don't know that you can."

    Standout music: "Our House" by Madness and "The Wind" by Cat Stevens. Both were fantastic choices for this episode.

    Justin: "Mom, there's still some times when I wanna drink or get high. And it sucks because just when I think I'm over it, I'm not. Sometimes it just feels like hell and I have to let myself feel that but it does go away Mom."

    Nora (re William): "I wish he didn't get to me. I hate that he gets to me."

    Chronology: It's been a few days since "Tug Of War" and we please have some more of Scotty?

    "Everything Must Go" is certainly one of the strongest episodes from the series, with some truly engaging scenes. Ending every episode on something Ryan related will eventually get tiresome if the writers don't hurry up and introduce him but overall, this was superb.moreless
  • Nora has a yard sale and everything must go

    In this episode of Brothers & Sisters, the following happens. Nora decides to have a garage sale, to raise funds for her new charity. We learn that Kitty is standing down from her job with Robert. The temp agency sends Rebecca to work with her mother; she has to go otherwise she'll be fired. Robert interviews people for Kitty's job, but he dislikes them all. The day of the garage sale arrives and everyone turns up to help out. They are all upset that Nora is selling most of their father's belongings. After the sale, when Justin & Nora are working out how much they have made, Nora begins to cry. Tommy & Sarah work out their differences. Robert offers Kevin the job, which means he would be replacing Kitty.moreless
  • Nora has a yard sale to get rid of all of William's things.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the story lines in this episode were great, especially Nora's. Sally Field did an absolutely amazing job in this episode. It was great having Dave Annable in lots of scenes with Sally Field in this episode. I always love their scenes together. Justin was great in this episode. I especially loved the scene between Justin and Nora when Nora becomes really sad when the all of the emotions of realizing that all of William's things were gone hit her, and I also loved the scene between them at the end of the episode. I loved Kevin in this episode, but I do wish that Scotty had been in this episode though. I'm really excited to see where the whole thing with Kevin working for Robert goes. I also loved Julia in this episode, especially the scene between Julia and Sarah were Julia lashes out at Sarah. I just wish that they featured her more on the show. I can't believe that Holly lied to Rebecca once again after she told her that she wouldn't lie to her ever again. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Brothers & Sisters from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Brothers & Sisters.moreless
  • This is exactly why I watch the show. The relationships between brother and sister, mother and child. Reflects well on real life relationships. Also the humor amidst drama.

    Exactly why I watch the show; the relationships between characters, especially those of brother and sister and mother and child. I liked how Justin was concerned that his mother would regret selling all of William's possessions. In the end, it was sweet how he comforted her, almost in return for all the times she comforted and supported him. Also liked the relationship of Tommy and Sarah. Sarah was defending Kevin in getting mad at Tommy but Tommy had a point as well. But in the end, their history was too strong to stay mad and they made up. Just like real siblings. Secondly, there was humor amongst the drama of the fighting and soul searching. One part I found extremely funny was Kevin, Saul, and Sarah laying by the pool during a weekday morning. Another part was where Kevin just gave away the GI Joe right in front of Robert. Overall, an enjoyable episode that reminded me why I like this show and tune in every week.moreless

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    • Kevin won't sell Robert his GI Joe.
      Robert: Name your price.
      Kevin: You know what? I'll probably just hold on to him. I don't think he has any tours left in him.
      Robert: He's gonna sit on a bookshelf and have some R&R.
      Kevin: You say that now. Next thing you know, he's off fighting an endless and unnecessary war.

    • Kitty: Oh, yeah, the Hulk. And you wore those embarrassing denim gauchos.
      Kevin: They weren't gauchos. My pants split open when I couldn't contain my rage … Thank you for ruining my one macho childhood memory.

    • Justin: Mom, there're still some times when I wanna drink, or get high. And it sucks because just when I think I'm over it, I'm not. Sometimes it just feels like hell, and I have to let myself feel that. But it does go away mom.
      Nora: I wish he didn't get to me. I hate that he gets to me.

    • Rebecca: I hate that when I look at you all I see is lies. I don't get to remember that summer, I don't, I don't get to remember kindergarten, field trips or easter eggs hunts in the backyard. I remember... how you lied to me my entire life. You're my mom, you're the only family I have, I don't know how to get that back.
      Holly: One step at a time. Let me earn that trust back.
      Rebecca: I don't know that you can.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Všechno musí jít (Everything Must Go)

    • Music:

      Red red wine by UB40 (when Sarah, Kevin & Saul are relaxing by the pool 4.36)

      Our House by Madness (during the garage sale 21.35)

      The Wind by Cat Stevens (Tommy & Sarah burying the time capsule 40.00)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Portugal: Friday, February 20, 2009 on RTP2
      Norway: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: Sunday, April 10, 2011 on Universal Channel


    • Kevin refers to the song Da Doo Ron Ron, that became a #1 Billboard hit in 1977, launching the career of teen idol Shaun Cassidy.