Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 3

Faking It

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2010 on ABC

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  • From now on, instead of Walker family dinners, we are going to have Walker family plastic surgery seessions!

    This episode deserves a 10/10 just for its comedy aspect. I found myself laughing for a good part of this episode, which is always a plus in my book.

    The theme of this episoed is something we all so every day - Lie. Sarah lies about her age, Kitty about her identity, Nora about her secret appointment. It was really interesting to see the lies unfold, and little damage seemed to have been done.

    The storylines weren't too great, but the scenes with Rebecca and Holly were really sad. The epsode's positive aspect lay with its humor.

    Keep it up, Brothers & Sisters! Impressive start to Season Five!
  • Sarah doesn't want Luc to learn her age. A friend of Nora suggests cosmetic surgery, & Sarah wants his number, too. Kitty just buried Robert, but has the hots for the handyman. Justin tries to get back with Rebecca. Her mother, Holly, has amnesia.

    In this episode, Sarah Walker and Luc are getting ready for Sarah's birthday, and she doesn't want to have a big party. Really, she is afraid that someone, Nora most likely, will say something about her real age, because she told Luc she will be turning 40. She is very insecure, and even considers cosmetic surgery. I think that she is right to feel insecure. Her desirability index is much lower than Luc's. He is a little too perfect, a sensitve French artist who is also an underwear model. She is kind of cute, but you could land a plane on her forehead. It seems like Luc stuck by her even when it seemed like she would lose the company, and be broke. But I don't know if I am buying it. Meanwhile, Nora bumps into an old friend who looks great due to cosmetic surgery. The friend gives her the doctor's digits and suggests she give it a try. Kitty is renting a house and has plumbing issues. She is attracted to the plumber, but he starts talking about how annoying the out-of-towners are to the locals, so she lies about who she is. I think this could be interesting if she starts seeing this guy, and he is a tea partier. There could be some very lively political discussions. You'd think that if she was married to a Republican Senator there would be a lot of politics, but it was mostly played as a mother/daughter conflict. Rob Lowe as a Republican Senator was more like a RINO, or at least a very liberal and moderate Senator. Rob Lowe was interested in politics, but at a Democrat Party Convention in Georgia, he got into a little trouble. A video with an underage woman, drugs. Lucky for him, in Georgia the age of consent was low enough that he wasn't labled a sex offender, and he got off with just probation and community service. But his career in politics was over, at least as far as the Democrat Party was concerned. Maybe the Republicans were open to him. I wondered if he was a Republican in real life? Anyway, the character of Kitty Walker, right wing pundit, was kind of undercut because she was always taking the side of her drug addicted Iraq veteran brother, or her gay brother. It always seemed like Kitty wasn't really a true believer, because the writers weren't really conservative, but were just trying to create her character for dramatic conflict. I think that the relationship with the plumber could be a way to bring in the current rift in politics between the Republican intellectuals and the populist Tea Party upstarts. For now it is just a soap opera fantasy romance, like Brian Austin Green on Desperate Housewives being seduced by Bree, but it has the potential to open up a very topical political discussion.
    Justin is trying to get back with Rebecca. I didn't see what caused their latest break up, but maybe it had more to do with the actress wanting to leave the show? Her mother, Holly, was in a car accident and has amnesia. She doesn't remember her own daughter. This is very much a soap opera type of plot move. More likely the Holly/Nora rivalry has run its course, and the writers, or perhaps the focus groups, are bored with her. I think that the Justin character has really put his addiction behind him. Actually, this doesn't seem very realistic, but again, the writers, perhaps the focus groups, are getting tired of his addiction, so it is being underplayed. Now the burning question is will he get back together with Rebecca. Did you ever notice how much wine they drink on Brothers & Sisters. I did see them say something about how Justin shouldn't drink any, because he was a drug addict, but the rest of them drink like fishes. I remember a teacher said that while they were in college they tried to read Hemmingway novels, and take a drink whenever the characters did. That would be fun to do with this show: Keeping Up With The Walkers. Instead of "Hi, Bob" you just drink whenever the Walkers do.

    I noticed that Tommy Walker is kind of forgotten and swept under the rug. What I heard was that the rest of the cast were offended because he was married and started openly cheating on his wife. He was also difficult to get along with on the set. I think that they started carping at him about his cheating, and soon it was Balthazar Getty against everyone else. He Tweeted that he was done with the show, and they were done with him. He is going to guest on Hawaii Five-O. He might be back for the season finale, which would be good.