Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 20

Father Unknown

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on ABC

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  • Some of the storylines might not be great, but the way they were handled here was brilliant.

    So Sarah is Brody's daughter. I knew this from reading spoilers, and wasn't exactly fond of this repetitious storyline. However, the way it was handled in this episode was funny and quite original. Nora and Justin trying to get the DNA test done was amusing, especially the scene when the three of them were all hiding things. Sarah's reaction to the news was at first what you'd expect, shock. But I liked how there wasn't a massive blow-up row over it. She accepted it, and moved on. For now anyway.

    Kevin and Scotty have a baby boy, who Michelle stole. That's a rather random reveal, but it was done excellently in this episode. There fight was brilliantly acted and intense. As was the cliff-hanger of baby Daniel being put in Justin's hands, and Olivia asking 'Who's is that baby?' How will Kevin and Scotty explain this one.

    Justin stood out here, and he has grown hugely as a character. I loved when you told Nora and Kevin to just be honest with each other. Now, Brody will be back - how will Sarah react? Will he get back with Nora? How will Olivia take the news that she has a baby brother? When will Kitty finally return? So many questions for the final two episodes of the show. I'm intrigued...