Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 20

Father Unknown

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Scotty, Kevin and Olivia in her room

      Scotty: Wow. Another masterpiece.
      Olivia: Now it will be like I was sleeping by the campfire, but in my bed.
      Scotty: Okay well, Olivia, it is bedtime little camper.

      Kevin walks in
      Olivia: Kevin! You missed me so much!
      Kevin: I know, I did.
      Olivia: Oh, I got you this rock - I know it doesn't sound like a good present but... really it is.
      Kevin: I will love this forever and call it Herman.
      Olivia: Herman? That's a weird name. Oh, you know what else is weird?
      Kevin: What?
      Puts his hand on Scotty's
      Olivia: Sometimes when the wind would blow the campfire smoke, where we were sitting, Cooper said if you close your eyes and say, "I love rabbits, I love rabbits", then the smoke would blow the other away.
      Kevin's phone rings
      Olivia: I didn't believe it, but it worked.
      Kevin: Whaat?
      Scotty: That's crazy.
      Kevin: Ooh, speaking of crazy: it's your uncle Justin.
      Olivia: He said your head looks like a rock.
      Kevin talks to Justin on the phone
      Kevin: Did you say my head looks like a rock? You're where?
      Kevin walks downstairs, leaving Scotty with Olivia
      Olivia: Can I draw one more picture before bed?