Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 20

Father Unknown

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Kevin and Scotty at their apartment
      Hey! Jeremy's got the lunch-rush under control, thank god. I don't think I could force a smile for another second.
      Kevin I told Justin.
      Scotty Did you make him swear not to tell your family?
      Kevin Yes Scotty, I think he understands the gravity of the situation.
      Scotty What did he say?
      Kevin He said he thought she should be in jail for 20 years, minimum. He also called her a monster.
      Scotty I don't believe that, she's not an evil person. Kevin, neither of us knows what it's like to carry a baby inside our bodies.
      Kevin I'm, I'm sorry I can't listen to this. We have a son, Scotty. It says here: father unknown, which is a lie. It also says he's name is Daniel, which is not the name we chose, but Michelle's father's name. Our son doesn't know we excist! What more is it's gonna take 'till you are angry at her?
      Scotty I am angry. But it doesn't make me feel better to hate her!
      Kevin I'm sorry.
      Scotty It's okay... Look Kevin, we've gotta pull it together before Olivia gets home.
      Kevin I know... I know... I forgot to tell you, she texted me a couple of minutes ago.
      Scotty Really? I didn't get one from her.
      Kevin Well check your phone, I'm sure she's written something to you too. "Saw a babydeer... Paige nd I r in the same tent."
      Scotty I miss her.
      Kevin So do I. But she's having a great time.
      Scotty Yeah.
      Scotty gets a text
      Kevin What does she say?
      Scotty Ah, it's not from her. It's from Jeremy: he needs me back downstairs.
      Kevin Don't worry, I'm sure she's writing you a long text about skunks or something.
      Scotty Yeah I'll um... I'll send something... from downstairs.