Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 21

For Better or for Worse

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 01, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Sarah drives to Modesto to talk to Brody. She tells him about the DNA test that they performed using his baseball hat. She tells him that he is indeed her father but she wants no connection with him. She tells him that she doesn't want to get to know him and that they don't want him in their lives. Sarah warns him especially not to call Nora since things have been very difficult. Brody comes to the house to talk to Nora but she won't open the door. She calls him instead to tell Brody that Sarah doesn't want any contact with him and she has to respect her daughter's wishes.

Justin and Luc encounter a problem at the hotel with the room reservations. Tyler, someone Justin had dated in the past, walks in to the hotel and she is in charge. Tyler fixes the problem with the reservation and Luc feels that there is still chemistry between the pair. Back at the house Justin tells Nora that she doesn't have to ignore Brody even though Sarah doesn't want contact with him. Nora then tells Justin and Saul that she probably would have ended up with Brody if William had never asked her to marry him. Back when they were young, as a parting gift after Nora had told him about her engagement, Brody gave Nora a necklace. Back in the present day, Nora runs into Brody out in town. She then asks him to come over to the house.

At the hotel, Justin checks in a few of Luc's cousins to their rooms. Luc's cousin Pierre begins flirting with all the ladies in the hotel. Justin chats with Tyler and tells her that he's a changed man. He asks if he can make it up to her and asks her out but she declines but then changes her mind and they plan to meet after the bachelor party that night.

Olivia begins acting out at school and home now that Daniel has arrived. Scotty and Kevin have been spending a lot of time and giving a lot of attention to Daniel now that he's arrived in their home. They understand why she's acting out but it still doesn't excuse her actions. At Sarah's house, Kitty, Nora and Sarah argue about the menu for the wedding. Sarah tells Nora that she needed closure by talking to Brody. Sarah is upset that no one had planned a bachelorette party for her. Sarah decides that it would be more fun if she crashed Luc's bachelor party and Kitty is completely on board with the idea. Nora is in a rush to leave which Sarah is curious about and Nora decides to tell her the truth that they are meeting. Sarah is more upset at the possibility that Nora may choose Brody over her.

At the bachelorette party, Luc's cousins are flirting heavily with the girls while Luc is busy texting Sarah with no response while Kevin texts with Scotty about the kids. Justin received a text from Tyler saying that she doesn't want to hang out. Justin is still hung up on Tyler but ultimately decides to join the bachelor party and go to the strip club with the boys instead. Kevin receives a call from Olivia's old group home – it turns out she snuck out and went back to the old home. Brody arrives at Nora's house and she's quick to bring him inside the house. She doesn't like the idea of sneaking around behind Sarah's back but Brody calms her down. Nora says it's best if they decide how to say goodbye to each other.

Sarah has a terrible night. She was unable to get into the club because she left her ID at the county clerk's office. She has a bit of a breakdown with Kitty and has a crisis of her identity. She tells Kitty that she's no longer a Walker and now the two of them are just half sisters. Kitty convinces her that their bond as sisters goes deeper than blood but Sarah runs off.

Scotty and Kevin head to the group home to talk with Olivia. She had snuck out of the house and took the bus to the group home. Kevin says that there is a problem but they need to solve it as a family. She thinks that now they have their first choice child with Daniel is with them, they no longer need her. Kevin tells her that the four of them were brought together by fate and that they all need each other.

Brody tells Nora about what happened when he was in Florida. William called Brody after he had left to play baseball and Brody returned to Pasadena. William asks Brody for his blood type and he tells him that his blood type is B, but so is William's. Sarah's blood type is AB which could make her either of their child. William convinces Brody that it would be best if Sarah were raised by him since he's building a business and a future. Brody tells William that Nora had come to her the day that he proposed but William counters that Brody was unable to stop her. William has Brody tell Nora that night that his blood type is O and to leave. Brody asks Nora if she loves William and she says she does. It turns out that if Nora hadn't sent Brody away that he wouldn't sign Sarah's birth certificate. While it seems like William had them both under his thumb, they're happy that they've been reunited.

Sarah ends up at the restaurant and has a heart to heart with Saul. She tells Saul that she feels alone and can't talk to Nora about it but Saul says she has to. Kitty comes in and is happy to see her and the two of them make up. Justin returns the French cousins to the hotel and finds Tyler at the desk. She needed time to think. She tells Justin that she's married but it's complicated because they are separated. She's had a terrible year but was hoping that Justin would be something good to happen to her this year and they kiss. Sarah goes to Nora's house to talk but finds her asleep in Brody's arms.