Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 19

Game Night

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on ABC

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  • Kitty and Nora throw a game night against a rival family. Rebbecca becomes more friendly with the family and very close to one family member in particular.

    This episode starts off really great when Kitty interviews Jason. She thinks that Jason is one of Robert's fraternity brothers and when Jason says they took baths but doesn't remember them but has pictures she puts two and two together. She wants to set up Jason and Kevin but Robert doesn't think it's a good idea. Robert actually said that Jason was a serial dater and that Kitty called him a "man whore". Ha.. funny. We find out about the rival between the Walkers and the Jones. Tommy calls them the Bizzaro Walkers. Like the evil Walkers. Later Kitty and Nora see Miranda Jones (the bizzaro Nora) and Lizzie Jones (the bizzaro mix between Kitty and Sarah) and the Jones bring up the last time the families had a game night. Since this brings up some bad memories for Kitty she challenges the Jones to a rematch. Later that same day Sarah, Tommy and Kevin, at Justin's request, try to meet up with Rebbecca to get to know her better. Rebbecca feels a little overwhelmed when, in pure Walker fashion, Sarah, Tommy and Kevin all call her within a few minutes of each other. Rebbecca decides to meet them all at Walker Manor. Kitty comes home to tell the other siblings about the game night challenge when she finally meets Rebbecca. Kitty's stunned to say the least and says "I didn't expect you to look so much like my dad." It was sad to see that. I think that Kitty was trying to forget as much of the bad stuff about her father as she could and Rebbecca is just a living reminder of what her father really was. Meanwhile, Kitty sets up Kevin with Jason but the twist is that Kevin doesn't realize that Jason is Robert's brother. It's hilarious because Kevin just goes off on Robert and Jason gets out his phone and pretends to get an emergency call from the hospital. Ha.. good stuff. It's not until Robert comes to take part in game night that Kevin realizes that Jason was Robert's brother. Kevin gets so mad at Kitty for not telling him who Jason really was.

    During the game of charades Nora tries to get everyone to say Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and points to Kitty. Kevin goes "backstabber, shrew, Die Kitty Die." It was just hilarious. The game night ends sadly when the Walker family gets a question about Shakespeare and Kitty swears she knows the answer. Rebbecca thinks she knows the answer as well and the family sides with Rebbecca. The answer ends up being what Kitty thought it was. How sad for Rebbecca. Kitty and Rebbecca kind of make up at the end of the show and Rebbecca remarks how she's going to meet some friends to hang out and Kitty goes "It's almost midnight! I wish I had your life." Rebbecca says, "Yeah, Sarah said the same thing. That's kind of funny cause I always wanted the one you guys had." How sad. The episode ends with Rebbecca getting a guitar lesson from Joe. Joe and Rebbecca kiss at the end leaving us all to wonder what will happen now.