Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 19

Game Night

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on ABC

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  • Rematch Written by Molly Newman And Cliff Olin And Peter Calloway Directed by Matt Shakman

    Kitty: "You know, um, I really am sorry. Wow, wow! I didn't expect you to look so much like my Dad"
    Rebecca: "Yeah I heard he was a great guy".

    This is an episode of acceptance on the thorny subject of Rebecca, which is overdue enough. For the past few episodes everyone except Justin, Saul and Nora have made the effort to get to know William's illegitimate daughter and it was only right that the remaining Walkers did the same thing.

    You could argue that Justin has been browbeating the issue of Rebecca and that everyone else has the right to decide whether or not they want her to be a part of their lives but when you consider that Sarah was the one who blabbed about Rebecca's parentage to the girl and Kevin tried to get DNA proof, neither of these two are in a position to take the moral high ground.

    Come to think of it, neither is Kitty. Having reservations about Rebecca is understandable. No-one is saying Kitty should love her overnight but the fact that Kitty won't even try to get to know the girl and constantly refer to her as a mistake makes Kitty sound like a spoiled **** to be honest.

    Kitty's 38 years of age, is she really that dense to think that Rebecca is actually at fault here and that Rebecca discovering she has a set of dysfunctional siblings is easy for her? Kitty was stupid enough to try and embrace Robert's kids at a way too early stage in their relationship but she did it. Shouldn't she give Rebecca the same courtesy?

    Kitty wasn't exactly pleased when she stumbled home and noticed Rebecca among the rest of her siblings. She might have liked the idea of not getting to know her half sister but she wasn't given a choice during that scene. Given how Kitty behaves in this episode, I'm glad that Rebecca was forced down her throat. I wouldn't be thrilled to find out my dad father another woman's child but even I would try not to be an **** about it either. Kitty unfortunately doesn't see past herself in this instance.

    Even during Game Night, Kitty's more interested in scoring points of old rivals and arguing with Kevin than making an effort to get to know Rebecca and there's a truly horrid moment when the girl overhears Kitty calling her a mistake. I'm surprised that at this point Rebecca hasn't decided to vocally defend herself or that even Nora didn't say something to Kitty. That comment was way too nasty for its own good.

    Kitty did make a half-hearted attempt to apologise to Rebecca at the end of the night but there's something really interesting in that both Kitty and Sarah envied Rebecca's carefree life but when the former says it, Rebecca responds by telling Kitty she wished for the life the Walkers did have. You mean the one where William was sleeping with your mum and embezzling Ojai but no-one knew? If that's the case, I prefer this one.

    Getting close to her family hasn't been easy for Rebecca. Enough people seem to hate Holly that had them at a distance but when they all tried to get to know her, Rebecca was quick to point out how forced it came across. For an argumentative bunch, Kevin and company managed to take that particularly well.

    Three episodes I came close to hating Sarah for the spiteful way she told Rebecca about who she really but I'll admit that Sarah did deserve points here for coming up with her own organic way of getting to know Rebecca. Plus Paige and Cooper haven't played much of a role in previous episodes so Rebecca's generous enough to allow the former work on her hair and draw pictures with the latter.

    The "guitar lessons for babysitting duty" pitch wasn't her best moment but when Rebecca expressed sadness about not being a part of Game Night, Sarah had enough savvy to bring the girl there and even backed her during the last game despite Rebecca getting the question wrong.

    Unfortunately any hope of Sarah and Rebecca instantly bonding then gets kicked out of the window when the episode ended with Rebecca telling Justin that during a lesson Joe made a pass at her. The obvious question would be is she telling the truth?

    Although Rebecca looked genuinely distraught when telling Justin, there's a fair amount of evidence that would suggest she's lying. Joe and Rebecca had some intimate conversations about being outsiders and Joe did let slip that the Walkers tend to rally in a crisis. Rebecca could inventing a crisis in an attempt to forging a bond with her new family, plus there was an element of mutual flirting between them.

    However to be objective, Rebecca did look actually distraught and Joe and Sarah's marital difficulties haven't disappeared just because the writers haven't rammed them down our throat in the last two episodes. Rebecca was the first person who took an avid interest in Joe's music and during their lesson he did get rather close to Rebecca at one point.

    So in my book I'm willing to bet the kiss was consensual but which one of them initiated it is harder to fathom. I can't wait to find out though. One thing Rebecca will learn very soon and much to her disadvantage is that no-one in her new family is capable of keeping a secret. As a viewer you almost want Rebecca to be innocent so she doesn't come across as a Holly Part 2.

    Getting away from family drama, another sore point with the Walkers this week was the return of long term rivals the Joneses, who accordingly are a bizarre version of our crazy lead family. You've got Miranda and her husband along with five kids Lizzie, Stephanie, Donna, Roger and Doug and a litter of grandkids.

    I've love to do some compare/contrast but not too much is really revealed about the Jones clan to set them out. Clearly there are big rivalries between Nora and Miranda and Kitty and Lizzie (she who is also about to pop out her fifth kid). Other than that I'll assume Sarah and Stephanie (big boobs), Tommy and Roger (no longer the football player), Justin and Doug (nerd who set up a website) and Kevin and Donna.

    Focusing on the latter comparison, Donna is definitely an opposite of Kevin in the sense that she's married her girlfriend and actively participates in many big gay events which lead to Kevin delightfully quipping about how he isn't as gay as her. Donna is also the only one in her family who is kinda interesting. I was amused by the idea that she and Kevin were each other beards at junior prom.

    Still the big rivalry in this episode is more focused on Kitty and Lizzie. Lizzie is one of those infuriating housewives who has to gloat about the amount of times she has been knocked up, how great her husband is and more importantly, how much fun she has at the expense of Kitty's competitive behaviour all of which are enough to make you want Kitty to throw a shoe at her.

    Instead Kitty kinda plays into Lizzie's hands by trying to use Robert as a means of showing off and acting neurotic during the last round. To Kitty's credit, if everyone else had listened to her instead of Rebecca, the Jones lot wouldn't have scored another victory but she'd really want to keep that shrew like tendencies of hers in control.

    Still if Kitty is neurotic and a bit of a shrew, then Nora can definitely take responsibility in that. She was the one who developed the insane need to best Miranda and she was also the one less interested in her kids squabbling and more fixated on winning a frivolous game. Also both Nora and Kitty did team up together to get Lizzie's daughter to hand them back William's trophy. Kitty might not like to admit it but she's more like Nora than she would like to be. Not that Nora is bad or anything. She just happens to be a bit too much at times.

    Speaking of too much when we aren't getting bogged down in this show's attempt of making Robert McCallister the TV sequel to Jed Bartlett, Kitty still has to do some more interviews and while Robert's squeaky clean image is becoming slightly far fetched (for crying out loud, did this guy even get a hangover on graduation?).

    Instead of interviewing an ex-girlfriend, Kitty gets the pleasure of interviewing Robert's gay brother Jason, who's able to provide an amusing enough anecdote on his brother but it also gives Kitty the incentive to try and set Jason up with Kevin. I don't blame Robert for trying to veto this idea but Jason's pretty hot and although Kevin just broke up with Chad about a week ago, I see potential.

    By that I don't mean double dates where Kevin will have mind his P and Qs but what I do mean is that there is an instantly charming rapport between Matthew Rhys and Eric Winter and let's face it, Jason does make a better impression in his debut episode than either Scotty or Chad did.

    It's too bad that Kevin's tactic for trying to impress Jason involved him taking great pleasure in slamming Robert and not getting the hint from Jason that he wasn't doing himself any favours.

    It's also interesting that Kevin then spends the episode after finding out that Jason was a McCallister coming with inventive ways of expressing his annoyance towards Kitty. See Kitty interfering really isn't your strong point.

    Even though he was kinda scary and totally irrational, Kevin is nothing short of fun when pissed off and Matthew Rhys' flair for comedy is every bit as successful as anything dramatic he's been given. That dinosaur impression will stay with me for a good while yet.

    What's also interesting is that Kevin managed to piss Jason off so much that Robert is the one to tell him that his brother wants nothing to do with Kevin. With Kevin only being more than happy to slam Robert, the Senator is quick to point out Kevin's faults too. You'd think within the last couple of weeks that Kevin would think before speaking.

    Also in "Game Night"

    Maybe it's just my family but there really isn't a big traditional meat for an Easter dinner. However reserving turkey isn't much of a shocker.

    Jason: "Well it's nice to meet you. I looked for you at the announcement. My Brother has a lot of nice things to say about you"
    Kitty: "Um-hmm, um-hmm and did he tell you have a gay brother?"
    Jason: "No but congratulations".

    Kitty asked Robert if anyone else knew his real story about that plane incident. It's probably the only really smart thing she did in this episode.

    Justin (re Rebecca): "She's not a stranger"
    Kitty: "Well she is to me and I'm going to keep it that way".

    Kevin: "I'm scaring you again aren't I?"
    Rebecca: "Can I get back to you?"

    According to Kevin, the three common gay names are Jason, Ryan and Philip. I know men by those names and as far as I can tell none of them are gay.

    Kevin (to Rebecca): "We tend to make things worse and then blame each other"
    Sarah: "Yeah, that's pretty much it".

    Cooper: "Dinosaurs can't be pink"
    Rebecca: "She's a girl dinosaur".

    Joe owns an impressive 40 guitars, which 20 of Sarah doesn't know about and Rebecca admitted that a relationship with a teacher is why she's really dropped out of college.

    Jason: "I just got a call coming in"
    Kevin: "I didn't hear it"
    Jason: "I've got it on vibrate".

    Sarah (re Stephanie): "She did not have those in high school"
    Justin: "Still not caring".

    Sarah asked Rebecca to a club, Tommy and Julia invited her to dinner and Kevin suggested seeing a film about Meerkats. That latter suggestion made me laugh a bit.

    Robert (re Jason/Kevin's date): "Apparently it didn't go so well"
    Kevin: "You could say that".

    Joe (re the Walkers): "They've got this whole tune thing going on and you're the extra beat"
    Rebecca: "Spoken like a true musician".

    Some of the stuff at game night included charades (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/All Quiet On The Western Front/Jurassic Park), Operation, Twister and Trivia.

    Kevin: "Say you don't think I'm good enough for your brother"
    Robert: "Okay I don't".

    Justin (to Kitty/Kevin): "What the hell is wrong with you guys?"
    Sarah: "I just walked in to find Joe".

    Holly wasn't in this episode. Undoubtedly I can't see her liking the idea of Rebecca getting to know the Walkers when she does come back.

    Rebecca (to Kitty): "Sarah said the same thing the other night. Just funny because I want the life you guys had".

    Ken Jr: "What about me?"
    Nora: "Sorry kid maybe next time you'll be a little more helpful".

    Standout music: "Death On Me" by Tony Lucca and "Buffalo Ghost" by Eddie Brickell and New Bohemians.

    Justin: "Rebecca what happened?"
    Rebecca (re Joe): "He kissed me".

    Chronology: Well given that it's Easter, I'd say April 2007. Not sure how since "Three Parties" mind.

    Now after two previously unsatisfying episodes, "Game Night" is a bit step in the right direction. Mostly a funny episode but some nice shades of impending conflict and Jason is one character we could see again.
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