Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 19

Game Night

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Sarah and Joe's daughter's full name is Paige Victoria.

    • During the twister game, Sarah calls "Left hand blue", but the woman playing moves her right hand.

    • Susan Sullivan formerly played Kitty Montgomery on ABC's "Dharma & Greg" Calista Flockhart's character on "Brothers & Sisters" is also named Kitty

    • Two of the Walkers' rivals for the Family Game Night are played by Susan Sullivan and Jenna Elfman. Susan and Jenna starred in the ABC sitcom "Dharma and Greg", Jenna played the Free-spirited Dharma, and Susan played her uptight mother-in law Kitty Montgomery

  • Quotes

    • (after game night)
      Rebecca: Well, I've got to meet some friends, so...
      Kitty: At 11:00! Oh, my God, I wish I had your life.
      Rebecca: Sarah said the same thing the other night. Which is funny because I want the one you guys had.

    • Joe: Having fun?
      Rebecca: I don't know. When I'm around all of them, it's just like...
      Joe: They've got this whole rhythm going on and you're the extra beat.
      Rebecca: Spoken like a true musician.
      Joe: Or someone who's spent a lot of time with the Walkers.

    • Robert: From what I hear, Kevin's a serial dater.
      Kitty: No, no, no, he just, you know, no, he was just picking the wrong guys.
      Robert: Please Kitty, you used the phrase, and I'm quoting here, man whore.

    • Rebecca: Okay, I never really had brothers and sisters so I don't know how big families work, um, maybe this is the normal thing to do you know, just do things in a clump, like you all get together, solve problems.
      Kevin: No, no, we tend to make things worse and then blame each other.
      Sarah: Yeah, that's pretty much how it works.

    • (Talking about game night)
      Julia: Was that the night Kitty threw the trophy at your head?
      Tommy: Yeah, that was it. 12 stitches.
      Kitty: No, 6. It was 6 stitches and I tossed it you-
      Tommy: Threw it.
      Kitty: And you just somehow couldn't catch it.

    • Kitty: (Trying to set Kevin up with Jason McCallister) He's completely your type.
      Kevin: What, attractive and emotionally unavailable?
      Kitty: No, that would be you.

    • Nora: I'm happy to gobble down a sandwich in 25 minutes if it means I get to spend even a little quality time with my girl.
      Kitty: Yeah mom, we live together.

    • Tommy: The women in this family are really starting to scare me.

    • Rebecca: I appreciate you guys trying to include me, but it feels a little like I'm a chore on your to do list, you know, pick up dry cleaning, make connection with half illegitimate sister Rebecca.

    • (About Rebecca)
      Justin: She is not a stranger.
      Kitty: Well she is to me and I'm going to keep it that way.

    • Miranda Jones: Nora, who is that? Don't tell me, you brought in a ringer.
      Nora: Actually that's William's illegitimate daughter, my children's half-sister, Rebecca. (Waves to Rebecca) Hi Rebecca…Lovely girl.
      Miranda Jones: Oh! Well we don't have one of those.

    • Justin: Kitty, this is Rebecca.
      Kitty: (Kitty walks in to see Kevin, Sarah and Thomas): Oh! Oh, hi.
      Rebecca: Hi.
      Kitty: It's really nice to meet you. Wow…looks like Justin set up a little ambush here.
      Justin: Kitty, look I swear, we thought you were working.
      Kitty: Yeah…yeah, so ah what are you guys doing?
      Sarah: We're just ah…you know.
      Justin: Rebecca called a family meeting.
      Kitty: Rebecca I'm so sorry that this is so awkward.
      Rebecca: That's, that's all right. I'm getting used it. I think I'll go.
      (Everyone protests)
      Kitty: You know, um, I really am, sorry. (speaking more softly)Wow, wow! I didn't expect you to look so much like my dad.
      Rebecca: Yeah, I hear he was a great guy.

    • Kitty: Oh my God you're the gay brother!
      Jason: You're Kitty.
      Kitty: Yeah…ahh. God it's so great to finally meet you.
      Jason: Well it's nice to meet you. I looked for you at the announcement…my brother has a lot of nice things to say about you.
      Kitty: Um-hmm, um-hmm…and did he tell you that I have a gay brother?
      Jason: No, but congratulations.

    • Kitty: So no drugs, no cheating on exams, no hazing rituals?
      Jason: Umm, not that I saw.
      Kitty: Well, is there, is there anything you can think of that would possibly embarrass the Senator?
      Jason: Umm…he wet the bed a few times.
      Kitty: For real? (laughs nervously) No…no that was a good one, but, wet the bed. Did he wet the bed?
      Jason: Oh yeah. Oh, and we used to take baths together. That part I don't remember so well, but uh,,,I got pictures.
      Kitty: mean, was that some sort of fraternity-brother kind of thing?
      Jason: No, it's more of a brother-brother kind of thing. I'm Jason, McCallister – Bobby's younger brother?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Lizzie: (about her pregnancy) Oops, I did it again!

      This is a reference to a Britney Spears' song (and album), released in 2000.

    • Kevin: We used to call them the Bizarro Walkers. They were like us, only evil.
      A reference to the DC Comics character Bizarro - an imperfect (and often evil) duplicate of Superman.

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