Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 9

Get A Room

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on ABC

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  • Plays like a romantic comedy

    This one had very little 'drama.' Dave Annable was not in it (thumbs down). Ron Rifkin was not in it. Patricia Wettig was not in it. It was funny in spots, but this was probably the weakest episode of the season. I didn't like how the writers are dragging out the meeting between the guys and the social worker about the adoption. Kitty's romp with (another) new beau was interesting, but she never mentions her son...what kind of mother is she? We can forgive Nora for getting crazy and finally having some fun in her life (kudos to Sally Field for the great scene where Nora argues with Karl...she nailed it). Luc and Sarah should be married already...another plot that is being dragged out. And why don't the writers mention her kids either? Fortunately, Balthazar Getty will be back soon and there are some better episodes ahead.
  • Great episode! Another reason why this is one of my most favorite shows.

    This one had me laughing through at least 90 percent of it. But one question comes up, actually two. First, will an episode ever go by without it showing Kevin on the phone with either Kitty or Sarah, and the other one beeps in causing Kevin to switch lines or turning into a 3 way conference call? Cute, but I'm just wondering. Second, when's the next Walker family dinner? We used to not go through a single episode without there being one.

    Kind of funny how almost this whole episode took place at the hotel, like it was some kind of plug for it, but I got a whole "Big Business" vibe from it. (An old Midler film from long ago) Kevin was hysterical and Nora had me cracking up. And next weeks looks just as funny.

    I do wonder how they're going to handle the Luc storyline being away in China for 2 months. There is one more episode next week and then it's a break for the holidays, so no new one until early January. So does the 2 month story happen between next week and the return, or is he gone until late January or February?
  • Exceptionally funny episode!

    This was a great Brothers & Sisters episode, mainly because it was so funny. I really enjoyed all of the scenes in the episode that took place in the hotel, especially since nearly the whole family had booked a room withour the knowledge of one another.

    I was laughing right throughout the episode, and I really love that aspect of the episode, and in the previous episode, I was also laughing the entire way!

    I hope Borthers & Sisters continue to focus on the comedy aspect of thins, because there is a lot of potential there, and there is every possibility of that continuing!

    Kpeep it up, guys,a nd I can't wait for the next episode.