Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 8

Going Once...Going Twice

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2008 on ABC
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Kevin overcompensate for his recent pay cut by buying a dream house for Scotty. Justin attempts to play matchmaker for Saul.

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  • Scotty's promotion makes Kevin buy a house.

    This was a classic great B&S episode with drama, humor and a family dinner. The siblings try to cheer Kitty up ending with Sarah and Kitty having an argument but also coming to the conclusion "Less talking, more hugging". Justin is trying to set Saul up with a guy Paul from his NA group. Paul is a really funny but oversharing guy who makes the family dinner so funny to watch. The dinner is actually held for Scotty who now has been promoted to head chef in his restaurant. While Kevin is happy from him, he's also afraid that with Scotty being succesful and he himself getting a paycut at his new job with Robert he won't be able to take care of Scotty anymore. So he ends up buying a house that Nora initially wanted to buy for her center. Scotty is upset by Kevin always trying to be "the big succesful man" and they have an argument about it which ends up with them going to the bank to have their finances straited out. I really liked Scotty and Kevin in this episode, all their scenes were just adorable.moreless
  • Sold Written by Beth Schwartz And Brian Studler Directed by Karen Gaviola

    Kevin: "I guess I wanted to still prove to you that I could do that, that I could take care of you. If I couldn't, then why would you even love me?"

    Scotty: "Kevin, I don't love you because of how much money you make or because you take care of me. I love you because your heart is bigger than your very annoying brain."

    And in that beautiful compliment lies an insult of sorts. Nah, Scotty's got a point and while it's really frustrating that we had to go through the previous two episodes without him, he more than made up for things here by playing a very dominant role.

    In a reversal of fortunes, not only has Scotty gotten himself on the cover of a magazine but he's also become head chef at the very place he works in to boot. Okay, so it's fast moving career wise but it's nice to see things take off for Scotty and his career, which is one of the reasons why I like this show.

    Kevin's suitably chuffed about Scotty's news and so are the rest of the Walkers. After all, it gave Sarah a reason to host a meal in Scotty's honour at her place. I love that Sarah would do that for Scotty. It's a good reminder of how well the two of them got along with each other back in the first season's "Affairs Of State".

    However seeing as Walker dinners usually descend in chaos (and trust me this episode doesn't buck the trend); it's a wonder that Scotty isn't the least bit apprehensive about the whole. I suppose he's just delighted that unlike Robert, Nora doesn't think of him ill.

    It's also an opportunity for Kevin to be joyful for his husband's career success, seeing as he's experiencing a reverse effect. Working with Robert came with one hell of a hefty pay cut and Kevin felt a little threatened by it. It certainly went some way to explaining why he was so insistent on going to that auction with Nora.

    Getting gazumped by a random stranger for a house you desire is bad enough but when it's your own family, well then you can't blame Nora for getting mad. Kevin stopped her from buying the first house she wanted for her centre and then swiped the second one she wanted from under her nose.

    Nora also being Nora didn't exactly allow those feelings of resentment to fester either. When Scotty reacted to getting a new house by storming out, Nora pointed out to Kevin that he has a tendency to think that people need rescuing. Looking back at certain episodes, Nora's accusations aren't unfounded but I genuinely don't think that Kevin's intentions were bad.

    He wanted to do something nice for Scotty while at the same time feeling like he could still be a provider in light of his pay cut. I don't believe this is a characteristic that's strictly relegated to just men. Plenty of women can be very determined to be in that role as well.

    However I do think that Scotty had a point too. Kevin might have felt a little competitive but we've never Kevin threatened by Scotty or his career goals and there's no reason why we should either. Even when these two fight, their scenes are bloody compelling and it's nice that this doesn't fester into nastiness.

    In fact the ending had both Kevin and Scotty going to see a bank manager about a joint account, so it's good that everything is being kept on an equal path with the two of them. That being said, can Scotty be in next week's episode also?

    As for the mansion that Kevin splurged on, well him and Scotty might not get to enjoy it but at least Nora has a place for her centre. It was this episode's way of resolving her argument with Kevin and it served nicely. It's also nice that Nora's centre is getting there also.

    The other big plot in this episode was Kitty. Losing Trish due to her utter tactlessness might have been demoralising but watching her getting engrossed in rubbish programming was also bad form for viewers. Robert being the fairly ok husband that he is tried to get his wife out of her funk.

    Of course Robert should know by now that when he talks to one Walker, all of them get involved. He tried to talk to Kevin about Kitty when Kevin was on the phone to Sarah. Needless to say that in less than a minute, Tommy, Justin, Nora and Saul were also involved in the conversation.

    Learning that Kitty is the kind of person who needs to be doing something isn't that much of a shock. Giving her a project to keep her mind of Trish was a good idea in principal but it would also serve to create some trouble for Sarah in the process.

    Rachel Griffiths often doesn't get enough applause for her comedy but she was on fine form tonight as Sarah soon regretted giving Kitty the Greenatopia proposal. Kitty didn't exactly hold in her criticism of what Sarah's new business was trying to sell and at one point, I did think that Sarah was going to find another use for the meat mallet she was using to prepare dinner.

    Scenes like this are absolute comedy gold but eventually Kitty did go too far, what with her post it notes and permanent marker marks. Fortunately the row we got between Sarah and Kitty was as similarly muted as the Kevin/Nora one but equally as effective too.

    Sarah really did want to give Kitty something to focus on and Kitty admitted that she was still beating herself up over losing the birth mother. It's a beautiful scene between Griffiths and Calista Flockhart, one that maintains a comedic touch when Kitty gets out of answering an uncomfortable question by insisting on hugging Sarah.

    Of course no Walker dinner cannot be complete without at least one unwelcome guest and thanks to Justin, that unwelcome somebody had to have been Paul. Trust me, the guy might severely annoying but he really added to the scenes during Sarah's dinner for Scotty that I can make allowances.

    It's funny that now everyone is seemingly taking an interest in Saul's sexuality but Justin is the only person who actually decided to do something about it. I suppose Saul kind of shot himself in the foot by obviously letting everyone know that he was at a loose end since quitting Ojai.

    However setting your uncle up with someone from your narcotics meetings might not have been the wisest of moves. Rebecca had no problem stating this and while Holly pretended to admire Justin for his matchmaking skills, it didn't take her long to admit that Rebecca was in the right.

    Paul certainly wasted no time in making an impression on the Walkers either. Nobody likes an early dinner guest and it didn't take Paul long to totally overwhelm virtually every single person he came into contact with. As Rebecca had wisely dubbed it, Paul is definitely something of an over sharing individual.

    In fact, maybe one of the strongest parts of this episode was the lack of focus on Justin and Rebecca's relationship and the fact that their opposing opinions of Paul didn't escalate into a fight between them. Also while Justin's taste in men for Saul is bad, his intentions were good. Saul was able to see that pretty clearly.

    Plus Paul was absolutely priceless and he certainly added to various moments. He tried to bond with Nora over their penchant of adulterous men and when he realised that Saul knew nothing about him, he wasn't shy in amending that particular predicament. You wouldn't want him at your dinner party but you can't help but be amused by him for at least one episode. I think it's pretty safe to assume that Paul won't becoming back fairly soon. Still, he did make for a very fun one-off character and it was nice that you could laugh with him at different moments as well.

    Saul of course wasn't particularly impressed with Paul but I did like that he refrained from ripping Justin a new one. I also thought it was wonderful that he chose to confide in Justin that he was dating someone. Will Justin keep that bit of information to himself? I hope so but he's a Walker and their loose lips literally could sink ships.

    In other news for those of you who aren't blown away by Robert, this episode was made of win. First off all, he only appeared in three scenes and during those scenes his primary roles were to be of support to the Walkers and supportive to Kitty. If only this was the way that Robert could be used in a few other episodes.

    Also in "Going Once, Going Twice"

    No "Previously On" segment for this episode. This is about the second or third time this has happened this season.

    Kevin: "Did you just say, 'swing a cat'?"

    Scotty: "Where I come from, sometimes cats get swung."

    This was the first episode this season where absolutely no mention of Ryan was present. I bet a lot of viewers loved that.

    Saul: "So you just invited me breakfast, no ulterior motives."

    Nora: "Alright I wanted to show off. I want you to see how prepared I am."

    Nora: "Hello pot, have you met kettle?"

    Justin: "That's hilarious, mom. I think you're forgetting I have a girlfriend and I go to narcotics anominous. I have recruiting duties. Okay I'm pathetic too but at least I don't spend my days waiting for a repairman or polishing silver."

    Actually Saul did look a bit disappointed when he realised that Nora really didn't have any ulterior motives for inviting him to breakfast. He's so gonna get dragged into her centre.

    Scotty: "So, you're bonding with Vicki."

    Kevin: "Yeah. I'm pretty sure we could have her over for a threesome if you're interested."

    Paul (to Justin): "I'm so flattered but I'm afraid I'm way past my twink phase."

    I wonder if the writers would ever do a storyline where Justin did briefly date a man. I'm not saying they should but it would be interesting, certainly way more than him and Rebecca anyway.

    Justin: "His name's Paul. He's not too tall and he's gonna love Saul."

    Rebecca: "So basically he's a Dr Seuss character."

    Rebecca: "Are you excited over the possibility of another Walker dinner disaster?"

    Holly: "I have to admit it's a little of both."

    I have to admit that I like that Holly isn't masking the fact she enjoys causing headaches for Nora, even if I can't stand her.

    Tommy: "You need help with anything?"

    Sarah: "Yeah, I need you to help me not kill Kitty."

    Paul (to Nora): "We have similar tastes in men. I go from one cheater to another."

    Kitty had a spandex incident once. Tommy took her mind off it by getting her to write his history paper. Paul: "I've heard so much about you."

    Saul: "I've heard absolutely nothing about you."

    Tommy: "Don't worry, you will."

    Justin: "Paul's a nice guy."

    Rebecca: "Some of his stories have permanently scarred my brain."

    Justin: "He's really open."

    Rebecca: "I know his medical history from ringworm in grade school to having his overzealous ears irrigated. He's not open, he's an oversharer."

    We saw Kitty watching a new report on elected president Barack Obama. Seeing as this episode was filmed around August 2008, it was a nice add in.

    Kevin (re Scotty): "What are you talking about? I was trying to make him happy."

    Nora: "No, you just don't believe anyone can succeed without your help."

    Sarah: "No, but I have faith. And I know that whatever pain all this is causing is worth it. The moment you have your child, you'll be so grateful for every screw up, every disappointment, all the uncertainty because in the end, it's all led you to your daughter, your son."

    Kitty: "Well, I hope you're right."

    Sarah: "I am."

    Standout music: "Love Love Love" by Tristan Prettyman. Great track to end the episode on.

    Scotty: "I feel like we should have a safe word."

    Kevin: "Funny you should mention the word, 'safe'."

    Chronology: Eleven months since "Holy Matrimony".

    Easily the best episode of the season yet. "Going Once, Going Twice" had everything you need. Top comedy, the right amount of drama, brilliant interaction with several characters as well as some beautiful moments and some moments of honesty between certain players.moreless
  • Nora wants to buy a house

    In this episode of Brothers and Sisters, the following happens. Scotty has been promoted to Head Chief. We soon learn that Nora is going to be buying her first ever house, to help out families who have ill children. Sarah arranges to give Kitty her proposal to look over to get her mind off the fact that the adoption has fallen through. Justin tries to set his Uncle Saul up with someone from his NA meeting. Kevin goes with Nora when she goes to the housing auction. Kevin then has a brain wave and ends u buying the house which Nora wanted. At the meal for Scotty, everyone gets to met Paul, the man who Justin is trying to set Saul up with. When Saul learns that he is being set up, he is upset about it. At the dinner party, Kevin makes the announcement that he has bought a house for him and Scotty. But Scotty doesn't look pleased and leaves the party. After the party we learn that Saul is already seeing someone. We learn that since he took the new job, Kevin's pay has now dropped to a ¼ of what is used to be. At the end of the episode Kevin takes Nora to the new house and hands her the keys. Kevin takes Scotty to the bank so that they can open a joint account together.moreless
  • Scotty and Kevin were so cute tonight, it actually makes for the lack of punch in the rest of the story lines. I can't believe that Berlanti and co. would try to pass off keeping Kitty busy as an actual plot line of interest in this episode.moreless

    Kevin overcompensates for his recent pay cut by snatching Nora's dream house out from under her as a gift to Scotty. Scotty is less than thrilled, and explains he rather make these choices together. Kevin gives the house back to Nora, so she can build her charitable organization.

    Meanwhile Justin cooks up a plan to set Saul up with an unlikely candidate for a date (guest starring Dave Foley as Paul). Things go terribly awry when Justin invites Paul to Scotty's congratulatory family dinner, since Paul seems to have a case of verbal diarrhea. Saul understands that Justin meant well, but reveals that he's seeing someone.

    The Good: Scotty and Kevin were just too cute tonight! I wish we go to see more of them!

    - Dave Foley was just great as Paul, and really added to the madness of the Walker family dinners.

    - Loved the Walker family conference call.

    The Bad: This episode was just so average, there was some good moments that were mostly Scotty and Kevin, but all in all quite average.

    Bottom line: Filler episode, watch for Scotty and Kevin.

    More at www.theplurp.commoreless
  • Scotty gets promoted, and Kevin becomes jealous.

    All in all, I absolutely loved with episode. It was definitely a lot better than the last episode. All of the story lines were absolutely amazing. I absolutely loved all of the Nora and Kevin interaction in this episode, and I also loved all of the Kevin and Scotty in this episode. I especially loved all of the romantic moments between Kevin and Scotty. They are so great together, and once again I have to say that Matthew and Luke have amazing chemistry together. The whole Justin story line with him trying to fix Saul up with Paul was really great. Paul was absolutely hilarious. I was also very surprised by how much I enjoyed Tommy in this episode. The scene with Scotty's celebration dinner was amazing and very well done. Sally Field was especially amazing in that scene, as well as the rest of the episode. Kitty's interactions with Sarah in this episode was really hilarious too. I'm so glad that this episode had next to no Justin and Rebecca interaction since I hate them as a couple. In closing, I thought that this was an extremely well written, well acted and well made episode of Brothers & Sisters from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Brothers & Sisters.moreless

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    • Paul: I'm so flattered. But I'm afraid I'm way past my twink phase.

    • Kevin: I guess I wanted to still prove that I could do that, that I could take care of you. If I couldn't, then why would you even love me?
      Scotty: Kevin, I don't love you because of how much money you make, or because you can take care of me. I love you because your heart is bigger than your very annoying brain.

    • Scotty: Kevin, we gotta talk.
      Kevin: Oh what, storming out of Sarah's house in the middle of dinner wasn't communicative enough for you?
      Scotty: I didn't feel like making a scene.
      Kevin: Well you did, you just didn't stick around to see it.

    • Sarah: No, but I have faith. And I know that whatever pain all this is causing is worth it. The moment you have your child, you'll be so grateful for every screw-up, every disappointment, all the uncertainty, because in the end, it's all led you to your daughter, your son.
      Kitty: Well I hope you're right.
      Sarah: I am.

    • Nora: You just don't believe anyone can succeed without your help. There you go-- Kevin Walker to the rescue. But you know what? Maybe some people would really like to do things without your help. Maybe we don't wanna be rescued. Maybe we'd like you to mind your own business.

    • Paul: (to Nora) You know, we have similar taste in men. I mean I just go from one cheater to another.

    • Paul: I've heard so much about you.
      Saul: I've heard nothing about you.

    • Sarah: (to Tommy) You are so not as funny as you think.

    • (Kevin just got a pay cut.)
      Robert: Nobody goes into politics for the money; it's all about making a difference.
      Kevin: Right. Who needs those extra zeroes anyway.

    • Justin: (referring to Saul) Poor guy. Why, he doesn't have anything to do. He doesn't have a job, he just mopes around all day.
      Nora: Hello Pot, have you met Kettle?
      Justin: That's hilarious. I think, I think you're forgetting the fact that I have a girlfriend, that I go to Narcotics Anonymous, and I've recruiting duties. Ok I'm pathetic too.

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    • Paul: Quite the road to Damascus moment isn't it?

      He refers to the biblical story of when the apostle Paul, who converted from Judaism to Christianity while traveling on the road to Damascus. In the story, scales fell from Paul's eyes when he had this religious experience. Here, it is used to mean a revelation, when Paul (the character) first meets Saul.