Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 21

Grapes of Wrath

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 06, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

The vineyard opens up and the whole family attends. McCallister asks Kitty to go with him to Washington, but she can't because of the opening of the vineyard. He still didn't exactly answered her big question. Sarah doesn't know if she should go, but Joe wants to go with her, so he can show everyone they're still together. At the opening, Kitty is only drinking and calls McCallister. Saul warns Holly of hurting his sister again. Because he saw Holly making advances to Mark. Kitty has been drunk and Kevin stays with her, because she had taken some of his medication. She tells him, there will be a marriage and it's a big secret nobody should know, especially Sarah. Later that evening there's a family meeting, because Sarah wants to talk about the whole thing with Joe. Kevin tells them all about the marriage between Kitty and McCallister. Everyone is surprised and wondering why Kitty didn't tell them. Sarah understands it's because of her bad situation and makes clear she can handle good news and happiness. In the mean time Holly also makes a move on Mark when Nora is gone. They even kiss, when Nora heard about the sneak out of the two she got mad. She faces Holly and the get arguing. They're walking round the table and screaming to each other. When Holly says something really bad, Nora smashed Sarah's cake in Holly's face. This starts a food war. But it ends up with laughing; Holly tells Nora what she's missing about William. The next morning Kitty wakes up, she's being pampered by Kevin and Sarah. Kitty tells Sarah what has been going on between McCallister and her. Nora tells Mark about what she heard, he concludes he broke up. The rest of the family is still by Tommy, and Julia gets pain and fears the babies are coming. Tommy gets Justin out of bed and also the rest comes and help Julia.