Brothers & Sisters

Season 1 Episode 21

Grapes of Wrath

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 06, 2007 on ABC

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  • Nora and Holly have THE fight.

    This episode is mostly set in the opening of Holly and Tommy's new vineyard. Everybody feels kind of weird going there but they still show up. Kitty getting high on pain killers is really funny as well as Kevin acidentally breaking the news of Kitty's possible engagement. I also loved Sarah. She's so brave to go to the vineyard at all and it was a great speech she gave the family about ignoring Joe. I also liked the heartbreaking scene she had with Nora where she says she wants her kids to have a real family like she had growing up. The Nora-Holly rage just kept on accumulating through the episode so I was interested to see how it's gonna end. I thought it's gonna be a fight but..a food fight! I think Nora and Holly both had great lines in this scene describing their different points of view really well. Having them throw food on each other was a great idea, really funny. It was also a great idea to have Holly turn angry then laugh and then cry in this scene. It looked real and Nora giving Holly the advice to let go of William gave us a reason to believe that those two might still become friends some day. Not a big chance there though. The dramatic ending with Julia starting to give birth predicts a dramatic next episode. Til then I'm just gonna say I loved this episode, a parties and family dinners always make great episodes:)
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