Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 3

History Repeating

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2007 on ABC
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Rebecca worries about Justin, Tommy's marriage hits a road block as Julia starts coming out of her depression. Kevin meets an old flame and Kitty prevents a scandal.

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  • Julia blames Tommy... Justin takes his pain medication...

    Finally, Justin takes his medication. But at the end of the episode when he was in the kitchen with Kevin, Tommy and Nora he looked spaced out and stoned, did Nora give him to much? Or did Justin take more?

    I can't believe Julia blames Tommy for William, there was really nothing they could do for him by the sounds of it and it isn't going to celebrate the reason that the twins came either. They would come when they are ready anyway. Now do you think Kevin's or Justin's baby survived? I think she had one of each, Justin's and Kevin's and now I want to know who Lizzie's biological father is. Kitty was so good saying that she had the nanny when she really didn't. I so wanted her to be able to find her and get her to talk though but without telling his ex wife. Then it would of blown up in her face. I think Kitty and Robert make a good couple. Not much Sarah time in this episode though. I think I only saw her once.

    And Kevin and Scotty, I'm glad Kevin told Scotty he was in a relationship. He's changing and growing up a little bit I think. Good boy!

    As for Uncle Saul.... I think he is gay but we will have to wait for next week..moreless
  • Same Mistakes? Written by Jon Robin Baitz Directed by Matt Shakman

    Scotty: "I've been trying to be a grown up".

    Kevin: "Yeah, its hard work, isn't it?"

    Although I don't think Kevin was attempting to be particularly nasty when he let that one slip out, how do you combat a comment like that? When the title is called "History Repeating", there's the feeling that certain people are going to repeat past mistakes even when they should know better.

    Kevin for instance is in a relationship with a decent guy and has managed to curb his commitment phobia in favour of waiting for Jason. Re-entering Scotty into the picture can be taken for granted as the very obstacle that Kevin will have to try and overcome if he wants to stay with Jason.

    Of course Scotty didn't come back to renew his relationship with Kevin but more for a good lawyer who doesn't mind a small fee. Kevin must make enough at his firm or care too deeply for Scotty to work for nothing because either way, he takes very little persuading in taking on Scotty's case.

    Scotty has a history of letting his tongue get the better of him and talking back to a cop when being arrested for a DUI charge is certainly not his finest of moments. However because the cop happened to be a bit homophobic, Kevin feels more passionately about getting Scotty off.

    It helps that there was a lack of consistency with the breathalyzer that was used on Scotty and the fact that the officer in question comes across as a bumbling idiot, you might as well have sent Cooper and Scotty would still come out of the court without a fine. As a result, Kevin manages to get Scotty's case dismissed without even trying. Good times for Scotty then.

    Even better is that Scotty doesn't let this act of kindness go unrewarded. He might not be able to pay Kevin in cash but he does suggest paying him in a lot of free meals. Hell, even after an attempt to make out with Kevin, Scotty still manages to remain perfectly cordial to his former lover.

    Kevin doesn't actually reciprocate Scotty's come on either. Nope, he tells Scotty about Jason and even though Scotty does voice some scepticism about the long distance aspect of their relationship, things between the pair of them do remain friendlier than their last moments together in the first season.

    However when Kevin isn't trying a friendship with Scotty, we do learn that Scotty has been making some decent attempts to fix his life. Clearly sick of being a cater waiter, Scotty has managed to bag an internship at a posh restaurant as a sous chef and clearly he's got the gift for it with the meal he prepares for Kevin.

    It's also a little too noteworthy that there does seem to be some flirting between the pair. Kevin might be in a relationship with Jason but clearly there's a great chance he might end up with Scotty again as the both of them seem unlikely to keep to the friends' only deal they've struck up.

    If Kevin is tempted to make a mistake with Scotty, then Nora can be accused of tempting Justin to make another series of mistakes with drugs. Under normal circumstances, she would be fighting every corner to keep her last born off any drugs but it's now of all times that he needs medicating.

    With the nerve block option out the window, Justin is in more and more pain and still won't take drugs to fix that. This should be an admirable thing but all you have to do is listen to Kevin point out that Justin is sabotaging his own recovery and then you wind up siding with Nora.

    Granted she is in that shrieking mode that would make you want to ignore what she has to say but when Nora sets her mind to something, there's very little that will deter her. When Justin keeps refusing to take heed of her advice, she thinks that getting Rebecca onside is the next best option.

    Rebecca is actually reluctant to encourage Justin into taking drugs but Nora lays down enough reasons for her to make an effort. Taking Justin for the day so she could get him to take medication only saw him keeling over in agony and it doesn't Nora long to have a go at her.

    The thing is, Rebecca has been living with Nora since "Bad News" and has heard enough arguments in the Walker mansion to realise that when Nora tries to vent her anger out on someone, that person usually doesn't sit there and take it. Likewise Rebecca is quick in telling Nora where to get off but at the same time, both women are united in wanting the best for Justin.

    In fact when Justin does finally cave in and start taking his medication, Rebecca is quick to point out that he will need to be monitored in case he relapses. Nora just seems so relieved that he's making some progress that I don't think she really takes that into account. However, I'm glad that Rebecca is smart enough to come out with that statement because the chances of Justin relapsing are really high, especially after what he's been through in the last few months. At least someone is smart enough to realise that by helping Justin with one problem, he could stumble into another one.

    Speaking of problems, Robert's not even halfway through his candidacy and he's already facing more set backs. Last week there was the homophobic talk show and this week, the sometimes mentioned ex-wife Courtney has her own little plot that could kill Robert's chances for presidency.

    Because I'm still actually hoping that Robert doesn't become president, I'm rather willing to support whatever scheme Courtney has mustered up to ruin her ex-husband. It also doesn't help that Robert can't be particularly arsed to go and sort his own problem out properly.

    He comes out with all this rubbish about honour and yet the idiot is willing to let his former wife tell a live audience that he screwed the nanny when he didn't. Even when Kitty does instruct him to go and deal with Courtney, he still can't be bothered in actually stopping. Luckily what Robert seems to lack in balls, Kitty makes up in deceit as her manipulative side is brought to the fore. Ditching Robert's "nice" approach, Kitty goes for the jugular and threatens to humiliate Courtney after pretending to have contacted the nanny who didn't sleep with Robert.

    Given Courtney's reaction, it's safe to assume that Robert didn't cheat on her and while I do admire Kitty's little manipulative streak, I have to point out that Courtney points out the very fears that Kitty was musing to Robert in "Home Front".

    Kitty doesn't want to a woman behind a man and that's exactly what Courtney ended up becoming when married to Robert. She warns Kitty that Robert doesn't have the strong of team work ethics and given how much Kitty values her independence, it would be prudent of her regardless of how the campaign turns out to find ways of emphasising her own individual identity.

    If Kitty's relationship problems are threatened by identity issues and a lack of team work, then Tommy might have similar problems. So far this season, he and Julia have been unable to connect and the fact that she'd rather talk to her own parents about her feelings than Tommy is not good.

    In fact there's one particular moment when Julia even comes out and blames Tommy for William's death. While it wasn't a very nice thing of Julia to do, you can see why she's choosing to lash out on Tommy. He doesn't deserve it obviously but at the same, she's not able to deal with things like he can.

    Tommy's lucky in the sense that he's able to devote some of his energies into his work and providing for Julia and Lizzie. Julia doesn't seem to have an outside force in her life to take her mind off her grieve. Having her father trying to sandbag Tommy at every opportunity doesn't seem to do any good either.

    Still Ben is able to get Julia and Lizzie away from Tommy and hopefully when she does come back, they'll be able to connect with each other again. I do like Tommy and Julia as a couple and we don't really need to see another marriage fall to pieces on this show.

    I'm also hoping that whatever close relationship Tommy has developed with the super helpful Lena doesn't descend into an affair. Tommy really doesn't want to take after his dear old father in that way. Plus we really don't need a Holly Mark 2 either.

    Sarah on the other hand only graced us with her presence for one measly scene. I wouldn't mind but all she did in the scene was to tell Paige on the phone to mind her manner (clearly Paige is going to start rebelling) and offer Nora a tip in trying to get Justin to take his medication. Hardly riveting stuff but given how a lot of episodes have been Sarah heavy, maybe one where she hardly factored wasn't such a bad thing.

    Also in "History Repeating"

    Nice opening scene with Justin with the bath tub. There's nothing wrong with a bit of male nudity to start an episode of this show.

    Kevin (re music on stereo): "It's peaceful".

    Justin: "It's crap. Could you get a CD from my drawer, please".

    It should be noted that this is the last episode written by creator Jon Robin Baitz who left the series.

    Robert (re Courtney): "So you think I should crawl in the gutter with her?"

    Kitty: "No I think she's gonna drag you in the gutter".

    Justin: "Okay tell me what's the fastest way out of this conversation".

    Nora: "By having it".

    Rebecca has been taking up photography for the past while after an unsuccessful stab at sculpting. Why doesn't she go back to college?

    Julia: "I always wanted to be a dancer".

    Ben: "No problem. You'll just have to amputate those two left feet of yours".

    Robert: "You're not just slinging mud on me. You are completely defiling yourself. I know you're not going to be able to live with that".

    Courtney: "It can't be any worse than what I've lived with".

    In a case of art imitating life this week, actor Rob Lowe himself seems to be involved in a false sex scandal regarding former employees.

    Julia: "I blame you Tommy. I wanna get past this. If I go away, I think I could put things into perspective".

    Tommy: "You think?"

    Scotty: "I'm really happy for all of you, even the catfish".

    Kevin: "I'm sorry".

    Congratulations to actor Luke McFarlane who plays Scotty. He came out this week to US media of his own accord.

    Nora: "I'm here, I'll do whatever you want me to".

    Justin: "I want you to fill the prescription".

    Nora: "I already did".

    Standout music: "Home" by the Foo Fighters and "Soul Meets Body" by Death Can For Cutie.

    Courtney (re Robert): "You think you're his partner. No-one is his partner. He does it alone".

    Kitty: "I'll let myself out".

    Chronology: A few days after "An American Family".

    Although not the best that we've come to expect from this show, there's no denying that "History Repeating" could very much be a signal that some of our leads are going to make some questionable choices in the next few weeks.moreless
  • Nora enlists Rebecca's help as Justin's pain gets worse, Kitty has to deal with Robert's ex-wife, Kevin gets a surprise visit from his ex Scotty and a visit from Tommy's in-laws brings Julia's true feelings to the surface.moreless

    Another great episode from the Walkers, though not quite as strong as the previous two. Sally Field and Dave Annable pull off more great performances as they struggle with the effect of Justin's injury. Balthazar Getty is also great as Tommy- he so rarely gets a juicy storyline and this one, whist heartbreaking showed off his full acting ability.

    • Nora at her wits end trying to help Justin- Nora is an example of a great mum, she may be interfereing at times but she does anything in her power to help her children

    • Rebecca's trip out with Justin- ill advised but she had good intentions. But what was with all the photography- I'm not sure I like where the storyline with her and Justin is going

    • Kevin helping Justin have a bath- hilarious, these two have great comical chemistry between them

    • Justin finally taking the drugs- the right decision, even though it must be incredibly hard for him to go backwards.

    • Rebecca warning that Justin won't be the same and Nora's heartbreak at this at the end of the episode- there are some dark days ahead of the Walkers.

    • Scotty reappearing and being quite successful- its great to see he has his life together. I liked his and Kevin's scenes together, even if they're not dating it will be good for Scotty to be a friend to Kevin especially as he said the "only gay friends I have are my sisters!!" Very amusing!

    • Kitty and Robert dealing with his ex-wife- I'm not sure what they were trying to do with this storyline here. We're meant to feel sympathy for our lead characters at all times but Courtney seems to serve as a cautionary tale for Kitty here. I can't fault her need for revenge on Robert as he doesn't really sound like the best husband to her. I really get her need to carve out an identity for herself. Robert came off as a bit of a bad guy here. • Tommy's in-laws paying a visit- we mostly have seen, Joe, Julia and Robert deal with their in-laws (though we did see Roberts last season) so it was good to see Tommy have to deal with his. Julia's father seemed especially heavy handed but you can hardly blame him, Julia is his daughter after all.

    • Julia blaming Tommy for William's death- understandable but so upsetting for Tommy. I hope they stay together they're a really cute couple and I'd love to see at least one Walker couple make it.

    • I thought it was really interesting that Tommy lied to his family about the situation- the family usually share everything but with everything that's going on with Justin its honourable that he's keeping it to himself.

    • Tommy and Saul bonding- they are often on the outside of the Walker clan so it was nice to see the two grow close.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Justin drug storyline plays out over the next few episodes, it surely is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, ditto for Tommy and Julia.moreless
  • Finally, some decent Tommy screen time!

    Not as good as the previous two episodes, but still very good. I was so pleased Tommy and Julia are getting more screen-time, they really needed to take that storyline somewhere, with William dying, we all know that bad things just don't happen to TV characters and thats it, there is usually long-term consequences, and last night I finally saw one for T&J, she blames him, their marriage is falling apart, and from the preview I saw it looks as though Tommy might get a bit too close to Miss Lena next week. Uh-oh. :(

    But where was Sarah in this episode? She had like 2 lines at the start and that was it? I really wanted to see what would happen between her and Becca or Joe. All I kept thinking in this episode was "Where is the lovely Rachel Griffiths?" :P

    Justin. Oh Justin. Thank God he finally decided to take some pain medication, he clearly needs it! The whole Justin storyline was pretty good in this episode, I loved the beginning scenes with him in the bathtub and Kevin lighting candles. I nearly lost it when Kevin placed Wham! in the stereo. "Wake me up before you go, go!" Hehe, best moment of the episode. Great acting by Sally Field in this episode once again, and also kudos to Emily Van Camp. What do you know, the girl can actually act! :)

    Last but not least, Kevin and Scotty. Oh damn, damn, damn you Jason, getting in the way of a possible Kevin/Scotty reunion, I love those two together! Plus I love Luka MacFarlane, he's always done wonders for B&S.moreless
  • Julia blames Tommy...

    Scotty is so adorable hehe. The scenes between him and Kevin were so adorable. I wish he and Kevin could get back together. Hmm I'm not a fan out Julia's mom and dad.I don't think it's fair for Julia to blame Tommy. I don't see why she had to run to mommy and daddy for help. I thought the scene with Saul, Tommy and Julia's dad was funny.The whole McCallister story with the ex-wife wasn't so interesting to me though. The whole situation with Justin is far too emotional for me to handle. I can never imagine how much pain he's in. I'm good he eventually took the pills but afraid at the same time.moreless
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    • Rebecca: Nora, I have a lot of friends who are addicts. And when they head back down this road... Starting now, everything changes. You have to lock things up, count his pills. He might not be Justin for a while.

    • Justin: I want you to fill the prescription.
      Nora: Okay. I already called it in. I just have to pick it up.
      Justin: Of course you did. What a surprise.

    • Tommy: What are you talking about?
      Julia: William's death. You pressured me to go to the vineyard that day. And at the hospital, I'd just had the babies, I needed some time, and you kept pressing me for a decision, and I didn't know what to do, so you decided...
      Tommy: That is not true, Julia. We decided together.
      Julia: I know, I know, I know it's crazy, I do, okay, but I can't help it. I blame you, Tommy. I want to get past this. I think if I go away, I can put it in perspective.
      Tommy: You think.
      Julia: I need this, otherwise we're not going to make it.

    • Nora: I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at everyone else. I'm still mad at Justin for signing up. I'm mad at his dead father for letting him go even when I begged him not to. Even last year, even with William's death, amidst it all there was always this sense of reason to it. But not with this. This time, there's only pain. That's why I want him to take his medication. The only good that will come out of any of this is when it finally stops.

    • Tommy: If you weren't here as a buffer, I would wrap my nine iron around his neck.
      Saul: Do it now, and I'll spot you three strokes.
      Ben: (hitting ball) Yes! That's what I'm talking about. You boys are going down.
      Saul: Yeah. (aside to Tommy) Make it four.
      Ben: (to Tommy) Buck up, son! We'll find something you're good at.

    • Saul: Why couldn't we go to a nice museum?
      Tommy: I know, you hate golf.
      Saul: I don't hate golf. I loathe it, I despise it. I would rather spend all eternity at a dinner party seated next to Britney Spears than waste an afternoon lugging clubs around with a bunch of overfed, overprivileged Arnold Palmer wannabes, but for you, I'll swallow it.

    • Robert: You gave up honesty the day you accused me of screwing the nanny.
      Courtney: Well, I don't know what happened. You refuse to talk about it. You refuse to talk about anything, except your career, when you were even here, which was rarely.
      Robert: So you're going to go on television and play the victim and search for a book deal. It is so cynical. I am asking you...
      Courtney: What if you don't win the nomination? You taught me that timing is everything, and it's a good story.

    • Officer: (about Scotty) He also called me "Little Miss Officer," your honor!

    • Officer: I stopped Mr. Wandell, who was in a rusted orange 1972 Ranchero missing a tail light.
      Kevin: And you stopped him for the tail light?
      Officer: And felt that, because of his demeanor and his breath, alcohol had been imbibed recently.
      Kevin: What was his demeanor?
      Officer: A lot of catty backtalk.

    • Scotty: I've been trying to be a grown-up.
      Kevin: Yeah, it's hard work, isn't it.

    • Robert: I've got a plane to catch.
      Kitty: Honey, it's your plane. They're not going to be leaving without you.

    • Nora: I'm old enough to know that, when life does something this horrible to you, there are no rules as to how to get over it. You just have to do whatever you can, anything you can, to make it better.
      Justin: Ma, I can't, okay? "Anything" is not an option for me.

    • Justin: All right, tell me: What's the fastest way out of this conversation.
      Nora: By having it.

    • Tommy: So your parents just showed up?
      Julia: We don't always know when your family is stopping by.
      Tommy: Yeah, but at the end of the night, my family goes home.

    • Kitty: How do you manage to smell so good, even in the basement of a chemical plant? Is there some sort of presidential after-shave you're wearing, you smell like a power devil.
      Robert: Power devil? Is that like a Tasmanian devil? Because I think I shot one of those once.

    • (Kevin puts on a meditation CD while Justin's in the bathtub.)
      Kevin: It's a well known fact, meditation can minimize pain.
      Justin: The only thing you're minimizing right now is my testosterone level.

    • Kevin: Looks like you really got your life together. I guess I can't tease you anymore.
      Scotty: Oh, please. Never stop teasing.
      Kevin: It's gonna take a lot of meals like this to pay your legal bills, sir.
      Scotty: That's fine by me.

    • (Justin is in the tub)
      Kevin: Are you okay?
      Justin: Yeah, I'm great. Don't give me that gentle Kevin look, you know it creeps me out.
      Kevin: Ok,well stop being so macho
      Justin: What, do you like candles now?

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