Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 9

Holy Matrimony

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2007 on ABC
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Robert and Kitty get married, but not before a political scandal and a severe case of cold feet threatens the wedding. Meanwhile Isaac distracts Nora from her romance with Stan. Holly gets a surprise visit from an old friend and some secrets are revealed.

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  • Love And Marriage Written by Alison Schapker And Monica Owusa-Breen And Mark B. Perry Directed by Robert Lieberman

    Nora: "Maybe back then I was giving the warm and wonderful marriage speech. I'm wiser now and I have something to say to you. I'm not gonna lie".

    Kitty: "Please lie. Please lie. I would prefer you to lie. I don't need you to give me cold feet".

    Weddings certainly bring up all sorts of different emotions and for Kitty, she's the perfect example of a mixed bag. She might be very sure of marrying Robert and obviously she loves him very much but that doesn't make things any easier for her.

    On one hand there's the fact that Robert's been married before. At first this didn't bother Kitty but last week when arranging for the wedding was getting on top of her it suddenly became a big issue. Robert might have been able to have calmed her down by choosing the music but that's small potatoes.

    Kitty might be a different woman to Robert's ex Courtney but will her marriage to Robert have the same problems as his to Courtney. Kitty got to see first hand what giving up your identity could do to you when she talked to Courtney back in "History Repeating". I certainly wouldn't want that fate.

    Then there's Robert political campaign. This has basically taken up all of Robert's attentions and Kitty's to a great deal and given that both her and Kevin managed to dodge a bullet with the Daniel Cole bloke, it's a bit of a disappointment that his threat to ruin Robert is back on the scene.

    It's not personally a disappointment for me because I'm done with the presidential campaign stuff, which is probably the least interesting plot this season. The sooner this show realises it's not The West Wing and uses Kitty's politics via a Red, White And Blue voice box the better as far as I'm concerned but obviously a setback is coming Robert's way.

    Kitty's all ready to get up on the aisle and get married to Robert but stops half-way through. This is paramount to TV weddings that they can't go through without a hitch and it's rather funny that Robert's family automatically assume that the Walkers are out to get them under the circumstances.

    Instead Kitty just confesses to the fact that herself and Kevin stopped Daniel from going public on Robert not really being a hero. Given how tightly wound Robert as become with the campaign, his Zen like response to Kitty's confession is surprising. It also makes me think that Kitty wasn't really carrying that big a secret despite the attempts to make it appear so.

    After that brief little moment, Kitty and Robert actually do go down the aisle and get married after all. Although Robert isn't the best male character on this show, I actually hope that him and Kitty survive as a couple because this show has been more of a benefit to Rob Lowe than he has to it, strictly speaking.

    With the reception getting well under way, all Kitty and Robert have to do is make a speedy exit for their plane. Kitty only talks to Nora in private and makes up for the misunderstanding they had earlier. Otherwise, the main problem seems to be Robert's campaign going up in flames.

    Isaac discovers that Robert's 'secret' has been made public and while he wants to inform Kitty and Robert, Nora advises him to let them enjoy their honeymoon. Isaac actually agrees with this and spends the rest of his time in Nora's company. This episode further establishes that he likes her.

    At the wedding he made an attempt to flirt with Nora, which she was oblivious to. Something tells me that Nora will soon look at Isaac in a certain way. After all, she wasted no time in ditching her actual date Stan at the wedding to go home with Isaac at the end of the episode.

    As for Stan, he didn't come across as well in this episode as he did in his first one. Basically the guy made a boob out of himself by getting baked at the wedding and held by Robert's security guys. Needless to say Nora wasn't particularly impressed but it was Stan who realised that they didn't exactly have a future together.

    Nora also put her foot in it big time by giving Kitty an anti-marriage speech. Maybe it was down to William being a cheater or Sarah's marriage collapsing but Kitty really didn't want to hear that speech and throughout the episode Nora made some lame attempts to apologise. Good job Kitty actually did forgive her in the end.

    Another thing about weddings is the terror of your sister marrying a bloke you don't particularly like. Kevin is still the only other Walker out there who doesn't think the sun shines out of Robert's ass and the hostility between the two of them comes into play due to Jason being dumped.

    Much as I deplore Robert's self-righteousness, he does have the right to stick up for his brother so Kevin perhaps should've understood that. Kevin should've also understood that the rest of the McCallister clan might not want to talk to him either.

    Instead Kevin chooses to self-obsess about not being flavour of the month with a family he doesn't particularly care to the point where you do want to shake him a little. Even Scotty gets royally pissed off with Kevin and gives him a dressing down when they leave.

    Again I have to side with Scotty, rather than Kevin. I mean it's okay for Kevin to have mixed feelings about dumping Jason and it's even okay for him to be uncertain of labelling what him and Scotty but Kevin does have a tendency of dismissing other people's feelings even when he's not trying to.

    He also has a penchant for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and joking about wanting to kill Robert is one of them. Because of this Kevin also got held by Robert's security but there is an interesting later scene where him and Robert seem to come to an understanding of sorts. Maybe they'll let bygones be bygones.

    As for the rest of the Walkers, there's not a whole lot that was going on with them. Justin's in the midst of a relationship with Lena and both Tommy and Rebecca are far from approving of it. Of course neither of them can actually say much to either of them, especially Tommy.

    That doesn't stop trouble from brewing though. At the wedding, Tommy is visibly uncomfortable to see Lena that I'm surprised neither Justin nor Julia actually twigged that the two of them had been sleeping together. It was pretty obvious but with everyone wrapped up in their own little world I guess not for them.

    Rebecca kind of figured it out though and when she got into Lena's face about, Lena made a retort about her relationship with Justin that doesn't bear thinking about. Rebecca also didn't waste a great deal of time in conveying the fact that Lena and Tommy were sleeping together to Justin either.

    Justin's reactions to this were thoroughly predictable. Because he had such a hard time dealing with the fact that William had a 20 year affair with Holly, he couldn't help but compared Tommy to their dead father. Naturally the two of them started fighting and like Kevin and Stan they also got arrested for their trouble.

    Sarah and Rebecca on the other hand were rather cordial with each other. From checking out some of Robert's security men to heading back to Sarah's place, it's safe to say that whatever animosity these two might have had for each other is now beginning to dissipate.

    In an honest conversation Sarah admitted that she told Rebecca about her parentage to spite Holly while Rebecca admitted that part of the reason she kissed Joe was to spite her. The fact they both admitted this was overdue and good. Sarah and Rebecca could work better as allies rather than enemies.

    As for Saul, he had the unenviable task of having to pick up Ida from the airport but managed to get out of it when she couldn't make the wedding. There's a brilliant between him and Holly though where not only she gives a big indication that she knew he preferred men to women but also the two of them discussed their mutual loneliness. I even felt a little for Holly there.

    Holly had more to do in this episode than anything in the previous eight she's appeared in this season. Sure she was trying to maintain some professional kind of order at the winery during the wedding but the end of the episode threw us a bone with her.

    Bringing in a former flame is hardly the most riveting of things they could've done with Holly's character but there's something about David that has potential. It might have been the deliberate use of mystery score to heighten his sudden presence or the more obvious fact that Holly wasn't best pleased to see him.

    Holly's hardly had that many suitors on the show and it does make sense to delve into her past instead of contriving ways to get her involved in whatever saga the Walkers are going through. I just hope this story adds something good to the series and even to Holly as a character.

    Also in "Holy Matrimony"

    Apart from Uncle Jack and Robert's kids, I don't think anyone else recognisable from the McCallister family came to the wedding. I'm surprised they didn't get Jason back for this episode.

    Justin (re William): "Why am I talking about him?"

    Lena: "Because weddings make you think of people you miss".

    Ken Olin, a director and executive producer for the series played David. He's also married to Patricia Wettig.

    Saul: "I cover your debt and you pick up your grandmother at the airport".

    Kevin: "Even if you add a couple of zeros, I'd still say no".

    Kevin: "Here's to not being a bridesmaid".

    Tommy: "Chin-chin".

    I liked the understated look Kitty had for her wedding dress – she looked gorgeous. Even in brown dresses, so did Sarah, Rebecca and Julia.

    Kitty: "Okay how bad is it?"

    Isaac: "You could use some lipstick".

    Sarah: "What is it, Kitty are you okay?"

    Kitty: "Just wishing Dad was here".

    The brothers all had bets on Kitty getting married. Tommy thought in her 30-40s, Justin went for 50's and Kevin went for never.

    Kitty: "Mom you're gonna make me cry".

    Nora: "Maybe you should cry or run or do whatever your heart tells you".

    Travis: "Excuse me why am I hearing about this now?"

    Robert: "I learned about it during my vows".

    Katherine Anne Walker and Robert Alexander McCallister are the full names given to us for Kitty and Robert.

    Rebecca: "Some of the security men are hot".

    Sarah: "Hot but cold, very cold".

    Tommy (to Stan): "What's wrong with you?"

    Kevin: "He's got the munchies".

    Justin: "Great".

    Now that we've had both Ken Olin and Roxy Olin in recurring roles for this series, is there anyone else from the Olin family who'll be contributing to the series in the near future?

    Holly (to Saul): "I was in love with a man I could never have. I never meant to be but I couldn't help it".

    Robert: "What about your garter?"

    Kitty: "I'm gonna save that for you".

    Robert: "How can I say no to that?"

    Kitty: "You can't".

    Standout music: "If Not For You" by George Harrison and "A World To Believe In" by Celine Dion were nicely used in this episode.

    Kevin: "I'm sorry I was the worst date".

    Scotty: "A date would imply that you were with the person".

    Sarah: "But the God's honest truth, I did it to get back at your mother".

    Rebecca: "I figured. I think that why I kissed Joe, to get back at you".

    Chronology: November 2007, around the same time this episode aired on ABC.

    As weddings episodes go, "Holy Matrimony" was a swinging success. Nice blend of comedy without descending into a farce and a fair amount of drama that didn't descend into misery. Overall, one of the best episodes from the series.moreless
  • there's always something that keeps you on the edge of your seat with the walkers

    it was yet another great episode with the long awaited wedding.the walkers have been through alot and the wedding was a positive and good thing for the walkers atleast to ease off. i dont like becca very much she's a catalyst always trying to spoil things or extreme things.

    anyways the wedding was a beautiful one noras talk about marriage was another nora thing which makes the show what it is. i dont blame kevin for dumping jason. it was jason who didn't call making kevin perhaps think he wasn't of importance though i think he was quick to judge but atleast he was sincere when he made his stand clear with robert and scott hat he still cares for jason. i hope they'll get back together cos they're good for each other.

    congratulations kitty but its better you tell your partner everything cos its worse off if he has to hear it outsidemoreless
  • The Wedding

    It is finally Kitty's wedding day, and considering everything the Walkers have been through, I'd say that the wedding is a major accomplishment, whoever thought that with all the things working against the success of the event that it would still push through.

    Kitty starts to doubt the wedding because of a few things that Robert doesn't know and she starts to get worried about the honesty issue and that the fact that they don't know everything about each other could affect their marriage eventually.

    Nora is being Nora and I love it because how can you really enjoy a Walker wedding without Nora Walker making it dramatic, hilarious and adorable all at the same time?moreless
  • This was an amazing episode - and I dont think I please easily!

    I keep saying it but this series just gets better and better! The dialogue was excellent - I loved the bit with Kitty and Sarah trying to write Kitty's vows:

    "Our love is like the war ... out of control, endless and without reason!" Absolutely hilarious!

    Poor Kevin getting the brunt of the McAllister family - its not his fault Jason didn't phone him; actually what did Jason tell his family about Kevin dumping him? However ... maybe good news for the future ... Scotty may be off the scene ... I mean Kevin did tell Robert that he still cared for Jason very much didn't he? And Kevin did tell Scotty he wasn't over Jason yet!! So pleeeeeese let this mean there will be a Kevin and Jason reunion!

    I have to say I expected more from the Chevy Chase input - I think it was very disappointing they turned him into an anti-government pothead! What a waste of a funny actor!

    Good on Rebecca for spilling the beans on hateful Lena to Justin! Hopefully this will mean bye bye Lena!

    As I said ... amazing episode!moreless
  • Weddings are indeed heckteck!

    Shows you how weddings can and will be hecteck but in the end the Walker family managed to pull it off in stride. As they do despite their flaws. Kevin I hated the way that the family treated him in this episode. But also he treated Scotty not too well bear in mind. Don't you just love Sally Field as Nora and how she always manages to steal the scenes and lines from the cast. This shows you that despite differences and family differences. They manage to stay together. You felt at first they weren't going to marry. But yes, Kitty and Robert do tie the knot. Hopefully the marriage will last I think.moreless
Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

Stan Harris

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Max Burkholder

Max Burkholder

Jake McCallister

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Garry Marshall

Garry Marshall

Major Jack Weiner

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Ken Olin

Ken Olin

David Caplan

Recurring Role

Danny Glover

Danny Glover

Isaac Marshall

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Luke MacFarlane

Luke MacFarlane

Scotty Wandell

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    • Sarah: You can't drop a big clanger like that and then go all clammy on me, I'm your sister. Come on, I love salacious gossip.
      Rebecca: Okay. Lena was sleeping with Tommy.
      Sarah: Our Tommy?
      Rebecca: Yeah.

    • Rebecca: Why did you tell me the truth about who my father is? I mean, you could have just not said anything.
      Sarah: Um, well, at the time, I told myself it was because you had a right to know. It was going to come out anyway. But you want to know the God's honest truth? I did it to spite your mother.
      Rebecca: I figured. I think that's why I kissed Joe. To get back at you.
      Sarah: So why are we having this trip down bad memory lane?

    • Kitty: How would you feel about starting the honeymoon early?
      Robert: We haven't cut the cake.
      Kitty: Don't care.
      Robert: You haven't thrown your bouquet.
      Kitty: Still not caring.
      Robert: What about your garter?
      Kitty: I think maybe I'll just save that for you.

    • Holly: It is not easy finding the right person at the right time. I was in love with a man I could never have. I didn't mean to be, I just was. You can't help who you love, Saul.

    • Justin: (to Tommy) You're always trying to be like Dad, but you know what, even he had enough sense not to screw his secretary.

    • Justin: (to Tommy) You're cheating on your wife, and your baby is, what, six months old, and somehow you manage to be self-righteous?

    • Rebecca: You know how you guys tell each other everything in this family, even if you shouldn't?
      Kevin: Our family's curse and blessing? What about it?
      Rebecca: Is there anything that you won't tell each other, that's just completely off-limits?
      Kevin: I probably wouldn't tell Kitty I'd like to murder her husband. And it wouldn't be that difficult getting my hands on a shotgun, thanks to him and his ilk.
      Rebecca: Hmmm. Thanks, Kevin.
      Kevin: You're welcome. For what, I have no idea.

    • Kevin: Why am I the bad guy? I didn't set out to hurt Jason. I'm not the only one to blame here. In fact, he's...
      Scotty: Alright, done. Stop. I'm not here as a friend to listen to you endlessly go on about your ex-boyfriend, because however you define what we are, we're not platonic anymore.

    • Scotty: (looking in the guestbook) Oh, God, look what your mom's date wrote: "Stop the erosion of civil rights. Peace and love. Stan."

    • Kitty's wedding vows: Robert, I don't even know where to start, because you are so many things to me. You're this brilliant, poised diplomat. And then you're this really crazy romantic that just takes my breath away. And when you're tired and when you're stressed, you get really grumpy, but then I can fit your head on my shoulder at night, and I know you're asleep, you're so peaceful and you're so vulnerable. I love all those parts so much that I want to have you as my partner for the rest of my life. Sick, healthy, rich, poor, as long as I'm with you, I will be complete. And that's it. Oh, one more thing, Robert. Will you be my husband?

    • Robert: Kitty, I know that there are no guarantees in this world. We could wake up tomorrow and it could all go to hell. But whatever happens, good or bad? I want you with me. Okay?

    • Robert's wedding vows: Kitty, I ask you to marry me. To say I love you seems inadequate, because I cannot imagine my life without you. Because when I'm cynical, you give me hope. In times where I felt I was losing my way, you've been my guidepost. I love you more with each passing day, and so I give you my hand, my heart, and my love.

    • (Nora walks Kitty down the aisle, both are whispering.)
      Nora: You have been my child, my challenge, my support, my best friend.
      Kitty: Mom, you're going to make me cry.
      Nora: Well maybe you should cry, or laugh, or do whatever your heart tells you to. I know how hard you've worked to find someone to love who would really see you, and love you back. Kitty, you're incapable of losing yourself, you're not like me, you know yourself better than I ever have. And I'm so proud to be your mother.

    • Lena: It's just so strange seeing Tommy here... and all the high-powered guests and the Secret Service agents just everywhere.
      Rebecca$: What would be weird about seeing Tommy?
      Lena: Oh, nothing. I just... work for him. So it's weird.
      Rebecca: Lena, please tell me that Tommy isn't the married man.

    • Stan: I still can't believe we're at some big-shot Republican's wedding. Man, times have changed.
      Nora: Stan, now, this is my daughter's wedding. There will be no politics today.
      Stan: Sure. I bet you could feed a small African country for what this shindig costs.

    • Scotty: How is Kitty?
      Julia: Well, she's finally getting her hair done, but now she's obsessed with us finding some old friend of hers, Isaac. She's kind of freaking out.
      Kevin: (aside to Tommy) You're so not seeing that $100.
      Tommy: (aside to Kevin) Please.
      Justin: Maybe Mom could chill her out.
      Julia: No, no. Kitty ordered us not to let your mom within 50 feet of her until right before they walk down the aisle.
      Tommy: Good luck with that.
      Kevin: Yeah. (raises his glass) Here's to not being a bridesmaid.

    • Tommy: (to Kevin, about him and Scotty) So, are you guys back together?
      Kevin: You know, we're just in a... process of... you know, becoming a "we" ...depending on what your definition of "we" is.
      Scotty: He's such a romantic.

    • Nora: I seem to have lost my date. I wonder where Holly Harper is.

    • Kevin: Well that was unpleasant. So, just be good to Kitty.
      Robert: Better than you were to my brother?
      Kevin: That's unfair.
      Robert: He's halfway across the world trying to make a difference with his life. He is all alone. And you dump him. Now it's none of my business, so I'm going to get through this. I'm going to be cordial. And that's what we should do for Kitty.

    • Nora: Tomorrow you're going to put that beautiful dress on and walk down the aisle to Robert, who is so handsome and powerful - my God! He could be president one day! - and you are going to commit the rest of your life to him. And before you know it, you will have completely forgotten who you are and what you stand for.
      Kitty: I'm sorry, what did you say?
      Nora: Maybe I didn't say that right. Sweetie, listen, marriage is not easy. And then you'll have kids, and lose yourself completely.
      Kitty: Wait a minute, Mom, Sarah told me you were gonna give me a gushy speech that would make me cry. What is this that I'm getting?
      Nora: Maybe back then I was giving the warm and wonderful marriage speech. I'm wiser now and I have some things to say to you. I'm not gonna lie.
      Kitty: Please lie. Please lie. I would prefer you to lie. I don't need you to give me cold feet.

    • Sarah: Hey, has Mom had the talk with you?
      Kitty: What talk?
      Sarah: The talk. Oh trust me, she's going to sit you down and go on and on about love and devotion until you're both weeping. I'd get some inspiration from that.

    • Kevin: You can't get mad at me for being upset at a bunch of people who I don't even know acting like I'm the gay guy who doesn't know how to commit.
      Scotty: Then why did you stand there telling everyone we're still trying to define the word "we"?
      Kevin: Because you said you wanted to take things slow, Scotty.
      Scotty: You're not over him, Kev. At least that's what it feels like to me.
      Kevin: Okay, maybe I'm not over Jason... completely. But I am getting there. Scotty, I want to be with you.
      Scotty: Me, too. But sometimes just because you want something, doesn't mean it's possible.

    • Nora (to Isaac): Did I just get dumped at my daughter's wedding reception?

    • Holly: I don't care how old you are, it is tough being single at a wedding.

    • Sarah: Have you seen any nice men in my age range?
      Rebecca: Some of secret service guys are hot.
      Sarah: Yeah. Yeah, they are hot but they are so cold.

  • NOTES (4)


    • When Kitty was trying to come up with her wedding vows, Sarah suggested the following quote: "...Not yet still steadfast, still unchangeable, Pillowed upon my fair love's ripening breast, To feel for ever its soft fall and swell..." which comes from a poem by John Keats entitled Bright Star.