Brothers & Sisters

Season 2 Episode 1

Home Front

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 2007 on ABC

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  • Season 2 picked up where season 1 left off with our fave family's special blend of humor and heart.

    I was almost giddy with anticipation for the season premiere, and I am happy to report, it didn't disappoint. Nora, as usual, found fault with Kitty for allowing her politics to rule as Kitty refused to ask Robert to find out about Justin's whereabouts. As it turned out, Kitty is more like her mother than we thought as she had already asked Robert to pull some strings, and he'd refused. It's very telling that even though she and her mother bicker so fiercely, that Kitty has faith that her mother loves her unconditionally, preferring to shield Robert from his future mother-in-law's wrath, and take the heat instead. I also loved the dress shop argument that ended up on YouTube. Rebecca continues to live with Nora, and I wonder how much longer that will go on. I'm sure the company is a great comfort to Nora, since her own children are gone, but I'm surprised Holly has let the situation go on so long. I'm waiting for some fireworks there. On another Holly note--I laughed out loud when the hot young brunette showed up at the cemetary. The look on both Nora and Holly's faces at the thought of a 3rd woman in William's life was priceless.
    Julia's depression over the loss of her son is heartbreaking and real. I gasped out loud however, when she spurned Tommy's suggestion to talk to Nora, saying "tell her to call me when Justin's dead." I'm glad she immediate realized how out of line that was and apologized to Tommy.
    Kevin's new man is going on a mission...wonder if Kevin will stay faithful...or if fan-fave Scotty will reappear?
    How much longer will Saul stay in the closet? Will anyone question the pic of him and Milo in Key West?
    Can't wait for next Sunday!