Brothers & Sisters

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on ABC

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  • Worst Fall of a Show Ever

    This episode was an example of TELLING rather than SHOWING. After spending a year emotionally investing ourselves in the story line of Scotty and Kevin having a baby with a surrogate, they come back in Season 5 and just TELL us that it didn't work out. We never SEE that it didn't. Justin and pregnant Rebecca were trying to work out handling him going to Haiti and she taking a job and not going. In season 5, they just tell us that Justin decided to go to back to the war. Not only that, Justin comes back calm, enlightened, and totally together. Why? We never see why. Robert (Rob Lowe) was clearly dead at the end of Season 4, and now he has been in a coma for a year? Come on. Then all we see is his left hand in season 5. All we can think is "Rob Lowe is on Parks and Recreation and is NOT in that bed and that's NOT his hand". Holly has amnesia and thinks William is still alive. Luc, who didn't like compromising his art, is now an underwear model and hugely famous. Even Page is into him. What happened to York and Ryan? York was going to swoop in and buy Ojai when it went bankrupt, but they never mention him again. WHat happened to Rebecca being pregnant? Worst fall in quality of a show ever. As a fan, I feel like they skimmed over and didn't respect my emotional investment in the story lines. Show, don't tell. Awful.
  • Wow. Seriously, the writing has never been THAT good before. What an emotionally packed, adrenaline filled, heart-stopping episode. Awesome way to start the season.


    Way to go, writers of B&S! Seriously, wasn't the writing just so darn good here? I don't know if I've ever seen an episode of Brothers and Sisters that got me so attached and emotional before. This was such a brilliant episode.

    Absolutely loved every single storyline/plot on this episode. The whole Kitty/Justin was a-mazing. How they fought during dinner and then Kitty goes "I was there when you left him [Robert] and he was hurt and injured." At that point, I literally had my jaw wide open and my eyes just bolted. What an emotionally packed scene that was. Kitty and Justin never fail to surprise me with their amazingness.

    Another awesome installment of this episode? Holly. True, we only got to see her for about 20 seconds, but still that was outstanding. The way she calls for William, I sure did not see that one coming. I cannot wait for whatever the writers have for us in that storyline. I just know it's going to be amazing.

    What else was superb? Probably the Kitty/Nora scene at the hospital. How Kitty says that "today, I couldn't go in there anymore". That was nice. But what really made me teary-eyed was when she said, "It's amazing how he looks like Robert. But he's not Robert anymore." Wow, the writers really cracked it up a notch here! Amazing writing once again.

    The whole Luc still doesn't make me smile or happy, but I'll live with it. It felt like Luc wanted the money so bad. I didn't like that scene. But it was only for about 10 seconds anyway.

    The The Nora/Justin talk. Double wow. When he says, "I came back home. Mom, it's time for YOU to come back home." How awesome was that?

    For the first time in years, it felt like the show wasn't predictable anymore. I was expecting a typical Brothers and Sisters episode but what I got was something much, much more mind-blowing.

  • The Walkers are back - and it feels good.

    Five minutes in and I was already crying my eyes out. What a wonderful episode and once more I'm reminded why this just might be my favorite show on tv. Great script, great actors, B&S to me is like an old favorite blanket that is comforting and heartwarming. How I wish the show was watched by more people so it would get the many more seasons it deserves. I hope some sort of Walker-Family miracle will happen and not only will the show get more than the 18 episodes announced for season 5 but will be continued into another season. Gosh how I missed the Walkers and the divine cast of actors that portrays them.
  • Wonderful transition episode

    Hard to believe that they took Rob Lowe off the show with such a minimum of muss and fuss. Justin filled out with a few more pounds and without the cheesy beard has turned into one of the handsomest men on TV. The writers have created a good foundation for some new developments, and have written out some characters who didn't have enough flexibility in their acting personas to keep people interested. Holly seems like she has gotten a raw deal with the Alzheimer's/amnesia problem, but let's hope that she gets better soon. I like the new role for Kevin as guardian of young guys in trouble, and hope that the writers explore all the complexities that will come from that for his existing relationship.
  • Executive producer Sally Field

    The narrative skips ahead a year with this episode. Sometimes, this causes stilted dialogue with the characters having to explain things to us, that they themselves would already know having lived it this past year, without any need to repeat it. One scene, with Kitty at Robert's bedside occurs with Calista Flockhart basically working solo (supposedly Robert is in the bed, but we only see his feet as she trims his toenails). Even though Rob Lowe has departed the cast, he appears briefly in flashback from the season four cliffhanger. That means Lowe has appeared in all five seasons of the program. He is uncredited for this flashback scene. Patricia Wettig has very little screen time, appearing in only one scene to show us that Holly is alive, though suffering memory loss. Wettig's husband Ken Olin appears in that scene, and he is listed first in the guest cast credits. Speaking of credits, Sally Field is now a series executive producer. Overall, this first episode of season five has a very somber tone, especially with regards to the Kitty-Robert story. His mercy killing is mercifully done offscreen as is his funeral.
  • Good start to Season 5!

    This was a very good start to the new season of Brothers & Sisters. An entire year has passed since we left off in Season 4's finale, and we learn that loads of things have changed in mny people's lives.

    Evan has grown up a lot, and Robert is clinging on to life support - Justin went to war, these are just some of the basics.

    I enjoyed the way the episode was structured, with the dinner at the start and then going back to reflect on how we have arrived at that point.

    The only thing I wished they had added was more of a look back at the last moments of the previous season finale, as I got a little confused, after not having watched the show for a few months.

    But all up, a great episode! Keep it coming!