Brothers & Sisters

Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on ABC

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  • Julia makes a tough decision

    In this episode of Brothers & Sisters, the following happens. Nora goes round to see Julia, and when she gets there, she sees that the house has been up for foreclosure. So Kevin is called in, to see what they can do to save the house. Julia soon tells Nora that her parents know about the situation and their solution is for her and Elizabeth to move back to Phoenix to be near there, and to start a fresh. Kevin learns that the only way to stop the foreclosure is if a lump sum of the money is paid and that amount is $16,400, which Kevin is willing to write a cheque for that amount. This causes an argument between Scotty and Kevin and soon Kevin says that he will use his own savings and not touch a penny of Scotty's.
    Kitty goes with her park friend to view an hour and as they learn they get into a car crash, but luckily both of them are fine. Julia gets offered a job at Nora's centre and doesn't know whether or not she should accept it. As Nora and Kevin leave, they find plane tickets for Phoenix. As Kitty sleeps Robert takes Evan to the park, he sees "park friend" who Kitty has been spending time with. When he returns home, he isn't speaking to Kitty as she lied to him. We learn that Julia has been offered a job in Seattle and she has accepted it. Soon everyone comes round to the idea and so a dinner party is held for Julia, as a goodbye party. Ryan gets a job at Ojai and when he tells Rebecca about his true intentions about the company, she looks upset. As Julia and Elizabeth leave, a lot of tears are shed. At the end of the episode, Rebecca goes round to see Justin and she tells him that he was right; Ryan is not to be trusted. At the end of the episode Kitty and her park friend kiss. And he asks her one simply question" What are we going to do?" and she says I don't know.
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